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Summary ¾ Alèxandros Le sabbie di Amon 104 ¶ ❮Reading❯ ➺ Alèxandros Le sabbie di Amon Author Valerio Massimo Manfredi – THE BESTSELLING EPIC OF THE GLORY AND THE GRANDEUR INTRIGUES AND PASSIONS OF ANCIENT GREECEAND THE WARRIOR KING WHOSE CONUESTS BUILT AN ETERNAL LEGEND ALEXANDER Volume II THEHe Persian Great King to lead his vast army is a cunning strategist who challenged Alexander's claim to the title of Lord of Asia In Memnon Alexander confronts an enemy who inspires his admiration And in Memnon's wife Barsine he finds a woman who captures his heart But neither bravery nor love can stem the tide of Alexander's destiny For with Persia defeated Alexander's thoughts turn to Egypt and beyond. For reviews or to see my favourite uotes from this book check out my blog at This book is seriously packed with action It was a really enjoyable and interesting book to read and it seamlessly follows the first book interest little confusion However the one thing I found was that though I loved reading it I often found that I had trouble recalling what had actually happened in previous chapters just because so much is going on in this book There are so many characters places and things going on that I constantly found myself flicking back to figure out what was going onThe authors writing style makes you feel like you're actually reading an ancient epic and I loved that there are other POV's involved not just Alexander's For example I loved the character of Memnon and I like that although he is Alexander's enemy he isn't portrayed as a villain he's just a man he has a wife and kids and he is defending his country SPOILER ALERT His death and his mens devotion was the most emotion scene in this book for me Alexander is also a very interesting and complex character; he's headstrong often reckless but an amazing leader both in war tactics and the love he has for his men However I personally can't fully think of him as the hero for the simple reason that he's conuering lands and making war It was different time and the history lover in me can see the excitement and the glory in his actions and is desperate to know  but then another part of me thinks that parts of this story really happened and sympathises with people who were conuered though admittedly Alexander is painted as a better King than the Persian King whose lands he is taking That little rhyme that Alexander and his friends would chant at their old teacher when they were children about the 'silly' solider that goes to war and dies pretty much sums up my feelings about Alexander's campaign and his fathers before him they seem to be making war for no real reason other than glory risking the lives of their men and razing cities while supposedly trying to until the countries and make peace Still I'm looking forward to the final instalment of this trilogy and I'm sure I'll grab a few non fiction books about Alexander the Great afterwards too If anyone has any suggestions that would be great  

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THE BESTSELLING EPIC OF THE GLORY AND sabbie di ePUB #180 THE GRANDEUR INTRIGUES AND PASSIONS OF Alèxandros Le PDFEPUB or ANCIENT GREECEAND THE WARRIOR KING WHOSE CONUESTS BUILT AN ETERNAL LEGEND ALEXANDER Volume II Le sabbie di eBook #10003 THE SANDS OF AMMONA thousand years after Agamemnon fought the Trojan War Alexander the king of Macedonia and descendant of Achilles follows in the footsteps of Gre. Ugh This book was even worse than the first in the trilogy but I've waited so long to read this series that I decided to plod along now that I've read two books out of three The first word that comes to my mind when I think about this novel is juvenile Every thing about The Sands of Ammon is juvenile from the dialogue to the descriptions The history lessons ended with the first book and what we get instead is veneration for Alexander He's the greatest warrior that ever walked the earth No army can defeat him No one can eual him in battle even when wounded He's handsome and awe inspiring even covered in blood and slime Women fall at his feet without being coerced consecrated temple attendants The widows of his enemies Sure why not Don't worry though the great king also has a dark side You can tell because one of his blue eyes is much darker than the other and becomes even darker when he gets angry He throws terrible temper tantrums when cities refuse to surrender immediately and occasionally succumbs to battle fever only to feel bad afterwards and sulk for days for betraying the rational and noble side of his nature In spite of the fact that Alexander travels through the whole of Turkey and the Levant description is once again disappointingly sparse Mostly it's about decadently luxurious Persian palaces and concubines and occasionally about a few ancient cities but it's sort of just thrown in there for the heck of it Egypt and the famous oracle of the Siwa oasis to which the title refers are only reached at the end and occupy exactly 14 of the 319 pages of this novel which means Alexander has to travel to Mesopotamia defeat Darius make his way through the rest of central Asia get to the border of modern day India and die all in the space of another 300 page novel I'm really not looking forward to that I will start looking for an actual historical biography of Alexander the Great as soon as I'm done with this trilogy and hope that can help me get over how bad these books are

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Alèxandros Le sabbie di AmonEk legend He has gathered a mighty force to liberate the Greek cities of Asia from legendary Sardis and Miletus to Halicarnassus But vengeance is just one of Alexander's ambitionsGreat oracles and loyal followers claim Alexander is than mortal a powerful warrior and insatiable scholar a political genius Yet in battle after battle one man blocks his way Memnon of Rhodes a Greek born mercenary chosen by t. This one was much better than the first It had action it and many interesting events I especially enjoyed the part where he untied the knot in King Midas's chariot I loved picturing him in Achilles Armor The fight against Darius was well drafted and the bit with his leg where he went right into the heat of the battle was really well done Memnon made an excellent character focus in this novel I just think it was much better than the first and now I am ready to move onto the third