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The Adversary characters ä 107 ´ ➶ [Read] ➲ The Adversary By Erin M. Evans ➾ – In the 3rd book of the multi author SUNDERING series kicked off by New York Times best selling author RA Salvatore the award winning Erin M Evans throws her signature character Farideh into a maelstro In the rd book of the multi In the rd book of the multi author SUNDERING series kicked off by New York Times best selling author RA Salvatore the award winning Erin M Evans throws her signature character Farideh into a maelstrom of devilish politics and magical intrigue Captured. You can find this review and others on The Nomadic ReaderBook three in The Sundering series was a welcome change from the incredible doom and gloom that I felt in the first two books You’re introduced to two tiefling Farideh and her sister Havilar While the book is third in the series you’re than welcome to read it out of order the books like the previous ones only loosely tie together they all take place in the same ‘world’ The world is still filled with doom and gloom but there are hints of romance and characters that I didn’t absolutely disdain which always helpsFarideh makes a pact or two or three with a devil in order to keep those she cares about safe from harm Of course making pacts with devils never turns out the way you want it to and she soon finds herself in over her head serving a wizard who is rounding up the Chosen of the Gods for a purpose that she can’t figure out Her sister is bent on rescuing her along with her old patron a group of harpers who think she is a traitor and a red wizard Each person has their own reason for finding Farideh with their own outcome of the eventsI can honestly say this third book is my favorite so far The characters were colourful and came alive in a way that I didn’t see in the previous books It was nice to see characters that were not all good or all evil; they made mistakes and paid for those mistakes I found myself ‘rooting’ for each character as they neared their goal and while the ending may have been predictable I was satisfied with how it carried outThis book released in December so it’s a great time to pick it up I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I thank NetGalley as well as the publishers for the opportunity45 stars

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By Netherese agents and locked away in a prison camp Farideh uickly discovers her fellow prisoners are not simply enemies of Netheril but people known as Chosen who possess hidden powers powers that Netheril is eager to exploit or destroy As Farideh?. An epic series epic authors dark fantasy that is detailed and deep book three of The Sundering The Adversary by Erin M Evans is following in step with its predecessors Farideh is drawn into a world of deceit magic and mayhem as she is taken prisoner in Netheril only to discover that the Chosen of the gods are being held and exploited for their secret powers Will she make it out alive Can she be rescued Can she trust those who claim to be her ally Is this one time the fates have dealt her a wicked handIn keeping with the pace of the previous books this is does not race across the pages but does rely on very intense detail and intrigue The characters were flawed and not always completely likable but there is the sense of inner strength that comes through in the expansive dialogue throughout Erin Evans has done a very good job of adding to the depth of the series with a sense of darkness and chaos throughout sure to assist in the revival of the Forgotten Realm I received an Arc edition from Wizards of the Coast in exchange for my honest reviewSeries The Sundering Book 3Publication Date December 3 2013Publisher Wizards of the Coast ISBN 9780786963751Genre Dark Fantasy AdultsPage Count 432Available from | Barnes Noble

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The Adversary??s friends and sister race across the landscape on a desperate rescue mission Farideh is drawn deeper into the mystery of the Netherese plot alongside two undercover Harper agents But will her closest ally turn out to be an adversary from her past ?. In reading Erin Evans contribution to the The Sundering series her book The Adversary turned out to be a mixed bag Evans does a masterful job of sharing setting and action with the reader through her use of imagery and choice of diction Her character development however is a long and painful process that detracts from the plot as a wholeIn the opening of the book as well as at several points throughout the book Evans does a superb job of using all five senses to create a tableaux vivant for the reader This uality allows the readers to feel as if they are actually experiencing what is being described This is a wonderful and rare trait that only a few fantasy authors have mastered Additionally Evans has a well developed vocabulary which she also uses to good effect In several places it is obvious that she chooses to use the best word rather than a simpler less descriptive word that would be easily understood by the reader Both of these ualities drew me in early on and provided excellent moments of respite throughout the novelThe great detractor in this book was the far too overly developed scenes where the characters’ relationships are introduced and explored Now some of this may have to do with the fact that Evens is the only female writer in The Sundering series Her style may too sharply contrast the other masculine writers Along that same line of thinking it may be that she is following in the footsteps of to highly accomplished authors More likely it is my dislike for the penchant of female fantasy authors to wax romantic rather than adventurous in this genre of writing There are exceptions of course but this seems to be an unfortunately common traitWhen I find myself skipping ahead pages to get past the deluge of motivations feeling and interpretations of each character examined in a myriad of minute details there is a serious problem If as a reader you are looking for wondrously good description wrapped around intricate character development through interaction and relationship this is likely the book for you If you are into a plot that steadily moves forward in a non brooding fashion that can interconnect earlier elements of the series you may wish to look elsewhereDr Nicholson reviews academic Christian living and fiction books for a variety of publishers in an array of formats He is never paid for any of his reviews For reviews or information visit Dr Nicholson’s blog at drtnicholsonwordpresscomThe book for this review was provided free of charge by Wizards of the Coast through NetGalleycom This book was provided without the expectation or reuirement of a positive response Thank you to both the publisher and NetGalleycom for the opportunity to both read your advanced copy and to provide this unpaid evaluation All opinions in this review reflect the views of the author and not NetGalleycom or the publisher