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READER Ë DOC This Kid Can Fly ↠ 9780062403544 ↠ [Reading] ➲ This Kid Can Fly ➺ Aaron Philip – In this incredibly moving and inspiring memoir Aaron Philip a fourteen year old with cerebral palsy shows how he isn’t defined so much by his disability as he is by his abilitiesAaron PhilipOn Philip’s memoir chronicles his extraordinary journey from happy baby in Antigua to confident teen artist in New York City His honest often funny stories of triumph despite physical difficulties poverty and other challenges are as inspiring as they are eye opening Very inspiring and disabilities awareness raising book Aaron Philip has serious mobility issues and portrays the real struggles he faces daily with honesty and humor His memoir accomplishes two things it destroys stereotypes one may have about people with physical disabilities and it makes you much understanding of the needs of people with disabilities especially physical and makes you want to go do something really helpful like donate money advocate for accessibility improvements everywhere or donate time to help someone who is a caretaker to have a break every now and then I and my Battle of the Books students really like Aaron and he inspires us to make our voices heard like he has with his blogwebsite I recommend this to upper elementary students and middle school students especially but I was positively impacted as well

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In this incredibly moving and inspiring memoir Aaron Philip a fourteen year old with cerebral palsy shows how he isn’t defined so much by his disability as he is by his abilitiesAaron Philip is no ordinary kidHe started his own Tumblr AaronverseHe’s hung out with Originally reviewed for YA Books Central “This Ability Not Disability”Fourteen year old Aaron Philip was born on the Caribbean island of Antigua but the lack of resources for combating his cerebral palsy resulted in a move to New York City—and his family spending years torn between two nations Written with louacious simplicity Aaron conveys a touching personal account of his numerous surgeries therapies and the extreme hardships endured by his family in the name of getting him the best treatments available It is the ongoing story of a vibrant boy born to truly remarkable and determined parents It is also a call for heightened awareness and empathy by a passionate young advocate for others facing similar physical impairments This memoir is accented by a smattering of black and white family photos—adding further weight and insight into the private lives of both this wheelchair bound young man and his devoted caretakers Particularly poignant was the account of all Aaron’s parents have suffered and sacrificed This reader would have liked to see of them through his eyes Aaron’s voice is often boisterous and spasmodic with a probable appeal toward the younger range of the middle grade spectrum Some readers may find his fixation with anime to be difficult to relate to but there’s no doubting his exuberance over that particular interest The particulars of his hopes dreams routines and support system are uniuely insightful and undeniably valuableThe path he’s on is a hopeful one and the challenges he’s overcome are sure to inspire I believe Aaron’s story will find need and belonging in classrooms across the country

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This Kid Can FlyThe guy who created the cartoon Adventure TimeHe’s appeared in a documentary filmHe’s a disability activist who’s been on televisionHe’s a kawaii dude who loves animeAnd he’s a fourteen year old boy with cerebral palsyThis kid can’t walk but he can fly Aar Aaron Philips and his family are from Antigua in the Caribbean When his parents found out that he had cerebral palsy they had tough choices to make These choices led his mother to bring him to New York in order to receive better care and soon his mother and father switched places with his father becoming his main caregiver In his memoir Aaron outlines how hard it has been for him and his family physically emotionally socially and financially In addition to this though He highlights all the help that he has received in his young life from those who he now dubs his “Angels” Through these angels not only has he had his necessities cared for but he has also made connections with many professionals and creative types that have given him many opportunities to advocate for people with disabilities and to express himself creativelyThis book really feels like it was written by a 14 year old which is a good thing that hopefully means his co writer didn’t overshadow his thoughts However the freuent use of acronyms and Japanese words makes it hard for the casual reader to continue on without saying “what did that mean again” and then have to go back and find the term and re read In addition since his slogan for the book is “It’s About Ability Not Disability” I would have really liked to see in pictures and words a little detail about what he has achievedAll that being said though it is a fine autobiography that feels genuine and real I think that it is a really accessible story that will help students with disabilities feel empowered and those without disabilities to be empathetic I recommend this book for children grades 5 8