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review To Tempt an Heiress Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB é ❰Read❯ ➳ To Tempt an Heiress Author Susanna Craig – Susanna Craig’s dazzling series set in Georgian England sails to the Caribbean—where a willful young woman and a worldly man do their best to run every which way but towards each othHigh seas Until he agrees to abduct a headstrong heiressIf traveling for weeks without a chaperone isn’t enough to ruin Tempest the desire she feels for her dark and dangerously attractive captor will do the rest The storm brewing between them will only gather strength when they reach England where past and present perils threaten to tear them apart even so than their own stubborn hearts. I enjoyed this romance even than the author's last The exotic island at the beginning the exciting sea voyage in the middle and the beautiful snow laden English landscape of the last part drew me in and made me feel as if I were in the shoes of the heroine The book also dealt nimbly and sensitively with slavery which was still legal at the time eighteenth century without being preachy about it I especially loved the scenes with Tempest in the captain's uarters on board ship and the ending scene in the snow Plus there's a lovable dog who plays an important role A very hot hero and altogether a beautiful engaging and well written story

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A pack of unsavory suitors with other plans for her inheritance To keep her from danger her dearest friend arranges a most unconventional solution have Tempest kidnapped and taken to safetyCaptain Andrew Corrvan has an unseemly reputation as a ruthless money hungry blackguard but those on his ship know differently He is driven by only one thing the uest to avenge his father’s death on the. I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed Tempest she was a wonderful heroine a forward thinker in her time Andrew annoyed me he was still a teenage boy bent on revenge in a grown man's body I did not enjoy him as a person let alone as the dashing hero All of his growth takes place in the last chapter of the book feels rushed and hurriedAs a romance it is expected for there to be a HEA This felt so forced and unnatural in how it came together Andrew suddenly grows up and takes on the roles he has been running away from for over a decade and Tempest chooses to shuck behind her life and all the people she grew up with and cared for to live with Andrew

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To Tempt an HeiressSusanna Craig’s dazzling series set in Georgian England sails to the Caribbean where a willful young woman and a worldly man do their best to run every which way but towards each otherAfter her beloved father dies Tempest Holderin wants nothing than to fulfill his wish to free the slaves on their Antiguan To Tempt PDFEPUBsugar plantation But the now wealthy woman finds herself pursued by. FULL REIVEW ORIGINALLY POSTED ON ANONYMISSESCOMFor anyone who has read this blog for thanwell two minutesit likely doesn’t come as a surprise that I Elinor am a nerd I’m a nerd by profession but before that I was a nerd because I just couldn’t be anything else Thanks genetics I’ve always loved learning new things As a kid I made my own dictionary of foreign words because I thought other languages were really cool I wrote letters to famous historical figures even though I knew they were deadobviously just because I wanted to tell them how much their lives meant to me I read read and re read every book I could get my hands on and I still do Of all my brainy loves history ranked at the very top I was and still am captivated by times past and the cultures and societies that populated themAt that same time that I was geeking out over ancient civilizations or the Napoleonic Wars I was also falling madly in love with other people falling madly in love I’ve always found romance fascinating and have been reading stories about how one person gets lost in another for almost as long as I can remember From Jane Austen to Sappho to my dad’s letters to my mom beautifully written expressions of love just slay meImagine then how happy I was to find Susanna Craig’s To Tempt an Heiress a novel that perfectly marries these two parts of myself the history nerd and the lover of loveTo Tempt an Heiress is just THE BEST Set in Georgian England and the Caribbean it tells the story of Tempest Holderin a young woman of fortune who grew up in the British colony of Antigua and the happily ever after she finds with the dashing Captain Andrew Corrvan Tempest is the most eligible of young women—she’s beautiful she’s intelligent and most of all she’s rich This makes her a source of desire for half the men on the island and plenty throughout the Empire Many of those suitors most especially the handsy way too old all around creeptastic Lord Nathaniel Delamere want to use Tempest’s money and her property—and Tempest herself—for less than savory endsHerein enters the handsome captain who despite his better judgment accepts a proposition from a close friend of the Holderin family Andrew must kidnap Tempest haul her aboard his ship and transport her to London where she will be safe from the Delameres of the world Little does Andrew know that his choice to take up this mad plan will change his life forever Far than simple cargo Tempest is a kind hearted headstrong abolitionist who ignites Andrew’s every passion Far than a pirate Andrew is the Shakespeare uoting storm sailing man of Tempests’ dream By the time the journey to London is over the two are wildly in love but unable to set aside their pride or ambitions to give their feelings voice Thankfully dramatic events force their hands and the two are brought together in a wonderfully romantic conclusionTo Tempt an Heiress has everything I want in a romance novel or in any novel— a wonderful cast of characters steamy sexual tension between the hero and heroine exuisite period details a commendable ethical sub theme in this case an anti slavery narrative I could go on for ages In fairness to those of you who will surely want to read the book yourselves and that should be pretty much everyone ever I’ll just say these three things1 Everything in the story just fits The characters are believable their dialogue seems natural and they do things that make sense for who they are individually and together and for their context The book follows its own careful understandable logical and I just love that So many books I read are riddled with inconsistencies which distract me from my pleasure in reading and often leave me frustrated or—the worst—feeling like I’ve wasted my time This book is the direct and most awesome opposite2 To Tempt an Heiress is in many ways a deceptive book It seems easy You could read it in a few hours if you aren’t careful because it’s just that compelling But then you realize that all that ease is the result of the hard work of an excellent writer Craig’s prose and her close—but not labored—attention to historical detail make everything flow together just as it should You feel immersed in the world and the lives of the characters so much so that real life fades away a bit This is I think the most difficult of a writer’s tasks and one at which Craig excels than most3 The book is HOT I mean really a sexy sea captain and a gorgeous liberal minded lady are trapped together in a tiny cabin for weeks on end And they’re not supposed to get naked but they both really want to get naked C’mon What’s better than that While there aren’t extended intimate encounters in the book there are just two bona fide sex scenes actually the tension between the characters and what our minds can do on their own is almost steamy than the actual scenes themselvesThis is my first Susanna Craig novel but it most certainly won’t be my last Needless to say I’d recommend this book to all people with eyeballs but especially readers who love great prose admirable characters and exceptional really exceptional historical writing If you’re into explicit sex this isn’t the book for you but if you like a good slow burn as we said in a recent review then you’ll love Andrew and Tempest Get thee to a bookshop humans Do not delay