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mobi µ doc The Devil's Angels MC ê Lola Wright ê [PDF / Epub] ☁ The Devil's Angels MC By Lola Wright – Ava Left to die as an infant Ava Beaumont has not had an easy life Being raised by the system has taught her to be independent hardworking and cautious When Ava becomes a victim she uses her He loves his club and club brothers wholeheartedly Gunner wants his club to move in a better direction And when Gunner spots bakery owner Ava he realizes that’s not the only change he wants to make in his life Nothing worth having is easy to acuire This is an MC story with a heart Come meet the crazy pets and even crazier club members of the Devil’s Angels MC 2 Sorry not for me StarsDon't get me wrong this book is decent A solid read that many will enjoyIt's fun sexy and easy Who doesn't like pets bikers cooking and sex? This book has it in abundance The heroine is almost a superhero amongst mere mortals and the hero is a drop your panties considerate biker The rest of the cast is hilarious from a dirty mouthed parrot to cake addicted bikers and asshole neighbours But it just didn't worked for meThe heroes seemed lacking depth the insta lust was a bit over the top and I couldn't make sense of their actions most of the time The secondary characters were almost like caricatures I missed some angst and some reasoning Everything seemed a little too much Too funny too uickly too soonGive it a try and who knows maybe you will enjoy it

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Ava Left to die as an infant Ava Beaumont has not had an easy life Being raised by the system has taught her to be independent hardworking and cautious When Ava becomes a victim she uses her inner strength to put it behind her and move forward Now she lives a good life with the family she has created through adopting pets that were also throwaways including a sma As much as I enjoyed this one and I did because I read it in one sitting I had to suspend my disbelief to extreme heights Never before has it been this high P I don't have issues with characters sometimes coming off as a bit of a superman or woman but this was a bit too much even for me I actually did like the heroine but the author just made her way too OTT She is the best baker in the world and she owns her own bakery where she employs multiple people She also aspires to be a caterershe has never done it before but she has no problems pulling off a catering event for a biker club for than 75 peopleall by herself without any stress She practices mixed martial arts and kick both men and women's asses She can sing she can write songs and has sold at least one to a famous person She is a rapeabuse victim and she suffers from diabetes 1 She is a huge animal lover and owns one of the biggest dog breeds which she also trained herself of course She has a little mini pig that can skateboard a huge ass cat bigger than any normal cat and a macaw parrot that can talk think and interact with people??The parrot was the most OTT in this book to be honest because it acted like it was a child made me think of pinokkio really look mommy I am a real boy It was so ridiculous that I just could not take it seriously Which is a bummer because I actually liked the set up of this story and I liked the characters The heroine besides being an extreme superheroine did not annoy me and the hero was good biker guy The side characters were also fun and I really liked Axel So even though I enjoyed reading this one I can't get past the fact that it felt like reading a fantasy to me than a biker romance Still it made me feel good Funny that So I will probably give the second book a go as well I am giving this one 25 stars but I am rounding up to 3 because for some reason I could just not stop reading and even though it was OTT as fuck I liked the characters

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The Devil's Angels MCRt mouthed parrot and a skateboarding pig When Ava meets Gunner she realizes what her life is lacking but does she have the courage to trust a big rough biker enough to let him into her safe little life? Gunner Being the President of the Devil’s Angels MC was not something Gunner asked to become but through the loss of his dad the job was thrust upon him While If I could give this book than 5 Stars I totally would The devil's angels mc is one of the best MC books I have read in a long time Great characters and the animals were hilarious😂 Also an amazing epilogue 💕 Can't wait for the next book in the series 💙💙💙