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FREE READ ¿ The Siege Ù ➶ [Reading] ➸ The Siege By Nick Brown ➫ – 270 AD Rome has ruled Syria for than three centuries but now the weakened empire faces a desperate threat ueen Zenobia of Palmyra has turned her Roman trained army against her former masters and the o AD Rome has ruled Syria for than three centuries Agent fresh from officer training Cassius Corbulo is the only ranking Roman officer left in the line of the Palmyran advance He must take command of the fort of Alauran the last stronghold still in Roman hands and hold it until reinforcements arrive What Cassius finds at Alauran would daunt the most seasoned veteran let alone a  year old wi. Story “The Siege” is set against the backdrop of Emperor Aurelian’s reign during the Palmeryan revolt led by ueen Zenobia The main character is a young security service officer named Cassius Corbulo who by chance gets sent far off into the desert south east of Antioch to the fort of Alauran so as to coordinate the defense against a potential invasion force – strategically important due to its water source Corbulo’s mission seems impossible at first glance having to deal with inward doubts insecurities in his soldiery and leadership skills – a 19 years of age youth assigned to command battle hardened men it does sound hilarious; while at same time he faces the challenges of the new command posting – a decaying fort inhabited by a group of unpaid apathetic legionaries whose only concerns are for filling up their bellies; some Syrian auxiliary slingers whose allegiance is unclear and last but not least a Praetorian in a permanent state of drunkenness However step by step Cassius proves himself as a rather witted individual good at running the strings thus overcoming each trial that is set before him Characterwise One of the main traits I look for in a book is related to development of characters the degree of sympathy these “actors” bring forth to my status uo and how well they are intertwined with the actual story Fleshed out In this particular case the author has outdone himself By comparison with other novels the main character is in my opinion peculiar to the bones What intrigued me the most was how humane Cassius appeared to the eye he had a bit of arrogance given his high birth but at the same knew when to back off or when to ask for help in a matter Emotionally he shed tears trembled blocked in front of danger took pity for the casualties and even took some courageous stances And on top of that he is no soldier – poor handling of a sword low stamina Moreover the situation he is put in first posting no experience acting under the cover of Centurion So I am asking you now does he not seem peculiar given all these facts I cannot remember a historical fiction book in which a main protagonist is so flawed so humane so successful overall Luckily for him he had excelled in “the cerebral disciplines” during his training years As for secondary characters I have to mention Simo the household slave who accompanies our hero from beginning till the end and starts off as a manservant ending up as a doctor for the little fort – this one has such an innocent manner of behaving along with his speech In my own little world I laughed out loud at the relation between man and servant Funny relationship Interesting to watch closely how Cassius’ treatment of his slave changes slowly to become a casual one of friendship – though I still felt a tone of superiorityAnother even odd character was the one called the Praetorian I got to admit it kept me on needles to see what his role will be in the story given his background and seeing how he treated himself and everybody else – short tempered aggressive Has a rather big impact on the whole story given his not so many apparitions in the plot and plays the role of fort’s drunkardSetting It is rather an unusual one but put into frame with great depictions vividly described and richly innovative and imaginatively speculative wherever it must be so For example Alauran whose existence I initially thought was real to later find out in the author’s notes that it is a figment of his imagination The siege was neatly done I really liked the whole defensive approach and the “camels” idea was ingenious Though I’m curious weren’t the horses in that region tolerant to camels Read in some other review about the Palmeryan attack to be unreal I thought about it as well but it did make sense given their supply shortage and misinformation on actual number of defenders All in all I profoundly enjoyed the book It has great depictions somewhat uniue characterization and story for a novel set in the Roman world Moreover it possesses not much gore minimal verbal violence and lots of poignant moments I appreciate the maps for the region and fort – helped my imagination a lot Therefore in case you considered plunging in don’t hesitate and take a leap of faith Highly recommended

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AD Rome has ruled Syria for than three centuries but now the weakened empire faces a desperate threat ueen Zenobia of Palmyra has turned her Roman trained army against her former masters and the once invincible legions have been crushed Arabia Palestine and Egypt have fallen and now Antioch Syria's capital stands exposed A young intelligence. Cassius Corbulo is a poor warrior; he is young and inexperienced As an imperial security service agent he expected to spend his service years behind a desk organising supplies To the surprise of him and the reader he is thrust into the prestigious role of Centurion His task is to organise the defence of Alauran a stronghold in the Syrian dessert and rein in its wayward defenders who have been leaderless for too long The problem is he’s straight out of officer training and has never fought in real combat nor has he expected ever to do so Conseuently he has to act the part of an experienced warrior or the men would never follow him Suffice to say by posing as a centurion he has some big boots to fill Luckily for him he has one tool at his disposal his intelligence And he needs it too for the soldiers of the stronghold resent orders from such a young officer To make things worse a murder occurs in the heart of the stronghold casting suspicion on several characters This coupled with a rather large solider who half the century fear to go near due to his freuent violent outburst needs to be persuaded into the ranks On top of that they have no hope of victory unless the local residents can be recruited into an auxiliary force This results in a monumental set of tasks for Cassius And the enemy that outnumber them five to one haven’t even arrived yetThe pacing of this book is remarkable The ending is drawn out leading to a bloody climax of epic proportions The narrative is broken up with chapters from the point of view of the approaching Palmyra forces The Palmyrans are led by a brilliant swordsman named Azaf whom is charged with capturing Alauran from Roman hands This creates suspense through the novel as his forces slowly approach the Roman stronghold As I mentioned in my review for book four in this series the legions of Rome are a very popular basis for a novel It’s refreshing to read a series in which the story does not seuence around Hadrian’s Wall or a province in modern day France or Germany This makes the novel stand out in the genre as it focuses on the eastern side for a change this time in the Syrian dessert “A hillock of sand fifty feet high “the crest” did indeed provide an excellent view of the area surrounding Alauran particularly the dessert of the east Scattered across its slopes were patches of thorn bush drained of colour by the summer sun Aside from a few grasshoppers and sand flies there was no other sign of life” Further it’s uniue to read a military style historical novel in which the protagonist is not an invincible enemy slaying soldier like figure he is believable He could be injured or killed and the reactions he has to combat are realistic; he is regretful for his actions and inadeuacies in the face of the enemy It is because of this that this is my personal favourite of the overcrowded “Rome” novel market This novel doesn’t just have well written and developed characters but also an excellently paced plotOverall this is an extremely exciting adventure rich in character growth and blood It is very rare that I ever say this in a review of a book or think it to be honest but I cannot find a single fault with this novel so I think it’s time to stop praising it and read the second instalmentBelow are links to my reviews of the rest of the seriesBook 2 The Imperial BannerBook 3 The Far ShoreBook 4 The Black Stone

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The SiegeTh no experience of war A mere scattering of divided and demoralized legionaries remain backed up by some fractious Syrian auxiliaries and a drunken Praetorian Guardsman With the Palmyrans just days away Cassius must somehow find the discipline resourcefulness and courage to organize the garrison save Alauran and secure Rome's eastern frontier. Cassias Corbulo is a fresh grain officer who has been dropped into the role of defending a key resource with a rag tag group of soldiers With a much larger contingent of the enemy on the way he must pull this group together to defend Rome’s interests and save his own lifeWith so many books set in Roman Britain that I have been reading lately it was nice to get a different picture of the vast Roman Empire Syria is such a completely foreign place Nick Brown did an excellent job of bringing the country to life and the trials of fighting in such a harsh and unforgiving environmentCassius is an interesting character He is in over his head; he does not have the experience to pull off this task on his own Cassius uses the tools at his disposal to get the job done ingrained Roman discipline threats and bribery This is what made the Roman world work and last for so longNick Brown spent a good amount of time with the enemy This was a great point of view They had their own troubles and problems to overcome The Palmyrans were not the simple barbarians that would attempt to overpower the Roman line with sheer numbersThe only drawback that I had was the wait The story was a bit slow to develop but once the action started this was than made up forIf you are looking for a different view of the might of the Roman Empire and enjoy a flawed protagonist who is not the Roman euivalent of Superman then I would recommend The Siege I will be looking for from The Agent of Rome series4 Stars