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Trash by Britney Full‘To start it was just me and my mom I am an only child and she is a single parent My mother is a trash hoarder Ever since I can remember the house was always messy and stunk At around age ish I noticed that something was wrong I started throwing bags of trash away every day just to have my mom freak out when s. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewBritney Fuller's book Trash An Innocent Girl A Shocking Story of Sualor and Neglect is one that will grab you from the beginning and hold on to you until the end It is about a young girl and her mother The child began noticing when she was about 4 that her house wasn't like those of her friends She knew that something was wrong She and her mom ate out everyday There was trash everywhere inside their house The sink was filled there were trash bags all over in every room If she tried to throw out the bags her mother got very angry There was a small stool in a corner that she called her space She kept it clean but before too long that area too became just as dirty as the rest of the house Her mother was a trash hoarder This is her a story of growing up in a house with a hoarder and how she was able to grow up and get out This story is very shocking and it will have an effect on you It made me think of how many other children may be living like this I gave this book 5 stars but it deserves that 10 I highly recommend it to everyone I look forward to from Britney Fuller

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Trash by Britney Fuller Read º 100 Ã [Reading] ➹ Trash By Britney Fuller – ‘To start it was just me and my mom I am an only child and she is a single parent My mother is a trash hoarder Ever since I can remember the house was always messy and stunk At around age 9ish I not ‘To start it was just me and my mom I aOne I kept that corner as clean as I could Made sure there was foot space and that there wasn’t dust on the walls That was my corner my space It never seemed to matter though eventually that spot would get overrun with trash too’ Trash is Britney Fuller's shocking account of growing up in the house of a hoard. A no holds Barr account of what it is like for child to grow up in a house where a parent hoards Her mother who clearly has mental health issues rules her every waking hour with the sheer amount of chores given to the daughter but in tender moments shows that the love is there It is very sad and uite disturbing in places You are left wondering why the mother was like this and why the grandparents who knew about the house did not intervene but other than wanting to know about the back story it was a good read

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He got home We didn’t eat at home any because the fridge was disgusting and she used the sink as a trash can so it got clogged We always ate out we never had a home cooked meal and I’ve never had a family dinner at a dinner table I had a stool in the corner of the living room That is what I sat on and that al. My mom passed me this book and mentioned some of the interesting moments stating I had to read the book So I did I picked it up and couldn't put it down I finished it in a evening which is not normal for me being a very slow readerbut it was such a page turner I have been in homes like the book described and I couldn't even fathom how people could live in it so to read and basically experience everything a little girl then young woman would go through living in that house actually breaks my heart It is a well written book and a really sad story I will say the fish livers BLARG I almost died