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Through his trials includingdemoting or firing a loyal friendwhether you should incorporate titles and promotions and how to handle themif it's OK to hire people from your friend's companyhow to manage your own psychology while the whole company is relying on youwhat to do when smart people are bad employeeswhy Andreessen Horowitz prefers founder CEOs and how to become onewhether you should sell your company and how to do itFilled with Horowitz's trademark humor and straight talk and drawing from his personal and often humbling experiences The Hard Thing About Hard Things is invaluable for veteran entrepreneurs as well as those aspiring to their own new venture. It's hard for me give this a rating as I haven't really read many other how to business books I liked the narrative section at the beginning of the book a bit better than the tactical advice section but I think that's probably just how I prefer to get information There are some great lessons in here for non CEOs but I suspect it's even valuable for those who have founded andor run a company I think most relevant andor interesting to me were Hiring for strength rather than lack of weakness If you're bringing someone new onto the team really think hard about what strengths are most important for the job and find someone who is world class at those things If that person isn't as strong at everything else on your check list don't sweat it Importance of one on ones as a management techniue It's sort of incredible that people can manage without one on one meetings but I guess it happens The big breakthrough or at least the one that I hadn't put into words before is that it's the employee's meeting rather than the manager's I mean duh but still a good framework for thinking about the meeting As a CEO you don't have time to develop your direct reports I suspect this is really difficult for many CEOs to deal with at first I know it would be tough for me But it makes sense at that level you just have to be able to do the job with minimal to no developmental runwayAnyway for my first management book this one was fun and readable and very honest Also lots of hip hop uotes for those who roll that way

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The Hard Thing About Hard ThingsA lot of people Thing About Epub #220 talk about how great it is to start a The Hard PDF business but only Ben Horowitz is brutally honest about how hard it is to Hard Thing About PDF #205 run oneIn The Hard Thing About Hard Things Ben Horowitz cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz and one of Silicon Valley's most respected and experienced entrepreneurs draws on his own story of founding running selling buying managing and investing in technology companies to offer essential advice and practical wisdom for navigating the toughest problems business schools don't cover His blog has garnered a devoted following of millions of readers who have come to rely on him to help. This is one of the best books you’ll ever read on entrepreneurship and being a CEOIf you are a CEO read this bookIf you aspire to be a CEO read this bookIf you are on a management team and want to understand what a CEO goes through read this bookIf you are interested in entrepreneurship and want to understand it better read this bookOn Friday I spent the entire day with about 50 of the CEOs of companies we are investors in Rand Fishkin of Moz put together a full day Foundry Group CEO Summit It used a format Rand has used before We broke up into five different groups and has sessions on about ten total topics throughout the day The groups were fluid – people were organized by category alpha and beta but then went to the topic they were interested in There was a moderator for each session – the first five minutes was each CEO putting up one “top of mind” issue in the topic and the then balance of the session 75 minutes was the entire group spending between 5 and 15 minutes on each topicIt was awesome We finished with a fun dinner at Pizzeria Locale I drove home with my mind buzzing and arrived around 8pm to see Amy laying on the coach reading a book So I grabbed by iPad and looked to see what was new on itI’d pre ordered Ben’s book so it was in slot number one It felt fitting to start reading itAt 1030 I was finished with it The Hard Thing About Hard Things was the perfect way to cap off a day with the CEOs of the companies we invest inTrust me on this one Go buy The Hard Thing About Hard Things right nowBen – thanks for writing this and putting 100% of your heart into it

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The Hard Thing About Hard Things Read Ë 109 Ë [Download] ✤ The Hard Thing About Hard Things By Ben Horowitz – A lot of people talk about how great it is to start a business but only Ben Horowitz is brutally honest about how hard it is to run oneIn The Hard Thing About Hard Things Ben Horowitz cofounder of AndThem run their businesses A lifelong rap fan Horowitz amplifies business lessons with lyrics from his favorite songs and tells it straight about everything from firing friends to poaching competitors from cultivating and sustaining a CEO mentality to knowing the right time to cash inHis advice is grounded in anecdotes from his own hard earned rise from cofounding the early cloud service provider Loudcloud to building the phenomenally successful Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm both with fellow tech superstar Marc Andreessen inventor of Mosaic the Internet's first popular Web browser This is no polished victory lap he analyzes issues with no easy answers. This is the very best business book I have ever readI would estimate that I've read roughly 1000 I've loved maybe 100 This one is in it's own category a book that both documents the times about 12 15 years ago and paints a picture of what we can do todayI cannot recommend it highly enough and I cannot say strongly read it If you know me email me at my personal address and I'll buy it for you There are a few things that happen to an entrepreneur I've faced down the belly of the 'no cash people might find out that we are phonies' thing a few times but this adds a vocabulary to the emotions that I've felt off and on all my life These are my people this is what I aspire to be how I aspire to live and the journey I aspire to takeSome will say that the book is for funded startups and I'm a 'hustler for life' I say nonsense the struggle scales It is just as scary fighting for your own personal livelihood as it is fighting for the jobs of 300 peopleThere is practical information how to conduct a review how to live your life how move forwardI can't say strongly if anything I've said has ever moved you over the years go out and buy this bookA couple things I missed my spot on the standby list because I was so engrossed in this book I literally cried during a story of how they dealt with an employe's cancer during a merger