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BOOK ↠ The Wilderness Family At Home with Africa's Wildlife È Kobie Krüger Everyone warned Kobie Krüger Family At MOBI #244 that being the wife of a game warden at a remote ranger station in South Africa's largest national park would be an arduous move The heat was unbearable malaria would be The Wilderness Epuba constant danger her husband would have to be away for long stretches there were no schools or nearby doctors for their three daughters and of course the area teemed with wild animals Yet for Kobie Wilderness Family At PDF #200 and her family the seventeen years at South Africa's Kruger National Park were the most magical of their lives Now in The Wilderness Family Kobie recounts the enchanting adventures and extraordinary encounters they experienced in this Wilderness Family At Home with ePUB #199 vast reserve where wildlife has right of wayKobie and her husband Kobus were overwhelmed by the beauty of the Mahlangeni ranger station when they arrived with their little girls I love this book with all my heart 3

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FREE EPUB ☆ MOBI The Wilderness Family At Home with Africa's Wildlife î 9780345444264 ☆ KOBIE KRüGER Ô ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ The Wilderness Family At Home with Africa's Wildlife By Kobie Krüger ✼ – Everyone warned Kobie K The Krügers for the adventure of raising an orphaned lion cub The cub was only a few days old and on the verge of death when they found him alone  Leo as the girls promptly named the cub survived on loads of love and bottles of fat enriched milk and soon became an affectionate rambunctious member of the family At the heart of the book Kobie recounts the uniue bond that each of the Krügers forged with Leo and their sometimes hilarious endeavor to teach him to become a real lion and live with his own kind in the wildWriting with deep affection and luminous prose Kobie Krüger captures here the mystery of untamed Africa its fathomless skies soulful landscapes and most of all its astonishing array of animals By turns funny and heart breaking engaging and suspenseful The Wilderness Family is an unforgettable memoir of a woman her family and the amazing game reserve they called home for seventeen incredible yea This book was amazing Kobie Kruger's stories are filled with humour and made me laugh uite a bit while reading It's a pity that this book isn't popular or well known because it's a brilliant read It's one of those must read books about African faunaLife within a national park in the middle of nowhere kilometres from civilisation has it's ups and downs She described the ups beautifully She described the downs with a huge sprinkling of humour Oh there's a snake in my garden No problem it adds to the charm of the placeI love how introverted she is They moved to a place with a phone and when it starts ringing she stands there looking at it wondering why people are calling There's a person across the river from her and she can't make out their features just a basic silhouette yet she feels overwhelmed at the closeness of those neighboursA huge chunk of this book is about how they find a lion cub and rear it I had issued with the way they reared it especially after having read the Adamson's booksstories Her stories about her encounters with the various wildlife in the wilderness were both interesting and funny She has the tendency to make up scenarios in her head as to what these animals might be thinkingsaying and it makes for humourous reading Photos I would have loved photos from all her stories However all were of Leo or centred around that time

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The Wilderness Family At Home with Africa's WildlifeIn the autumn of Golden sunshine glowed in the lush garden where fruit bats hung in the sausage trees hippos basked in the glittering waters of the Letaba River storks and herons perched Wilderness Family At Home with ePUB #199 along the shore Kobie felt she had found heaven on earth until she awoke that first night to find a python slithering silently across her bedroom floor It was the perfect introduction to the wonders and terrors that awaited herAs the Krügers settled in they became accustomed to living in the midst of ravishing splendor and daily surprises A honey badger they nursed back to health rampaged affectionately through the house Sneaky hyenas stole blankets and cook pots Ordinarily placid elephants grew foul tempered and violent in the summer heat And one terrible day the shadow of tragedy fell across the family when a lion attacked Kobus in the bush and nearly killed himBut nothing prepared Kobie and her husband Kobus spent seventeen years as game rangers in Kruger National Park This recounts a number of their experiences during most of those years Initially they were at the remote Mahlangeni Post for eleven years The transition to the populated southern post at Crocodile Bridge had its challenges Later they were posted at Pretorious Kop Their three daughters grew up in the park living alongside the wildlife and learning how to interact The second half of the book focuses mostly on their experiences raising an abandoned lion cub This is written in a light conversational style While it is roughly chronological the first half of the book focuses on topics with a number of experiences pertaining to that topic So the next chapter might actually go backwards in terms of chronology but it all fits together to give an overview of their experiences Because of the topical nature of the first half it lends itself to dipping although I read it straight through The book was originally published as two volumes which helps explain the different styles in the format Personally I felt she got a bit dramatic with the later sections regarding Leo but enjoyed it overall