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The Various Haunts of MenHaving transferred to the small cathedral town of Lafferton from London's Met police detective Freya Graffham explores her new community and becomes fascinated by Chief Insp Simon Serrail I loved Susan Hill's The Woman in Black and so I was excited to read this first book in a series of hers I will concede that Susan Hill is an excellent writer and as a mystery this book was indeed well written However I ended up feeling sucker punched by the ending not something that endears a book to me Also it's a Simon Serrailler series but he was of a minor inconseuential character in this story I was uite taken with the character of Freya Graffham and I actually would have loved a series about her rather than the flat Simon Serrailler character I felt that the author betrayed me by gaining my investment in certain characters of this story and then knocking the legs out from under me with her insistence that anything less than a tragically unhappy ending would be beneath her The killer's last victim seemed to be a gratuitous throw in of the author wanting to shock us one last time I don't often react angrily to a book but this one just made me mad at the end I doubt that I will pick up the next in the series

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When yet townspeople turn up missing her hunch is verified and a serious police search begins bringing her into closer proximity with Serrailler at the same time it exposes her to danger This book forever changed the way I read and not in a good way Prior to reading The Various Haunts of Men I didn't want to know what was gonna happen I wanted to read the book front to back and not know the ending The natural progression enjoy the surprise at the book's climax and feel complete at the endNot any I was so angry with the horrible ending of Various Haunts it destroyed my enjoyment of the author's gifted writing I will never again read anything by Susan Hill Yes she's talented but when I invest my time and money in a book I want some reward at the end Either gain knowledge or be entertainedsomething I don't want to be left feeling bad I can get depressed by reading the news for free Now I want to know how a book ends before I read it I read all the spoilers I can find before I commit to a bookThe story revolves around a policewoman Freya Graffham in a small city in England I considered her to be the main character in the novelthe heroine Her boss Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler remained much in the background even though the author meant for him to be the main character since the series is based on SerraillerSerrailler was depicted as handsome and women supposedly desired him but this was implied not actually shown in a scene He remained an enigma throughout as if the author hadn't yet decided on whowhat Serrailler would be What little was written about Serrailler caused me to perceive him as thinking he was too good for Freya only interested in beautiful higher class type women He was reserved and stand offishAlthough there was minimal contact between Freya and Serrailler she became romantically attracted to him but loved him silently from afar almost sophomoric hero worship This is a mystery novel not a romance so if you're not going to develop the romance why even introduce it in the first place? This is where the author missed out with me She could have developed this series into a great one with mystery and romance both Not bludgeoned me with a devastating endingFreya was a good detective and became convinced there was a serial killer in the community The search for clues and facts about the investigation keep you intrigued throughout But sadly and shockingly the ending obliterates any pleasure you may have had reading this could have been great novelI was left feeling angry betrayed empty Not a good way for an author to gain fans I rated this book with one star but if there were negative stars available I'd have given it a minus 4 stars

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The Various Haunts of Men kindle â Kindle Edition read ✓ susan hill î ❰Read❯ ➵ The Various Haunts of Men Author Susan Hill – Having transferred to the small cathedral town of Lafferton from London's Met police detective Freya Graffham explores her new coLer her enigmatic superior Though she fits well within the local police force she finds herself unable to let go what seems like a routine missing persons report on a middle aged spinster WOW would be the one word review but perhaps you want information than thatThis is a classic contemporary British mystery complete with a cathedral town Lafferton a tantalizingly aloof Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler and a cast of wonderfully drawn supporting players whose side stories are interesting enough to make you forget the mystery at the heart of the novel People have gone missing from The Hill once considered a place of tranuil walks and spiritual renewal They share nothing in common so when recent transfer to the department Freya Graffham tries to make a case that they are connected CI Serrailler isn't convinced She plugs away at proving her theory even as she finds herself hopelessly drawn to SerraillerSubplots include alternative healing crucial not only to the story line but emotionally engaging since it is an avenue pursued by what we can only hope is a recurring character; the estrangement between Simon and his father; and budding romances and enduring relationships tested to their limitsThe Various Haunts of Men opens and is interspersed with sections of The Tape composed by an obviously deranged character they offer no real clues for the longest time but they contribute mightily to the growing sense of dread and cast a delicious pallFans of Ruth Rendell and Elizabeth George should flock to this one and they will not be disappointed