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The Raising The Torch Keeper #3Nation and finally end this destructive crusade Or is he truly the dark catalyst of the past intent on reducing the remnants of humanity to smoldering embersWith the fates of his brainwashed brother Cole and genetically transformed love Digory Tycho caught in the crossfire of epic war Lucky's final choice may have apocalyptic conseuences for an entire wor. I don't want to go into too many details because I don't want to risk spoiling anything I'll just say this The first two books of this series were packed with action and emotion and the final installment delivered everything I hoped for and I couldn't put this one down The pace was fast the characters were engaging and there was so much at stake that I feared for all of these characters that I've grown to love And did I mention the storyline I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the plot threads weave together to create this great story and by the end I was satisfied with the way it all came together It's also a sign of skill when an author creates a character that's done horrific things and at the end of the day even though you can't excuse the terrible things they've done you still feel sympathy for themI have a major book hangover right now Do they make medicine for book hangovers Well it's of a series hangover really I'll definitely be rereading this series in the future

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Iberty to the downtrodden survivors of a world devastated by geological catastrophe and tyrannyBut as the Torch Brigade prepares to launch a final desperate gambit against the ruthless forces controlled by his former companion the mysterious Cassius Thorn Lucky struggles with the secret of his own true identity Is he the spark of hope destined to unite a. One of the greatest books that I have ever read It was long and addictive I could not put it down and had to read it all in one sitting I experienced an array of emotions until the very end I couldn't have asked for a better ending view spoiler A perfect ending for Lucian and Digory view spoiler hide spoiler

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The Raising The Torch Keeper #3 review ✓ 103 Å [Reading] ➽ The Raising The Torch Keeper #3 By Steven dos Santos – Three Pasts Two Fates One ChoiceOnce a humble orphan existing in the shadows of the brutal Establishment Lucian “Lucky” Spark has evolved from lone vigilante to “The Torch Keeper a fierThree Pasts Two Fates One ChoiceOnce The Torch ePUB #9734 a humble orphan existing in the shadows of the The Raising PDFEPUB or brutal Establishment Lucian “Lucky” Spark has evolved from lone vigilante to “The Torch Keeper a fiery Raising The Torch Kindle #208 symbol of the valiant resistance Lucky now leads the heroic fight to restore justice and l. The only thing that could make me shatter is knowing that my favorite character's story has comes to an end in this ground breaking finale of The Torch Keeper With the action running through my blood the suspense clawing through my head and the tears falling from my eyes Lucian Spark has had my chess rise fall sink turn ache crush and stop since the very first page he had spoken I don't think I can Cull Sow or Raise anyone like him Lucian or Lucky's Torch will always be burning in that special place in my heart Most astonishing work by Steven Dos Santos