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summary Inés del alma mía 109 ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➿ Inés del alma mía Author Isabel Allende – Nacida en Espana y proveniente de una familia pobre Ines Suarez sobrevive a diario trabajando como costurera Es el siglo dieciseis y la conuista de America esta apenas comenzando Cuando un dia el espo Nacida en Espana y proveniFeroces esto inspira a Valdivia aun mas ya ue lo ue busca es el honor y la gloria Juntos los dos amantes fundaran la ciudad de Santiago y libraran una guerra sangrienta contra los indigenas chilenos en una lucha ue cambiara sus vidas para siempre Basada en una investigacion meticulosa y contada con la pasion y el extraordinario talento narrativo de Isabel Allende Ines del Alma Mia es una obra de impresionante magnit. This was a very well written book and the voice of the narratormain character was very strong There were a few parts when it got a little slow but would uickly pick back up and resume the epic dramatic and violent storyline I already have a few other books by Allende picked out to read someday and look forward to them

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Su esposo ha muerto en una batalla Sin embargo muy pronto da inicio a una apasionada relacion amorosa Inés del MOBI #234 con el hombre ue cambiara su vida por completo Pedro de Validivia el valiente heroe de guerra y mariscal de Francisco Pizarro Valdivia suena con triunfar donde otros espanoles han fracasado llevando a cabo la conuista de Chile Aunue se dice ue en auellas tierras no hay oro y ue los guerreros son. A very 'Inés' kind of review I have been a reader for the last eleven years and am now the loyal fan of Isabel Allende writing this review of Inés of My Soul in the year of Our Lord 2012I am not sure whether this review will convince anyone to read this book but I am sure this is one of the best historical novels ever written and Isabel Allende is undoubtedly the only writer who hovers between a historian a storyteller and a feministAs a result this book isn't limited to a single genre It is a historically accurate account of a powerful sixteenth century conuistadora a feminist novel and a work of fiction In other words a perfect amalgamation of fact fiction and feminism When you read it you're a part of it The imagery is so strong you can almost feel things happening You can see the destruction feel the heat smell the blood and gag at the dust And the language is so convincing you can never separate fact from fiction You even tend to forget who is writing the story Allende or Inés herself The book is so intense so passionate and so strong that the effect it creates is incredible In fact I am not even sure whether Inés of My Soul is a book because it has an identity of its own It is almost like a living breathing woman How exactly Isabel Allende managed to create such a powerful beautiful book is impossible to say For me it is indubitably the best book I've read this year It encapsulates three of my most favourite topics in the world History Literature and Feminism and it is so well written I hate to let it go

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Inés del alma míaNacida en Espana y proveniente de una familia pobre Ines Suarez sobrevive a diario trabajando como costurera Es el siglo dieciseis y la conuista de America esta apenas comenzando Cuando un dia el esposo de Ines desaparece rumbo al Nuevo Mundo ella aprovecha para partir en busca de el y escapar de la vida claustrofobica ue lleva en su tierra natal Tras el accidentado viaje ue la lleva hasta Peru Ines se entera de ue. This is an epic historical novel about the founding of Chile in the Sixteenth Century We follow events through the eyes of Ines who in her old age is writing a memoir for her daughter Ines based on the historical figure of Ines de Suarez lived a full life into her seventies surviving two husbands and a long term lover One husband and the lover were pioneers and governors of the struggling settlement of Santiago at the core of Chile settled from Peru to the north Ines suffered hardships in leaving Spain for the New World arriving in Peru and in traveling across the deserts and mountains from Peru to Chile Much of the book focuses on the displacement of the native American Indian population the ferocious battles between the Spanish and the Indians and the cruelties inflicted by one group upon the other some of which is hard to stomach As Governess of the settlement Ines was centuries ahead of her time establishing schools hospitals and even soup kitchens for the poor And it's a love story because Ines genuinely loved all three of these men Translated from the Spanish it's a fast paced book and fairly sexually explicit as are most of Allende's novels Rewritten 6222016