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The Irish Countryman An Anthropological Study reader ☆ Paperback Read ê Conrad M. Arensberg ò [Epub] ➜ The Irish Countryman An Anthropological Study By Conrad M. Arensberg – One of the great ethnographies of our time Arensberg's subject is the coIn 1936 this book offers an introduction to Irish life to Irish rural custom and to the interwoven causes and effects explaining the cultural system and the values that hold it together A very interesting look at the self contained world of the ruralagrarian Irish community Fascinating how tradition and necessity combine to organically produce a veritable caste system within these isolated regions which by unspoken consent accommodate all of the social economic and even political needs of the community But interesting as it all is it is difficult when reading this study to escape the understanding of just how very dated the material is Sure this how the Irish countryman lived in 1937 but could it still be so today? A traditional way of life that survived centuries of occupation famine and revolution almost certainly has not survived the advent of mobile phones satellite TV and internet access Perhaps there are still a few pockets of rural countrymen and women here or there where these traditional ways of life continue largely unchangedbut they are difficult to imagine A bit sad that And as such this book reads as much like a time capsule as it does an anthropological study Still interesting stuff though and worth a look if anthropology is your thing

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Is incentives and rewards? This classic anthropological study of Ireland is the definitive work on the distinctive Irish peasant his rural customs beliefs and way of life First published Ireland as she once wasThe laws of life and custom Land Family Work Youth and age The town and the countryside Folk tales and beliefs The supernatural These are the main topics of Arensberg's now over 80 year old work on rural Ireland Though it was path breaking at the time discussing things that had not been much discussed by anthropologists in ways that were new today the six lectures that compose THE IRISH COUNTRYMAN are well designed mellifluous and seriously delivered but rather old hat leading us down paths that many have followed and returned to take other challenging ones As with any work of anthropology that old Arensberg's thin tome is now a work of social history rather than a description of a modern society Ireland slowly modernized emigration slowed it joined Europe there was a great boom and now they're sweeping up after the party Whatever the future it is unlikely that Ireland will ever be that Ireland again Arensberg makes almost no reference to other works of anthropology nor are the voices of the people he studied much heard In his work though you can see the seeds of future trends in the field He takes a great interest in symbolic forms and `central events' in the society and puts rather minor emphasis on uantitative surveys That is why this is probably a classic; it laid the groundwork for much that came afterwards in the ualitative direction One of the author's students was William Foote Whyte author of Street Corner Society and Whyte now passed on was my professor I owe both of them a lot I can see how humanism and the idea that a local culture is a constantly changing but long lasting phenomenon came down through the years to me in small part from this book Arensberg shunned the exotic and found common sense in every activity of the Irish countryside He constantly tries to demonstrate the connections between the different aspects of Irish rural life; that everything made sense to the people It's the style in which he does it that is special That's why I read it again after 36 years and why I chose to review it here I can't say that its specific contents pertain to modern Ireland but if you are interested in anthropology and how it has developed or in Ireland as it was in the 1930s reading THE IRISH COUNTRYMAN will be a useful piece of your learning process

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The Irish Countryman An Anthropological StudyOne of the great ethnographies of our time Arensberg's subject is the countryman at work How does he make his livelihood in the Irish countryside? What is the work he does and what are h Anthropological study of a rural Irish community between the World Wars More similarities to life in rural Upstate New York than I would have expectedNote to writers If you think small town and rural are the same thing you need to read this