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Vanya A True Story Download ¹ 100 ☆ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Vanya A True Story Author Myrna Grant – A Classic That's Inspired MillionsOut of the dark shadows of Soviet atheism rose a fearless young man whose boldness for Christ would make him a testimony to millions of believers around the world Thi A Classic ThatA Classic That's Inspired MillionsOut of the dark shadows of Soviet atheism rose a fearless young man whose boldness for Christ would make him a testimony to millions of believers around the world This is the t. I read this book for the first time in the early 1980s It is the true story of a young man in the Soviet Union who was a devout Christian and all that he suffered when forced to become a member of the army Not only brutally treated by his governing officers but also his fellow soldiers Yet in the midst of the torture like being forced to stand outside at attention for days in the middle of winter without even a coat God continued to spare his life over and over in amazing and extremely miraculous waysHis beaten corpse was sent home to his family who were told that he had died an accidental death This is the story of Ivan Moiseyev's family who refused to keep uiet and their search for the truth of how he died why he died and the effects his uncompromising faith in Jesus had on those who witnessed his last daysIt is a uick paced story that relies eually on all the evidence garnered at great risk in this oppressive Communist regime and the strong emotion surrounding a young man who had a heart for all suffering and lonely people and his Christ like ability to forgive and love the very people who were torturing himBe prepared to be forever changed and if you believe that God does not still perform miracles for His beloved children to this day that belief will be challengedThank you for reading another of my reviewsSincerely Laura Lee

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Rue story of Ivan Vanya Moiseyev a soldier in the Soviet Red Army who was ruthlessly persecuted and incarcerated for his faith Through two years of trial and torture he never denied his Savior and he never hesi. Ivan Vanya Moiseyev was a soldier in the Soviet Army in the early 1970s He was also a firm believer in Jesus Christ and though the army officials continually hounded him to renounce his faith he refused to do so Throughout the first year of his training in the army Vanya faced numerous persecutions but also experienced many miracles which freuently were witnessed by fellow soldiers and made them rethink their beliefs Eventually Vanya was killed for his unwillingness to bend to the wishes of the commanders and his persistence in answering uestions about his faith when asked by fellow soldiersI had never heard of Vanya before A colleague and I were talking about amazing stories of Christian witness and faith and the next day he handed me this book to read Though the book is 266 p long the biography is only about 23 of that The rest of the pages are transcriptions from Vanya's recordings personal correspondence and copies of newspaper articles about him with accompanying English translations for each This is an inspirational story of how God can uphold someone through persecution and use those trials to make Himself known to others Notes on content Three minor swear words No sexual content The tortures that Vanya goes through are mostly glossed over The ones described are exhausting or miserable such as standing out in the sub zero temperatures for hours at a time but not bloody An incident when Vanya was run over by a car and his arm and one lung were crushed is somewhat described but without any gory details and then it is related how after they told him he would have the arm amputated and part of the lung surgically removed the next day he was perfectly fine and the Soviet doctor himself called it a miracle You get the idea that Vanya was punched and physically harmed in numerous ways from a description of bruising and such of his body after death but the moments when these happened to him are not described

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Vanya A True StoryTated to share the gospel with anyone Vanya A eBook #194 who would listen You'll be inspired to live for Christ in your own world as never before after you experience the gripping story of a believer named Vany. This was a story that highly impacted my own personal walk of faith What that young Soviet soldier Vanya faced and endured was nothing short of amazing This narrative is maybe a bit fictionalized for the sake of story format but the main and most important details corroborated by actual documents and tapes are most inspiring and heartbreaking Reading this really makes you evaluate your level of commitment and obedience to Almighty God It is a story that sticks A story that not so very long ago actually happened I am only years younger than Ivan Vanya Moiseyev and that makes it all the impactful to me This martyred saint of God was in my lifetimeYou learn a lot about communist Russia and the red army's agenda The writing was pretty good considering the language was not originally in English The storyline kept it fresh so you wouldn't get too bogged down in data or cold facts I like that style And the info and documents at the end helps you see exactly what was not fictitious storytelling and to my surprise very little of it was In this case truth was exciting and heartbreaking than fiction It was of a true tale than anything and that makes it the evangelical tool it became and still is This twenty year old soviet soldier has shown the world what REAL hardcore faith in the Gospel of Christ Jesus really looks like As things stand in the USA today people of faith should take heed