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Summary Ç A Tangled Web ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ó ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ A Tangled Web By Leslie Rule ❄ – In the tradition of her acclaimed mother Ann Rule author of The Stranger Beside Me bestselling author Leslie Rule delivers a riveting true story for our time as she exposes the yearEly after he changed them the names of his lady friends even what he wore as he watched TV He and Liz reported death threats vandalism and burglaries but the stalker remained at large The threats were vicious vile and often obscene sent mostly via text and always in Cari's name There was some truth in the messages but all of them contained one big lie The culprit was not Cari but had killed and planned to kill againWith mesmerizing detail and compelling narrative skill Leslie Rule tracks every step of the heart pounding path to long awaited justice from a sociopath's twisted past to the deadly deception and the high tech forensics that condemned the killer to prison where the tangled web of manipulations still draws trusting souls into danger. As any true crime addict knows Ann Rule is a master of the genre When I found out her daughter had written true crime book I had to get my hands on itI was lucky enough to win this one as a BookishFirst raffle and I dove right inA Tangled Web looks at the true story of the 2012 missing person case of Cari Farver This one is a WILD ride from start to finish It's one of those stories where if it were written as fiction I'd put it down as being too far fetched Some of the people and their actions were just totally unbelievable makes you kind of anxious about what type of people there are out there This one is truly bizarre and its best to go in blind because this is a total twist ending but it involves online dating stalking crazy ex's and unfortunate murder that is not what it seems I was completely engrossed in the story from start to finish My reason for the meh rating is that while well told it was very very very repetitive There was a bunch of unnecessary backstory throughout and I felt that Rule was just reaching for a certain page count Worth a read for the story but there are definitely parts you'll find yourself bored and skimmingAlso for any murderinos out there this is the murder from episode 208 on My Favorite Murder

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In the tradition of her acclaimed mother Ann Rule author of The Stranger Beside Me bestselling author Leslie Rule delivers a riveting true story for our time as she exposes the years long trail of a sadistic sociopath identity thief and killer at the dark heart of a real life fatal attraction It was a bleak November in when Cari Lea Farver vanished from Omaha Nebraska Cari thirty seven was a devoted mother A Tangled PDFEPUB or reliable employee and loyal friend not the type to shirk responsibilities abandon her son and run off on an adventure while her dying father took his last breaths Yet the many texts from her phone indicated she had done just thatIt appeared that Cari had dumped her new boyfriend uit her job and relinuished custody of he. This is a true story I shudder to think that people like this walk among us shivers It's the early 90's and technology social media dating websites while still very new are uickly becoming all the rage Dave Kroupa finds himself a single dad after a decade long relationship with their mother comes to an end He's still young lonely without the kids around and interested in the dating scene The last thing he wants is a commitment and he makes that clear to all the ladies he meets on Plenty Of Fish One lady in particular agrees that commitment isn't in the cards for her either but when Dave tells her he is dating other people this woman loses her ever loving mind What follows is a most bizarre and frightening descent into madness that not only took the life of one person but destroyed the lives of so many other people all in the name of love For a guy she hardly even knew 😲 The predator sat smug smack in the middle of the web that only she could see She amused herself spinning lies entangling her victims as she fed on their confusion and distress She was so like a spider with her invisible snare but for the fact the spiders intention is not cruelty A spider is driven by instinct to survive She was deliberately cruel This is a peek through your fingers kind of read because you just can't believe that anyone could be so horrible and vindictive This wasn't a clear cut case for detectives because online stalking was very new and something they were wholly unprepared for which allowed this witch to carry on abusing these people for years When it is finally discovered by the detectives what is actually happening and who is behind it I turned those pages with a shit eating grin on my face Finally Justice will be had When you read this you will know who is behind this from the get go It is obvious As a reader you will think why doesn't any one else see what I'm seeing That's the rub though When you are immersed in a situation that is so chaotic it's easy to become manipulated into not seeing what is right in front of your eyes and hindsight can be just as cruel as the perpetrator There were some background dumps that I skimmed from time to time but other than that this was a page turner 4 stars I won a copy of this book on BookishFirst Thank You

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A Tangled WebR son to her mother all by text While Cari's boyfriend Dave Kroupa and her supervisor were bewildered by her abrupt disappearance they accepted the texts at face value Her mother Nancy Raney however was alarmed and reported Cari missing Police were skeptical of her claims that a cyber impostor had commandeered her daughter's phone and online identityWhile Nancy was afraid for Cari Dave Kroupa was growing afraid of her for he believed Cari was stalking him Never seen or heard the stalker was aware of his every move and seemed obsessed by his casual girlfriend Shanna Liz Golyar often calling her a fat whore in the twelve thousand emails and texts he received in a disturbing three year delugeHow did the stalker know Dave's phone numbers immediat. I've read many true crime books over the years and of course a huge percentage of those books were written by Ann Rule Leslie Rule is Ann's daughter and has written several novels but A Tangled Web is her first time tackling a true crime book In 2012 single mother Cari Lea Farver was reported missing by her mother Dave Kroupa however believed Cari was stalking him and the woman he occasionally hooked up with Shanna Liz Golyar Dave and Liz received thousands of harassing texts and emails from Cari long after she disappeared And then things started to get even weird but thankfully law enforcement were finally able to piece everything together I received a free advance copy from the publisher and it was the author's wishes that reviewers not spoil too much about this case for future readers so that's why I was a bit vague in my synopsis and why I'm not going to go into much detail about the book To me what was interesting and the author even brought it up is on the outside looking in everything seemed so obvious but yet it took years for things to come to light But you have to be mindful of the fact there are numerous reasons why this wasn't an open and shut case from the beginning Definitely a bizarre caseThis wasn't my favorite true crime book I have ever read because at times I thought the writing dragged on a bit Perhaps this case would have been better featured as part of a collection of cases as my interest did start to wane after awhile I thought the in depth descriptions about Facebook weren't necessary because at this point who doesn't understand how Facebook works I do wish the conclusion didn't feel so rushed It was like there was so much build up and then the book just kinda ends on a lackluster note This by no means is a bad book but unfortunately it just didn't hit the absolutely gripping mark for me Thank you to the publisher for sending me an advance copy I was under no obligation to post a review here