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FREE READ Ä The Cambridge Seven The True Story of Ordinary Men Used in No Ordinary Way Ú ❮Download❯ ➽ The Cambridge Seven The True Story of Ordinary Men Used in No Ordinary Way ➸ Author John Charles Pollock – Harold Schofield a brilliant Oxford dHarold Schofield a brilliant Oxford doctor who Seven The PDF #205 had laboured as a missionary in China for many years was on his knees praying Lord give me missionaries from British Universities to help in China The day he died D E Hoste applied to Hudson Taylor for mission work in the China Inland Mission Now Overseas Missionary Fellowshi. “The gospel of Christ is unchanged and His call is unchanged The Cambridge Seven illustrate how that call may be heard It is a call to ‘lift up your eyes and look on the fields for they are white already to harvest’ It is a call for dedication Above all it is a call to the consecration of the whole man as the prelude to fruitful service”“What are you really living for Are you living for the day or are you living for the life eternal Are you going to care for the opinion of men here or for the opinion of God”

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Er of his day if he could give all that up then so could anyone The story of these seven are an Cambridge Seven The PDF #203 inspiration that God can take people and use them in incredible ways if they are willing to serve As Pollock says in his book Theirs is the story of ordinary men and thus may be repeated Will it be repeated in your li. I came to this book partially because of our recent relocation to Cambridge partially because I’m teaching Chinese History this year and partially because it’s cricket season and CT Studd is a legend This book is very much of its time and I would hope that issues of class would be tackled differently if written today It also grated on me because I really wanted Pollock to be a critical narrator There was lots in some of their thinking which needed to be called out One of the Seven didn’t go to China for three years because he applied Ezekiel 3 directly to him and only happened to change his mind because he stumbled across a verse in Isaiah I wish Pollock called out some of their bible handling and how it affected their lives One of the Seven who interestingly fell into universalism later in life was also worryingly keen on second baptism of the Spirit as consecration and a proponent of the Keswick Movement Again Pollock doesn’t call this outHaving said this it’s a heartwarming rousing story of seven men who truly knew that they were dead in Christ and knew that the love of the Christ controlled them and so were bold in bringing the nations to the Lord I enjoyed it

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The Cambridge Seven The True Story of Ordinary Men Used in No Ordinary WayP Schofield's prayer was answered as seven Cambridge students The Cambridge Epubvolunteered to leave behind cosy lives of wealth and privilege to serve God in whatever way they were led These seven inspired thousands of others to think seriously of missionary service Included among them was CT Studd captain of England and the finest cricket. One of the best books I've read Not because the uality of writing is exemplary or there was a poetic elouence to his craftsmanship but because of the lives of the men which this book chroniclesThis is a story about some intelligent men in a college who banded together to pray together and serve together and live life together They sharpened each other and pushed each other towards new heights for Christ When they graduated they left their elite positions in society to become missionaries to China These men are known as the Cambridge Seven They became great and amazing people because they did it together Their story totally inspires me Something totally amazing happens when a group of people with one heart and one passion get on their knees together and live for JesusI was also really inspired by the men and women who prayed for these Seven at a distance It was as a result of their prayers that brought these pagans to their knees to devote themselves entirely to Jesus And what a ruckus the Cambridge Seven caused upon the sleeping Christians in England and even America It's so amazing how God uses ordinary people to cause ripple effects The prayer warriors and the Seven Because of them Hudson Taylor awakened to the purpose of concentration on a deepening of spiritual life so that consecration to service inevitably would follow It's true God does not deal with you until you are wholly given up to Him and then He will tell you what He would have you doIf you want to know God's will for you life give yourself completely to Him to be at His disposal Read this book for inspiration