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Eric Blehm Thing Worth Epub #225 author of the award winning The Last Season is back with another true adventure story The Only Thing Worth Dying For Set in the immediate aftermath of The Only Thing Worth Dying For chronicles the un. Falling between the war memoir and the special forces history THE ONLY THING WORTH DYING FOR covers the infiltration of Hamid Karzai and eleven US Army Special Forces operatives into Afghanistan Unfortunately the work suffers from the same handicap as the mission as everything is political the soldiers can't engage without an OK from Washington and much time is spent drinking tea with Kazakhs rather than fighting And while escorting Karzai is a decent and worthy mission there's just far less contact in mountainous Afghanistan than urbanized Ira Even some of the Kosovo memoirs seem intense35 Of interest to historians and Afghan experts but does not offer the full scale battles of say ONE BULLET AWAY or GUNS UP  Read only if you are need to know about Karzai And the are a few pinzgauers

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The Only Thing Worth Dying For How Eleven Green Berets Forged a New AfghanistanTold story of the team of Green Berets led by Captain Jason Amerine that conuered the Taliban and helped bring Hamid Karzai to power in Afghanistan In the tradition of Black Hawk Down The Only Thing Worth Dying For is in the words o. This is an excellent book about a green beret team that accompanied Harmid Karzai into Afganistan after 911 Covers several combat actions as the group moved to take over southern Afganistan I didn't realize that this was the team that took friendly fire as a 2000 lb bomb from a B 52 was mistakenly dropped on them killing several and wounding the rest This was because several higher ranking officers decided to break procedure and 'play' around with looking for targets were no enemy was and call down bombs on those positionsWhat I didn't know and it disturbs me is that the nearest force to help evacuate those who needed medical assistance was a Marine force at Camp Rhino 30 minutes away General James Mattis who I deeply respected was the unit commander He refused to send his heliocopters because he 'didn't know if a battle was going on' Since when do Marines not head to a battle Not in my Marine Corps I have lost some respect for General Mattis because of this situation The Air Force had to fly 3 hours to evacuate those injured taking them to Camp Rhino where no Marines were waiting to assist the wounded Was that due to General Mattis also But I really enjoyed this book since I spend 6 months with Marine Recon in Vietnam in 68 69

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The Only Thing Worth Dying For: How Eleven Green Berets Forged a New Afghanistan Read & Download ✓ 7 ß ➶ [Reading] ➸ The Only Thing Worth Dying For: How Eleven Green Berets Forged a New Afghanistan By Eric Blehm ➫ – Eric Blehm author oF former Congressman Charlie Wilson from The Only PDF Charlie Wilson's War the one book you must read if you have any hope of understanding what Only Thing Worth Dying For Epubour fine American soldiers are up against in Afghanistan. Eric Blehm's The Only Thing Worth Dying For How Eleven Green Berets Forged a New Afghanistan was written to inform the readers of what military life was like for the special forces fighting in Afghanistan Blehm's purpose for writing this book was to inform the readers of the sacrifices made by soldiers fighting the War on Terror after the attacks in America on September 11 2001 This story was based on personal accounts and interviews of the members of the ODA 574 Special Forces A Team who were the first soldiers to infiltrate the southern part of Afghanistan Blehm was able to add credibility to this book by the personal insight and feelings of actual events as experienced by the Green Beret Blehm retold the stories of the soldiers as they began the process to help Hamid Karzai form a government that would allow the people to vote on their leaderThroughout this book Blehm developed the theme of loyalty The loyalty of these soldiers included loyalty to America the military and each other All eleven members of ODA 574 were so loyal to America that they were willing to make many personal sacrifices to defend our country The author made the readers aware and understand the level of loyalty they had as he retold the individual soldier's stories of sacrifice Blehm further explained the belief that all Green Beret members have a partner and will never leave that partner in any situation Actual events in this book showed that the loyalty to a soldier's partner was important than personal safety He also made the reader aware that many situations reuired the team to work together to get their objective metThe Only Thing Worth Dying For is written in narrative form By using the actual stories as experienced by the soldiers involved Blehm makes the audience feel what it is like to be in the war behind enemy lines He does let the audience see the reality of the disasters that were caused by mistakes made by the higher ranking officials in the military and government He also makes the audience look past those mistakes to see all the good that came out of this military operation Showing the good and bad gives this book credibilityI like this book because it is a true account of what life is like in the military especially the special forces It helps the reader to understand the personal sacrifices of soldiers fighting a war instead of just what they might hear on the news I would not change anything in this book because Blehm does a good job telling the story through the soldier's eyes This book is similar to other military special forces books I have read