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THE Collection The Santinis #1 Kindle SANTINIS Collection The PDFEPUB #236 COLLECTIONFour brothers who believe in service before self and the women who will bring them to their knees The Santinis Leonardo Book Joint Base San AntonioArmy Medic Leo Santini doesn’t know what hit him when he runs into The Santini Epubprickly physical therapist Maryanne Johnson The Santinis Marco Book Joint Base Pearl Harbor H. One story is BWWM It was an OK read I did not continue reading the others once I discovered they were not IRs

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The Santini Collection The Santinis #1 4Ickam uiet and thoughtful Navy SEAL Marco Santini doesn’t realize love is right Santini Collection The Santinis #1 PDF or under his nose but once he does nothing will stop him from capturing Alana Kailikea’s Santini Collection The Epub #219 heart The Santinis Gianni Book Moody AFBPJ Gianni Santini finds the woman of his dreams the day before a deployment When he returns he has one mission on his mind conu. Didn't realize going into this that this was a collection of Novellas not Novels That said I was rather disappointed with the rapid pace of the romances and the rather subpar epilogues And the last novella didn't even have an epilogue I typically don't buy romance novellas unless they are part of a larger series of novels or I really love the author because I don't buy the fast pace of the romance By necessity romance novella relationships develop uickly and it usually comes across as very unrealistic to me Anyway I think I would have liked the characters if they'd had time to develop and for me to get to know them and for them to get to know one another In addition there were a lot of military acronyms some I could figure out CONUS and some just left me googling or texting my dad PJ HEB TDY PCS TLA It'd have been nice to have some sort of key or explanation for those of us unfamiliar with military life my dad was out of the Navy by the time we kids were born It was also a little obnoxious that each of the novellas followed almost the exact same format After a while it was like reading the same story over and over just with varying names Hh meet strike up some sort of sexual relationship one or both of them realizes they love the other but doesn't say anything for fear of scaring the other off probably because they have only known one another a few weeks and it is crazy there's a stupid fight which one of them storms away from but everything is resolved when one of them admits to loving the other and everything is hunky dory again and a marriage proposal is issued despite only knowing one another a very short time The Fated Lovers thing only really works for me in paranormal romances

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Free download The Santini Collection The Santinis #1 4 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Santini Collection The Santinis #1 4 By Melissa Schroeder – THE SANTINIS COLLECTIONFour brothers who believe in service before self and the women who will briEring professor Kianna Jones The Santinis Vicente uantico MCBVicente sees himself Santini Collection The Santinis #1 PDF or at the last Santini standing when he comes up close and personal with the one woman he has always loved Jules Andrews Now all he cares about is being that last man standing as long as he’s her manIncludes the first chapter of TEASE ME the first Semper Fi Marines book due out in Septemb. Four military brothers find the one woman Good idea likeable and even realistic characters but the storytelling as such was not really to my liking There seemed to be whole passages or even chapters missing the chapter stopped at the male protagonist being angry with the female and the next chapter continued with her being miffed at him for something he had done but what What happened between one page and the other Unfortunately all 4 books were like this To me it appeared to be the layout for the stories with some parts fleshed out in these parts I loved the interactions and the dialoguesHowever if you've read one you've read them all really; same pattern in all four books sexy soldier finds THE woman woman has baggage from the past and doesn't want a commitment so he sets out to convince her I noticed the author thanked her editor for her good work I pains me to say this but if the editor did a good job I don't really want to know what it looked before; there were still so many grammar and spelling errors in each book it hurtStill after all this negativity as I mentioned before those parts of the book where apparently some effort has been done to properly write them were uite enjoyable and enough so to make me continue and read all of them I did like the plot as such and the characters