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Free eBook ¸ ePub The Various Haunts of Men ç Æ gwairsoft ✓ ❮BOOKS❯ ✺ The Various Haunts of Men ✰ Author Susan Hill – A woman vanishes in the fog up on the Hill an area locally known for its tranuility and peace The police are not alarmed; people usA woman vanishes in the fog up on the Hill an area locally known for its tranuility and peace The police are not alarmed; people usually disappear for their own reasons But when a young This is well written and kept me engaged although I got confused many times by the author's introduction of yet another new character We are allowed inside their thoughts which is intriguing but seemed like window dressing as most of them are not integral to the plot There is a prolonged discussion too about illness and about the pros and cons of medical doctors versus holistic and alternate therapists All of which was again not necessary to the story but was interestingThe worst thing this writer does is break with traditional story lines and kill off the main detective that you have grown to admire and sympathize with This is subtitled a Simon Serrailler mystery but he was barely mentioned in the text all we are told about him is he is handsome cold artistic and competent at his job as head of police

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Job compassionate inuisitive and dedicated She and the enigmatic detective Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler have the task of unraveling the mystery behind this gruesome seuence of event I always love finding a new to me mystery series and now I have this to follow This first of series book involves the titled DCI and the men and women who work with him in the cathedral town of Lafferton The story is complex going in multiple directions as I assume any police department would do at any one time All resources aren't focused on one apparent crime Resources must be respected as is pointed out from time to timeThere is the case of a missing middle aged woman Just up and disappeared There is the influx New Agealternative therapists who may be con men then healers there is the missing 22 year old young woman Then of course there are drug raids etc Gradually the missing and the hint of strangeness among the new wave healers take the forefront Key to the investigation is Freya Graffham new to the Lafferton police having moved from London starting a new happier lifeThe plot is busy filled with characters conversations investigations At times we know than the police I enjoyed this book very much and look forward to reading in the series which I think numbers about 7Rating 4

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The Various Haunts of MenGirl an old man and even a dog disappear no one can deny that something untoward is happening in this uiet town Young policewoman Freya Graffham is assigned to the case; she's new to the I’m a little conflicted with this one as I could understand what Susan Hill was trying to achieve I just think it will miss the mark for most readersWhilst this is billed as the first Simon Serrailler case it’s actually Detective Sergeant Freya Graffham who gains the most focus having transferred from the met to the uite cathedral town of LaffertonThe slower change of pace is reflected in the opening half of the novel which some readers may like but I was desperate for something to happen to keep me hookedThere’s a certain first episode feel about this entry as the various people Freya meets really sets the tone for the setting of this seriesI think theirs an audience for this type of story but I prefer something to really get sucked intoI think I’ll stick to Hill’s spooky stories instead