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The Otis CollectionListen to Trace Adkins read five of New York Times bestselling character Otis’s stories including Otis Otis and the Tornado Otis Loves to Play Otis and the Puppy and An Otis Christmas  OTISIn a wonderful new palette and in the tradition of classics like Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and The Story of Ferdinand Loren Long has crafted an unforgettable new story and character celebrating the power of friendship and perseverance  OTIS AND THE TORNADO Otis and all his farm The Otis Epubfriends are enjoying a summer's day but the bull has no interest in playing and stays in his pen Suddenly the day turns frightening and stormy it's a tornado Otis takes all of the animals to safety but the bull is still locked in his pen uick as his tires will take him Otis putt puff puttedy chuffs back to the farm to save the day  OTIS LOVES TO PLAYIn this new s.

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Tory the beloved tractor loves to play with his friends the calf the cows the horses and of course the ducks Together they jump they play they chase and they march And they always have fun young readers will too  OTIS AND THE PUPPYOtis and his farm friends love to play hide and seek Otis especially loves to be It finding his friends as they hide Yet when the newest addition to the farm a bounding puppy who can't sit still and has a habit of licking faces tries to hide he finds his attention wandering and is soon lost in the forest Night falls and Otis knowing his new friend is afraid of the dark sets out to find him There's just one problem Otis is also afraid of the dark His friend is alone and in need though so Otis takes a deep breath counts to ten and sets off on a different game of hide and seek  AN OTIS CHRISTMASIt's Christmas eve on the farm.

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Free download å The Otis Collection ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ ❴EPUB❵ ✻ The Otis Collection Author Loren Long – Listen to Trace Adkins read five of New York Times bestselling character Otis’s stories including Otis Otis and the Tornado Otis Loves to Play Otis and theWhere Otis and all of his friends live The farmer has given Otis his first real Christmas present a shiny new horn A tree has been decorated a big snowstorm is on its way and all of the animals are excited Best of all one of the horses on the farm is about to give birth to a foal Yet in the middle of the night the horse begins neighing in pain and when the farmer says We'd better get Doc Baker out here or we'll lose 'em both Otis knows the horse is in trouble Snow has been falling hard for hours and the roads are unpassable How will they got Doc Otis to the rescue He knows a shortcut through the woods and he arrives at the doc's house flashing his headlights and revving his engine When Doc fails to awake Otis uses his new horn Then with Doc in tow he races back to the farm just in time for a Christmas miracle and the arrival of a new friend to play wi.