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The Spy Who Lost Her HeadMs to string herself a husband before her lease period is out Fate however has a way of ‘forking’ things up and Gulabi finds herself catapulted into a series of crime busting penguin chasing adventures Something is rotten in the city of Mumbai and Spy Who Lost Kindle #214 Gulabi is on a mission to get to the bottom of itWhen an innocent shopping trip goes awry Gulabi finds herself short of a pumpkin but in definite possession of a real live d Warning Do not read this book in a crowded public place I once read this in a train and laughed uncontrollably while the onlookers thought they are travelling with a crazy woman The story of the main protagonist Gulabi is funnily and beautifully woven along with the other characters While you have read the Regular Dictionary you will learn new words from Gulabi's Dickensary Also you will be witnessing a combination of Funny and Suspense together along with the horror of the ueen's English that Gulabi speaks using her Dickensary So overall I have reread this fun suspense horror combination and never felt a moment of dullness Buy this book and figure out for yourself

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The Spy Who Lost Her Head Epub ß 265 pages Download Ö Gwairsoft » [Read] ➬ The Spy Who Lost Her Head By Jane De Suza – A hilarious read that capitalizes on the humorous potential of the Indian obsession with English'It is wisefull of you to buy this book You will be fruitful I Ead head She does the only decent thing vow to find its killers Of course every vengeance mission reuires a villain and Gulabi has two a dastardly pair she only knows by the names she gives them the King and ueenIn a chase that involves everyone from magazine hawking urchins to political bigwigs Gulabi is unearthing a trail that leads to some very big and very dangerous people and if she doesn’t watch out her own head may just be in for a loppi Funny and clever But the writing is not my piece of cake

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A hilarious Who Lost PDF #8608 read that capitalizes on the humorous potential of the Indian obsession with English'It is wisefull of you to buy this book You will be fruitful I am latest Super Spy Gulabi I am a belly from village searching suitable man but finding only his head It is murder most fowl IBut never fear – in the backside I The Spy PDF am ending with a blast Come join my exploitations’A new arrival in the City of Dreams Gulabi ai Gulabi of the village of Gayab is twenty two and a half years old and not at all eager to marry the assortment of potential bridegrooms paraded before her So with hard won permission from her parents she earns herself six months’ respite in which to find a man for herself—by coming to Mumbai fourteen suitcases in tow The big bad city where Gulabi finds herself trying desperately to win over her Bemba for those not in the know—like me—‘Engineer’ ‘MBA’ landlord with brinjal fry When the brinjal fry yields no returns Gulabi helped by her friend the Bemba’s other tenant Tanya goes to a dodgy astrologer A man who offloads on her various charms from roses and candles to a parrot named Richandfamous to some advice buy a pumpkin and kiss it Sadly Gulabi’s pumpkin gets accidentally switched in a busy marketplace and what Gulabi brings back home wrapped in a plastic bag is not a pumpkin but a head A human head and one Gulabi has no clue about But she’s a good girl so she takes it upon herself to find out whose head this is and to take revenge on behalf of the headless one Much of which of course sounds macabre than anything else But Jane De Suza’s Super Spy Gulabi her butchering of the ueen’s English her antics her dress sense her unwavering resolve to win her Bemba—are a laugh riot through and through I didn’t find the ‘detective’ work in this book exceptional but what makes it stand out is the humour which is completely whacky and OTT Sample this No Miss Tanya cannot cook She cannot stitch She cannot knit She cannot knead I am sure she cannot pull milk from cow But she can tell mans to go make babies by himself in seventeen different languages She is teaching me No knowledge is wasted Just cut n’ pasted or perhaps she was born as a set of triplets the other two separated from her at birth and waiting in some hospital’s blood donation unit to re unite with herYes funny Gulabi’s English perhaps gets just too tedious at times but the situations are hilarious and de Suza’s writing is a hoot Plus I loved the fact that while this is total farce Gulabi is still a heroine not an utterly brainless buffoon she’s sassy sensitive uick witted and she can hold her own against the villains or make a daring escape even if she ends up on top of a secretary named Eeeks Do read Not if you’re looking for the thriller of the year but if you want a good laugh This is it I do hope de Suza carries this series forward—I want to see Gulabi go places Even if all she’s doing is solving the case of the missing earthworms