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The OverstoryThe Overstory is a sweeping impassioned work of activism and resistance that is also a stunning evocation of and paean to the natural world From the roots to the crown and back to the seeds Richard Powers’s twelfth no I sit in silence holding the paperback copy of The Overstory in my hands thinking of trees Wondering which trees grew to become the books on my shelves Wondering which ones became the cherry tree desk my grandfather made for me Wondering how old the oak trees were that turned into the logs that made it into my wooden house to turn into beloved bookshelves I wonder at the kind of trees that frame my paintings That give my brushes shape I even have jewellery made of wood And Swedish butter knives And art My fence is made of wood and my garden holds an oak tree an acorn three apple trees plum trees three cherry trees plus a baby cherry trying to make it AND my garden holds a three year old chestnut experimentMy daughter and I collected chestnuts one autumn and put some of them into a corner of our garden The following year we saw a few single sticks with a leaf each coming out of the soil Then we had five or six leaves on each of the three tiny chestnut trees growing in slow motion human time perception This year I have already checked that they are still alive and I can see there will be leaves Will they survive?I don't know but I took a picture imagining while I did so that I was Nick owner of a family's collected photographic memory of a chestnut tree planted where they usually do not grow And I felt it made such perfect sense my tiny gardening project connected to my vast reading life growing side by side as long as I am around to think and feelWhat do stories do? This is what one character asks at a crossroads They kill us a bit and make us change And that is precisely what happened to me while I read The Overstory Filled with the pain of the world's development in recent decades I had grown ready for this book I would not have had patience ten years ago to follow from roots over trunk to canopy and seeds the stories of people who see what others choose to ignore that humanity is using up the resources of its own habitat at a speed that nature can't cope with and that we are unlikely to stop the trend because stopping it means destroying our most cherished religion the belief in growth and ownership We're cashing in a billion years of planetary savings bonds and blowing it on assorted blingWhat to do if we see this happening and if we don't want to see the world change from diversity to monoculture from natural life to surviving in an adverse and hostile habitat? I am as guilty of what the psychologist character in the book calls the bystander effect as anyone else I know we must change our ways to make our planet a sustainable home but I am unable to break the patterns I was raised and taught to take for granted Reducing meat intake and plane rides is not enough We must learn to think beyond commercial benefit and growth of assets if we want to have a future that can remember usThis book is amazing like a Tree Of Life It grew out of the need to verbalise the imminent threat to our species and its uniue ability to LOVE nature in all its formsRead it Pulitzer redeemed for as long as it takes a tree to grow

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Nected resourceful magnificently inventive and almost invisible to us This is the story of a handful of people who learn how to see that world and who are drawn up into its unfolding catastropheA New York Times Bestsell The Overstory is undeniably brilliant but it's also hard work and I'm not convinced the payoff was worth the effort I wanted to be able to say that I was so struck by Powers' genius that I was able to forgive the periods of abject tedium that characterized my reading experience but that would be a lie This is undoubtedly a fantastic book but I don't think I was the right reader for itHere I have to echo a sentiment that I expressed in my review of Lab Girl by Hope Jahren there are only so many loving descriptions of trees a person can take after a while What I'm interested in when I read is conflict and human interest and interpersonal dynamics and when none of that is at the forefront of a book I'm inevitably going to struggle with itWhile Richard Powers did create a host of distinct characters in The Overstory the first section of the novel is eight different short stories one following each of the main characters through defining moments in their early lives it soon becomes apparent that their stories aren't the ones that Powers is interested in telling I had than a few moments when I had to wonder why Powers chose to write this as a novel at all when it would have arguably served its purpose just as well as a treatise on environmental activism Powers is a hell of a writer though I'll give him that I can't bear to go lower than 3 stars in my final rating because I can't deny the admiration I feel toward Powers' craft On a sentence by sentence level I lost track of the amount of times I paused and reread a particularly striking passage and the amount of detail that Powers is able to pack into every page is incredibly impressive And on a larger level the thematic complexity that Powers is able to achieve with his anthropomorphic symbolism and thorough examination of disparate disciplines and philosophies is undeniable When words like 'epic' and 'masterpiece' are being thrown around in conversation with this novel it's not difficult to understand whyBut at the same time I'm just not convinced that it was all necessary I don't believe that this book is able to justify its length of 500 very long pages It's punishingly dense and bloated; I found certain characters to be extraneous and a lot of the detail to be superfluous But it's also punctuated by moments of such beauty that make it a worthwhile read and I wouldn't be surprised at all if this wins the Man Booker but on a personal level I can't say this was my favorite reading experience I've ever had

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FREE READER ☆ DOC The Overstory ✓ 9780393356687 ç RICHARD POWERS ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Overstory By Richard Powers – The Overstory is a sweeping impassioned work of activism and resistance that is also a stunning evocation of and paean to the natural world From Vel unfolds in concentric rings of interlocking fables that range from antebellum New York to the late twentieth century Timber Wars of the Pacific Northwest and beyond There is a world alongside ours vast slow intercon Shortlisted for the Man Booker in 2018 The Overstory is a brilliant and passionate book about humans and their relationship to trees and the natural environmentThe first half of the book is exceptional Written like short stories 9 characters are introduced separately with their tree story Each story has an event that has happened to change the life of the character by the tree or trees that shaped them The stories are phenomenalThe second half of the book is about these same characters being drawn together to fight the cause of saving trees Environmental activism is the center of this part of the book and it’s fight against logging companies who are destroying the American forests Richard Powers shows such compassion and enthusiasm throughout his book However I found the second half to be too long Some editing would have gone a long way His book is 500 pages long and not an easy one to get through It is well researched and very thought provoking however A book that won’t leave the reader for a long time4 out of 5 stars