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Die Wehrmacht Feindbilder Vernichtungskrieg Legenden Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Read] ➭ Die Wehrmacht Feindbilder Vernichtungskrieg Legenden By Wolfram Wette – Gwairsoft.co.uk This book is a profound reexamination of the role of the German armyThis book is Feindbilder Vernichtungskrieg Epub #220 a profound reexamination of the role of the German army the Wehrmacht in World War II Until very recently the standard story avowed that the ordinary German soldier in World War II was a good soldier distinct from Hitler's rapacious SS troops and not an accomplice to the massacres of civilians Die Wehrmacht MOBI #234 Wolfram Wette a preeminent German military historian explodes the myth of a clean Wehrmacht with devastating clarityThis book reveals the Wehrmacht's long standing prejudices against Jews Slavs a. This book is a great summation of the literature about the degree to which the wehrmacht participated in the criminal activity of the Nazi regime including war crimes executions and the process of the Holocaust What I found particularly interesting was how Wette showed that certain attitudes were not a new thing brought on by the Nazis although Hitler certainly intensified trends but antisemitism militarism the view that war was a if not the solution to problems and extreme nationalism were all present long before Hitler came to power Looking specifically at Wehrmacht generals and other leadership figures Wette dismantles the idea of the clean hands myth in which the Wehrmach was supposedly innocent of any wrongdoing Rather the evidence shows that leadership figures and soldiers participated directly in war crimes and executions of civilians There are of course exceptions and Wette also does a good job at the end of the book at showing counter examples of Wehrmacht soldiers who attempted to save innocent lives where possible at great risk to themselvesIn addition to the pre war material Wette's post war analysis is also useful as he examines the ways in which German and Western British and American historians analysts and politicians consciously and deliberately covered up ignored or excused evidence of such crimes Partly because of a need to cooperate with Germany in the context of the Cold War the clean hands myth was supported and perpetuated not only by Germans but by enemies of the Nazis Thus Nuremberg trials and other post war tribunals often defined terms in such a way or placed limitations on charges in such a way as to purposefully acuit former war criminals despite evidence of their actions Wette even chronicles some incidents of mob violence in which German crowds angrily protected war criminals attacking people who attempted to turn in former Nazi officers even ones that had been found guilty in a court of law but tried to escapeWW2 historians obviously should read this but anyone interested in history and memory would enjoy this interesting look at how Germany society at first failed to deal with the uestionable aspects of their past before eventually moving towards broader acceptance in the 90s and after

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Nd Bolsheviks beliefs that predated the prophecies of Mein Kampf and the paranoia of National Socialism Though the sixteen million member German army is often portrayed as a Wehrmacht Feindbilder Vernichtungskrieg PDF #205 victim of Nazi mania we come to see that from to these soldiers were thoroughly involved in the horrific cleansing of Russia and Eastern Europe Wette compellingly documents Germany's long term preparation of its army for a race war deemed necessary to safeguard the country's future World War II was merely the fulfillment of these plans on a p. Interesante como relato histórico de un tema ue como muy bien lo explica el autor solo hasta ahora ha sido indagado gracias a la voluntad de las nuevas generaciones en Alemania de saber la verdad Sin embargo en algunos de los apartes parece volverse repetitivo y eso sumado al gran número de nombres mencionados hace ue la lectura a veces se velva pesada y tediosa

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Die Wehrmacht Feindbilder Vernichtungskrieg LegendenReviously unimaginable scaleThis sober indictment of millions of German soldiers reaches beyond the Wehrmacht's complicity to examine how German academics and ordinary citizens avoided confronting this difficult truth at war's end Wette shows how atrocities against Jews and others were concealed and sanitized and history rewritten Only recently has the German public undertaken a reevaluation of this respected national institution a painful but necessary process if we are to truly comprehend how the Holocaust was carried out and how we have come to understand it. When I first started learning about world war 2 the common view was that while the Nazis and the SS were bad the regular Germany Wehrmacht behaved differently As well the antisemitism and racism was something Hitler had pushed onto the Germans At lot of recent work has managed to pretty much demolish these assumptions While one might criticize the German generals of WW2 for being Nazis and over rated in terms of their abilities they did run a public relations campaign after the war that was phenomenally successful in remaking their imageThis book does a great job of illustrating how a lot of nazi ideology was anything but new and its precepts had been floating around in nationalist and conservative circles of Germany even before the first world war with respect to hatred of jews socialists slavs as well as the idea that the east was a land of subhumans that would have to be dealt with at some point The books spends most of its time detailing how the officer corps of the German army was reactionary anti semitic and hostile to liberal democracy and jewish bolshevism Most Germans saw the two terms as synonomous The officer corps was also uite supportive of Nazism and Hitler's war aims For example even Generals Blomberg and Fritsch who were removed from their positions prior to the war by Hitler to secure his control of the army were uite supportive of the Nazi regime The July plotters against Hitler also do not come out looking very attractive in that while they were against Hitler they were pretty far from being liberal pacifists The bulk of the rank and file of the German army were also shown to be supportive of Nazi war aims as they saw them and participated and enabled multiple war crimes and crimes against humanity The book concludes with a discussion of how the real history of the Wehrmacht was white washed after the war due to cold war politics and the actions of many German veterans and generals