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The Undrowned ChildRa Within days of her arrival she is subsumed into the secret life of Venice a world in which salty tongued mermaids run subversive The Undrowned Epubprinting presses ghosts good and bad patrol the streets and librarians turn flui. Back in March I ran into this book during a children's and YA book sale I won't lie this book has the most beautiful cover art of any book I've ever seen and that would be one hundred percent why I picked it up Even the end pages were gorgeousBut then I picked it up and read the blurb it was set in Venice One of my dream European cities Ok so the premise sounded like it had promise too but really I might have bought it anyhowVenice Pretty book soldIt's nice to have no real expectations about a book when you start I've never seen this book in a bookstore before or since I picked up i grabbed the only copy at chapters and I've never heard of the author or seen a review for this or any of her other books So it was a perfect clean slateThe first thing I noticed was what a distinctive and unusual voice it had Set over a few short days in June of 1899 this book is written with a lovely lilting prose that never talks down to it's readers The elouence of the two children is starkly contrasted by the supremely fun slang of the the mermaids Keep yer noggin' mouf shut ye great dafty or My gib was atwitch I might of knowed it Human childer smell most peculiar I do declare freely Between the prose and the world Michelle Lovric has created I was uickly swept awayThe premise is simple Teodora and Lorenzo super great names must save Venice from the machinations of the evil Bajamonte Tiepolo seriously I need a bunch of cats that I can give some great old Italian names too Otherwise known as Il Traditore Bajamonte Tiepolo was banished from Venice for his crimes against Her in 1310 but his ghost is back for revenge and he is building a fierce some army of pirates ghosts vampire eels and a sea monster who can destroy the city of waterWith a great deal of action and adventure reams of fun characters honestly when is the last time you read about mermaids and the fascinating history of Venice itself it may have been impossible for Michelle Lovric to go astray with The Undrowned Child She's managed to create a very uniue story in the world of children's lit which considering the broad range out there is impressive in and of itselfObviously a huge lover of Venice she lives there herself these days the story also reads as a love letter to Venice I was already fascinated by Her colourful history and uniue setting but I think Michelle will inspire many others in a fascination with the floating cityAfter perusing her website I was surprised to learn The Undrowned Child will have a seuel A fully complete story in itself I'm not sure what the next book will cover but I can't wait to find out The Mourning Emporium I'm telling you this woman has a way with words another fab title is set to release November 4th in the states and December 15th in Canada how obnoxious It looks every bit as pretty as the first

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The Undrowned Child Download á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ß [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Undrowned Child Author Michelle Lovric – It's the beginning of the 20th century; the age of scientific progress But for Venice the future looks bleak A conference of scientists assembles to address the problems among whoDly into cats A battle against forces determined to destroy the city once and for all uickly ensues Only Teo the undrowned child who survived a tragic accident as a baby can go 'between the linings' to subvert evil and restore ord. Glorious depiction of a fantastical Venice I've been there in the floods and felt its dark undercurrents so this felt true in many ways Enjoyable read with lots of little details that will fascinate

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It's the beginning of the th century the age of scientific progress But for Venice the future looks bleak A conference of scientists assembles to address the problems among whose delegates are the parents of twelve year old Teodo. This is definitely a book bursting with invention and the prose style is perfect for the setting though I could have done without some of the winks to adult readers about the Biennial I'll be adding Teo to my Bookish Protagonists list tooYet it didn't work for me If I weren't stuck in bed I might have put it down unfinished but I soldiered on There is so much to like the rowdy mermaids the Cat archivist yet it didn't hold my interest Perhaps there was simply too much invention overstuffed and spilling out the edges of the book overwhelming the story It was as if the author didn't expect to ever write another book at least not one set in Venice and had to shove everything into this oneIt meant that I wasn't engaged in the plot I couldn't make guesses or put together what might happen next because anything could happen next Some totally new twist or creature or snippet of history would appear and change the situation and I was just along for the rideI had a similar experience with Adam Gopnik's The King in the Window about a young American boy in Paris modern day who is swept into a war between the Mirror Wraiths and the Window Wraiths Both books are written perhaps from a love of the cities that are their settings and a desire to share ideas with young readers than from the impulse of story tellingThe major difference may be that Gopnik's young hero is extremely ordinary and Teodora is somewhat overtalented