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Book ☆ The Rufus Spy 240 pages ë ❮PDF❯ ✫ The Rufus Spy ✓ Author Alys Clare – Apprentice healer Lassair heads on a perilous journey north in the absorbing new Aelf Fen medieval mystery October 1093 Two young men have been brutally beaten to death; a third viciously attacked All Apprentice healer LaApprentice healer Lassair heads on a perilous journey north in the absorbing new Aelf Fen medieval mystery October 1093 Two young men have been brutally beaten to death; a third viciously attacked All three men are of similar appeara Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House Publishing for allowing me to read a digital galley of this novelI've been following this series for some time now and am impressed by how fresh and entertaining the author has kept the characters and stories This latest story picks up exactly as the previous one left off so new readers might feel a little lost until they get the characters and situations clear in their mind Lassair is a wonderfully developed character and in this story she is torn between two men who are in love with her How does she feel about Jack and Rollo? While Jack recovers his strength from wounds he received in the previous novel Lassair accompanies Rollo from the fen country to the north of England in search of King William Rollo has information regarding William's brother plus he is anxious to get Lassair away from nursing Jack back to health The fen country outside of Cambridge is particularly dangerous right now with men being attacked or killed The common denominator seems to be their physical resemblance to each other Rollo will need to be very carefulI enjoyed this eighth story in the Aelf Fen mystery series set in England around 1090 The descriptions of the landscape as well as the characters makes me feel invested in the lives of these people and the circumstances they have to deal with This is a great series to follow

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Nce But could there be another connection?Lassair meanwhile has agreed to accompany her former lover Rollo on a perilous journey north in search of King William On their trail is a skilled relentless and ruthless assassin Who is he ? The two lovers of Lassair are separate but intertwined in the 8th book of the Aelf Fen Midieval Mystery series After nursing Jack Chevestrier back to health after a near fatal wound she runs away to Aelf Fen to sort out her life Did she love Jack enough to marry him? Could she see herself tied down to family life and possibly leave her training with Gurdyman? And what does she do about her pregnancy?When she reaches her home village Lassair is confronted with other changes Aunt Edlid her herbalist and healer mentor has married her longtime lover Hrype Since she has lived there since her training began chapperoning the newlyweds is not high on her wish list However her childhood friend Sibert has been attacked and she goes to his house to care for his woundsWhile ministering care for her friend changes happen She loses the child and while bearing her pains and sorrows Rollo returns to her life asking for her to accompany him to throw off a pursuer whom he assumes is working for the King of France She agrees to go not to rekindle old love but because he needs her Two changes await her and one to her father near the end of the story Changes profound enough to the remainder of the series that I stop here because of the SPOILER ALERT nature of the changes I love this series for the historical detail the touch of the mystical and although not marketed for teens which the series is definitely suitable for a heroine who is growing through her teenage years Like most teens she proves to be stronger than her self doubts tell her she is

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The Rufus SpyAnd why has he targeted Rollo? If they are to survive the hunted must become the hunters Rollo and Lassair must lure their pursuer to the treacherous fenland terrain Lassair knows so well and turn the tables on their would be killer When a young man with long blond hair is viciously beaten the circumstances appear very similar to those of 2 recent deaths of young men fitting the same description Lassair who lives in Aelf Fen is asked to help with the recovery of the young man who was beaten When her friend Rollo a former lover arrives he is convinced that the person committing these crimes is ultimately after him as he has the same description He asks Lassair to help him escapeCan the two of them figure out why this murderer is after Rollo? Will they be able to escape? Or will they end up meeting the same brutal end?I found this book uite entertaining It was the first in this series that I have read so I will be looking for the others now The characters are well developed and the plot is uite twisted which is something that I really enjoy I would recommend this book to others