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Free download The Janissary Tree ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » [KINDLE] ❆ The Janissary Tree Author Jason Goodwin – Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel It is 1836 Europe is modernizing and the Ottoman Empire must follow suit But just before the sultan announces sweeping changesFind out Yashim a man both brilliant and near invisible in this world an investigator who can walk with ease in the great halls of the empire in its streets and even within its harems because of course The Janissary PDF or Yashim is a eunuch His investigation points to the Janissaries who for four. The setting of the The Janissary Tree is fascinating the novel takes place in 1836 in Istanbul with the Ottoman empire on the cusp between tradition and the modernity that will ultimately destroy it And the main character Yashim who is a eunuch certainly provides a twist on the traditional detective However I can’t say that I loved the novel as a novel rather than as a thinly veiled history lesson about a rather forgotten period in history In fact every character was ready to spout off pages of Ottoman history or the arrangement of the Sultan’s harem at the drop of a hat so that we the readers understood what was going on But since they actually lived through these events why would they spend so much time talking about them That’s a completely unnatural novelistic contrivance As for Yashim himself I never felt like I got to know him at all throughout the course of the novel – his two distinguishing characteristics being a eunuch; being a good cook defined him and we never saw any growth in the character He would start to be angsty about having been err eunuch ized and then he’d suppress that angst and cook something and learn some Ottoman history plus his being a eunuch seemingly does not hinder him in the least in his affair with a beautiful lady whom he encounters during the course of his investigation I am not 100% sure that Yashim would be physically capable of what he does hmmm Lastly the solution to the mystery was rushed and not very well thought out; I would have liked to know how the villain had managed to carry out some of his plans and who assisted him and the two separate mysteries that Yashim was supposed to be solving weren't very well connectedAlso one small and completely infuriating thing is that Jason Goodwin keeps referring to the Janissaries as “Karagozi” Sufis which is just bizarre because he wrote an Ottoman history book and therefore undoubtedly knows that the Janissaries were followers of the Bektashi Sufis Did he just not want to offend any existing religious group by using their name in a work of fiction It constantly takes me out of the storyThat said I did like the setting a lot and the recipes were mouthwatering so I'm giving it an extra star

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Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel It is Europe is modernizing and the Ottoman Empire must follow suit But just before the sultan announces sweeping changes a wave of murders threatens the fragile balance of power in his court Who is behind them Only one intelligence agent can be trusted to. This book is very very encouraging for prospective authors of historical fiction By all means go ahead and write a book and don't bother to make any research there are enough idiots out there including myself with plenty of time and money to spend recklessly on a boring story and facts that don't simply match This is a waste Many of the names are made up; Yashim Preen Palmuk What the heck These names are not Turkish at all The story transpires in 1836; there are visionary characters in the novel that have last names; a century before the relevant law was put into effect Murad Eslek Ertogrul Aslan There is no such thing as a Karagozi sect or group Janissaries were Bektashis And the author must have known that because he even opens the book by one of his sayings A Nasrani tekke Just because you love the sound of the word A Nasrani is a Christian They couldn't possibly have had tekkes They had their churches for Christ's sake Yes indeed The Sultan was Mahmud the Second not the Fourth There was never a Sultan called Mahmud the Fourth As a matter of fact Mahmud the Fourth is a very popular joke among Turkish youth; when they want to mock someone who loves showing off their rather limited history knowledge they ask about the Mahmud the Fourth Well the author seems to have hit the mark with this one inadvertently Selim was not Mahmud the Second's father let alone Mahmud IV Selim was his paternal uncle His father was Abdulhamid I Galata Bridge's construction date Well the dialogue between the Kizlar Aga and Validé was especially hilarious Validé calls him Kizlar for the covenience's sake apparently Nevertheless she should have called him Aga for historical acuracy's sake Kizlar agasi means The girls' Chief; in the novel the Chief gets called Girls That would not only be inaccurate but also confusing in the presence of well yes many girls Tea was not a common commodity in Turkey until 1940s There is one page where he talks about a child who would later sit in the First Kemalist National Assembly whatever the heck that means Are you kidding me The first Grand National Assembly assembled in 1920 but it couldn't be farther from being Kemalist Let's accept it was Then this fictional character would be of 90 years of age Well guess what; the oldest person in the said assembly was 70 years old Aya Sofya being the highest point in the whole İstanbul Well let me tell you that; even if it isn't for the Galata Tower or other mosues built atop higher hills the Beyazit Tower a key factor in the plot was and is way higher than Aya SofyaThere are many inaccuracies These are the ones I have been able to pinpoint at one glance and without Wikipedia And I am not a history buff Actually one might pass a fun time trying to find out all the inaccuracies in this novelI don't know what should possess a writer to make all that stuff up This is orientalism 20 Imagine an author writing about the Tudors except that how Henry the 11th decides to avail himself of a certain Fuckerby's services of investigate nature This is outrageousAt first I was intending to write something about how historical fiction is a tricky genre; how you create a world within an already existent world how n author should delineate the frame in which to act how fine a line a historical fiction treads on etc etc But no this one is a joke

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The Janissary TreeHundred years were the empire's elite soldiers Crushed by the sultan could they now be staging a brutal comeback And can they be stopped without throwing Istanbul into political chaos This first book in the Investigator Yashim series is a richly entertaining tale full of exotic history and intrig. I tried it but would not consider reading further in the series The slow pace with abundance of historical detail brought the progress of the plot to a mournful halt on many occasions For me at least a little OTtoman Empire goes a long way