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The Valdemar Companion Review Ý eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF È ➻ [Download] ➸ The Valdemar Companion By John Helfers ➺ – Fifteen years ago Mercedes Lackey put pen to paper to write Arrows Of The ueen her first novel about Valdemar a fantasy kingdom replete with magical races and magicAnd Little have compiled a reader's guide to Mercedes Lackey's best selling world of Valdemar Included in this comprehensive work is an all original Mercedes Lackey Valdemar novella as well as an essay by Lackey about Valdemar and extensive interviews with the author and her publisher With an overview of the history of Valdemar detailed essays on the various races and kingdoms a substantial concordance containing entries on every major character device and setting and including articles on the magical races and creatures a chapter on the diverse Valdemar fan clubs and a section devoted to the songs of Valdemar along with beautifully detailed maps The Valdemar Companion is everything any Valdemar fan could wish for. Read just the novella Light pleasant read

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Fifteen years ago Mercedes Lackey put pen to paper to write Arrows Of The ueen her first novel about Valdemar a fantasy kingdom replete with magical races and magical creatures enemies and allies both sorcerous and mundane This ancient land of mystery is uniue even among fantasy realms for it is protected by an elite corps the Heralds These men and women gifted with extraordinary mind powers are Chosen by and bonded with The Valdemar eBook #9734 wondrous horse like beings known as Companions Brought by their Companions from the length and breadth of Valdemar to Haven Valdemar's capital city they are trained in a special school the Collegium and devote their lives to protecting king and kingdom Mindspeakers FarSeer. Ten years ago this would have been an invaluable reference now it's totally superceded by the internet It's still an impressive collection of trivia interviews and ancillary fiction though The short story is astonishingly unmemorable which may have been the point it's supposed to be a story of a totally average Herald and I suppose it's a handy fill your name in here tool for dreaming about being Chosen but the interviews although not earthshaking are neat and the extensive concordance is the sort of thing I'd have happily memorized were I younger and had a shorter to read listThe funniest bit in the whole volume is the page or two on what websites to visit good Lord it wasn't published that long ago and it reads like utter ancient history This is a bit of a problem with the whole thing really since several books have been written and it's hardly complete at this point

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The Valdemar CompanionS FarSpeakers Firestarters ForeSeers their individual talents are as varied as their backgrounds There are even those who can channel the magical nodes in the earth itself to use for their own purposes Garbed in their uniforms of white leather they patrol their territory dispensing justice and keeping the peace They are emissaries spies diplomats scouts warriors judges and counselorsWith eighteen novels published and millions of copies in print Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series has won the hearts of countless readers In response to overwhelming demand on the part of her many fans veteran editors John Helfers and Denise Little now present The Valdemar Companion With the help and guidance of Mercedes Lackey Helfers. I haven't read the novellas yet but the concordance could have been done much better and the maps are practically illegibleUpdateThe novella was interesting also the traveller's guide but the companion is still mediocre at best A few google searches will give far practical background than the concordance did