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Download The House with Chicken Legs 107 ¶ [Read] ➪ The House with Chicken Legs Author Sophie Anderson – All 12 year old Marinka wants is a friend A real friend Not like her house with chicken legs Sure the house can play games like tag and hide and seek but Marinka longs for a human companion Someone sh All year withHance to make a real friend she breaks all the rules with devastating conseuences Her beloved grandmother mysteriously disappears and it's up to Marinka to find her even if it means making a dangerous journey to the afterlife With a mix of whimsy humor and adventure this debut novel will wrap itself around your heart and never let. A fantastical adorable middle grade with a uniue world and perfectly flawed characters I especially enjoyed how a bird a sheep and a house managed to steal my heart and pick up my mood This is a perfect weekend read and is a great book for kids to dive into if they want to get a taste for fantasy

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All year with Chicken PDF #186 old Marinka wants is a friend A real friend Not like her house with chicken legs Sure the house can play games like tag and hide and seek but Marinka longs The House ePUB #199 for a human companion Someone she can talk to and share secrets with But that's tough when your grandmother is a Yaga a guardi. When your tbr list is longer than your time on earth you rarely pick up books just because but in this case I was at the bookstore I saw the cover remembered I saw high ratings for this one and I picked it up I was not disappointedThis is a children book and it reads like that; but it's a good children book and I am glad I have it so I will read it to my kids some day I have a thing for stories that have to do with the dead and here in Latvia we are very familiar with russian culture incidentally we also drinks lots of kvass and eat lots of blini and it seems like recently it has been featured in many books I read and loved ie the bear and the nightingaleGiving four stars as an adult but if the child in me would rate this she would give five full stars I will definetly check out the author's next books

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The House with Chicken LegsAn who guides the dead into the afterlife It's even harder when House with Chicken PDF #205 you live in a house that wanders all over the world carrying you with it Even worse Marinka is being trained to be a Yaga That means no school no parties and no playmates that stick around for than a day So when Marinka stumbles across the c. The House With Chicken Legs was recommended to me as a book that would be just my type and it hit that mark spot on it really was just my type In case you don’t know this I am really into Russian folklore inspired stories there’s something about it that just tickles my fancy and as I read this as part of the Charms Extra Credit Magical Readathon for Rictusempra a book that tickles you the right way it fit the bill perfectly This book is a middle grade fantasy retelling of the tale of Baba Yaga and I loved the spin this had Rather than just the one Baba Yaga there is a whole Yaga family spread across the world helping the dead pass on to the other side The Yaga’s are not to interact with the living for each night they celebrate with the deadOur main character is the young Marinka Yaga living with her grandmother Baba Yaga and a Jackdaw named Jack in their house with chicken legs Marinka is young and afraid of having her fate decided for her at such a young age she wants to be able to take control of her own life and her own destiny and have a life with the living In a way this is a story of Marinka coming to terms with her life and making the best of her situation Accompanying Marinka we have her Grandmother Baba Yaga who was a really sweet old lady type She was definitely the type of character who deserves a big cuddle and to be loved and appreciated She was uirky and fun and as Marinka’s Grandmother of course wanted the best for her but perhaps misunderstood her a little It was nice to have such a present parental figure in this novel as I know often those are pretty absent And in Baba’s absence we had the ‘Old Yaga’ who also had the Grandmotherly air about her although she was slightly mysterious but also fun and uirky Some of the lesser side characters really did annoy me but I feel they were supposed to they were of a plot device and helped Marinka develop her own character but I could have done without a few of them to be honest with you I did enjoy the role that the dead played in this they were all rather friendly which makes a change from the way ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits’ are usually presented a something slightly creepyI absolutely adored the atmosphere this book provided I felt completely connected to this world I loved how warm and homely it all was yet there was a slight eeriness to it with the strong presence of the dead There was uite a strong focus on the homely setting and I think this came through really well it made me feel right so comfortable reading it like I belonged between those pages The various settings of the book also projected a strong atmosphere to me they visit the ocean at one point and I loved how this was presented I could sense the waves lapping at their feet it was delightful I really don’t want to spoil anything for anyone by talking about the plot in too much depth but I did like it It was fast paced and heartwarming a tale of a young girl coming to terms with her life and her fate but also making it her own I loved the way this wrapped up and the conclusion we reached it was truly satisfying But I don’t want to spoil that for you As this is a middle grade novel the writing was very simplistic and easy to follow I didn’t see anything particularly noteworthy in the writing style myself but that’s not a bad thing at all The writing flowed nicely and I was carried through the story with ease I’d say that’s a relatively positive note I really did enjoy this story although there were certainly moments when Marinka would anger me with her silly choices but at the same time we must remember that she’s a 12 year old girl having her fate forced upon her she’s bound to make some poor choices Despite that I still felt for her Some of the side characters may have annoyed me but it all aided Marika’s growth so certainly worth it Overall a decent 4 read for me the overall winning factor being the twist on the Baba Yaga story and the personality of the Chicken House I had a fun time with this and I read for fun if you didn’t know