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The Cities of Dead The Casuette Girls #3 Ebook ´ 768 pages Ñ Gwairsoft Ô [EPUB] ✴ The Cities of Dead The Casuette Girls #3 ✷ Alys Arden – The Cities of Dead the highly anticipated third book in Alys Arden’s spellbinding The Casuette Girls series Old World witcheThe Cities of Dead the highly anticipated third book in Alys Arden’s spellbinding The Casuette Girls series Old World witches collide with the French uarter’s strangest denizens setting off events that could tear the fabric of the Natural and Supernatural worlds and only the most elusive mischievous Voodoo lwa h I still have to read the second book but I am so excited about this one

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L costs and settle a centuries old feud To save her loved ones and her cherished city Adele must unearth New Orleans’s best kept Voodoo secret and piece together fragments of history from sixteenth century Spain even if it means discovering secrets she never wanted to know If she fails she may lose her magic forev 55 StarsAdele has been through so freaking much despite just being a teenager We start out the book seeing just how much the events of The Romeo Catchers broke her She's separated herself from her coven and her boyfriend And she begins to get cozy with my favorite character Nicco swoonsIsaac and Dee just want Adele back in the coven and they just want her present but since Adele has isolated herself from them they go in with life and fixing the problems started in The Romeo CatchersNaturally things go from bad to worse and Adele and the gang have a whole lot to fix And now we wait until book 4 😭😭😭I read this one slowly aka I made it last a few days instead of a few hours I don't know what it is but Alys Arden weaves this story in a way that I absolutely cannot stop reading Witches vampires shapeshifters love triangles and danger OH MY

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The Cities of Dead The Casuette Girls #3Old the key to stopping itAs Adele struggles with her losses Nicco’s secrets draw her closer but Isaac uestions Nicco’s motives and refuses to let go without a fight While the coven works to make the streets safe from the Ghost Drinkers Nicco’s family of vampires is ready to break the Saint Germain curse at al I feel as though my interest in this series has been waning with each book I just can't with the love triangle any because it's dumb I feel like Adele is stringing Isaac along until she can justify picking Nicco at the end Because let's be honest that's who she's wanted to pick from the start and the only reason she went with Issac is because she thought Nicco betrayed herSpeaking of which I suddenly have a theory that Nicco IS going to betray her That whole story about how he strung Seraphine along for DECADES so he could get close enough to kill her? The way Gabe described his singular personality trait as PATIENT? The fact that he's been obsessed with finding Leon and Adele could be his ticket? I think he's playing the long con with her and waiting for Leon to show up or for Adele to lead him to his cousinI don't want to believe it because I do genuinely like Nicco but I just feel like that would be the greatest plot twist that he was actually the worst of them all that he was just using her to get to the comteANYWAYS I adore Isaac and I'm kind of really angry with Adele for taking mac's memories of him away because that was selfish and unfair of her knowing Isaac isn't close with his own dad knowing how close he and Mac had gotten it was just awful because he lost them both and I think he didn't realize how important Mac was to him until he didn't have that parental figure looking out for him any I do like how Isaac inserts himself back into Mac's life and how they fall back into their friendship I just really love Mac being like a father to IsaacAnd I get that Adele is angry with Isaac for killing her mother but also COME ON the guy didn't even know her mother was a vampire If Adele had just told him instead of keeping secrets like she always does he never would have staked her Also I just don't get the point of the mother any because she was this big divisive force in Adele's life and then she was a vampire and Adele felt bad for hating her and now she's DEAD and there can be no reconciliation and that's just dumbI loved Isaac Dee and Codi working together and how well Codi has fallen into the coven I really like him and need of him Also I supposed Dee has a crush on him but I was honestly kind of hoping for something to blossom for Isaac and Dee just because they spend so much time together and if Adele and Isaac aren't endgame then I want Isaac to still have someone in his life who really cares and I don't know that that person has ever really been AdeleI like the Daures and the Borges working together on the magical issues And just the magical community we now know about and are a part of I liked getting to learn the story of Callis' coven and daaang Also just learning about the strongest magical families of the world ALSO how did their being witches not come up in any of the memories of Nicco's human life in the previous book? Because that was a bombshell I was not expecting