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UnbalancedFrom the author of the wildly successful Wolf Tales series and the DemonSlayers series comes the first short in the Demon Lovers seriesAddie Logan only meant to help the woman in the park; certainly she didn't think she'd be attacked bitten and then watch the woman disappear in a burst of flames After stumbling home Contrary to the listed 74 page length listed for this book it is in actuality a 13800 word count read when I used a word count to page count conversion program which is just under 31 pages The remainder of this book is a promo 'excerpt' for another book written by the author called Dreams Unchained As for the storybook itself It was a fairly superficial fantasy uality story line that included mmf adult content though the m m portion was of a snap shot teaser without anything Overall the story was interesting but without any real 'meat and potato' uality body to itI did appreciate the slant of a fulcrum female needed to anchor Jett Locan I'm just not a fan of the accelerated relationship that occurred between the three It was a bit of a stretch Full disclosure I did receive this book as a freebie In looking at it I do see it's part of a serial series I do like to break down the cost valueproduct for these types of series so any potential reader has a clear picture of the entire series Prices listed are on the site where I purchase my books The word count info was found at the AllRomance bookcom siteThe 1st installment of this seriesUnbalanced is normally listed for 099 with a 13800 word count length see above the 2nd installment Unbound is listed for 099 with 15700 word count the 3rd installment Unmasked is priced at 099 with 23700 word count the 4th installment Unleashed is also priced at 099 with a 23530 word count and Undaunted the 5th and final installment has a price of 099 for 23900 word count I admit I didn't include the listed page counts as they don't match even closely with a standardized conversion table program I use but if interested you'll be able to see the page counts on the links for each book I provided When I total the word count 100630 of the combined 5 installments I get 224 pages for a total price of 495 With that being said I do see there is a boxed set of all 5 installments available that is listed for 399 katedouglascom demon lovers series which has a listed word count of 93225 Demon Lovers Boxed Set

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Them hunt demons Suddenly Addie has gone from the unemployment line to saving the world To stop Demonikus the nastiest demon her men have ever seen she's on the fast track of demon hunter training and to keep the two men from killing each other she's responsible for feeding their demon desires in whatever way she can Addie gets bitten by a woman on her way home from the pub She dreams of two men who just happen to be in her room when she wakes up They help her hone her powers that she has inherited In the process she helps them become of a family by sharing her love with them

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Unbalanced kindle ï 74 pages Download é ❮Read❯ ➹ Unbalanced ➼ Author Kate Douglas – Gwairsoft.co.uk From the author of the wildly successful Wolf Tales series and the DemonSlayers series comes the first short in the Demon Lovers seriesAddie Logan only meant to help the woman in the park; certainly s From theTo tend her wounds Addie awakens later that night to find two obviously inhuman but overwhelmingly gorgeous men standing above her bed Jett and Locan black and white the polar opposites of one another inform Addie she's now their fulcrum charged with keeping the two of them from killing each other while all three of My Thoughts 3 out of 5 unicorns I liked itGifted to me through Netgalley reuest for an honest reviewI liked this story and started to really connect with Addie Locan Jett but then it ended It was less than 50 pages long I always struggle with connections in short stories so I’m hoping that the rest of the stories are a continuation which will help my interest This is definitely 18 and there are some very R related erotic scenes that involved all 3 of them I think anyone who likes Kate Douglas will definitely was to read this too Her descriptions are very vivid