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doc Û reader Vegetarian Dinner Parties 9781609615017 Free Å [Epub] ➞ Vegetarian Dinner Parties By Mark Scarbrough – If you’re inclined to throw a dinner party you probably do what most folks do you make a few sides and maybe a salad ask someone to bring dessert and put a hunk of meat in the S to warm vegan donuts stews braises pastas and they show readers how to actually build dinner parties starting with flavors seasonality and availability and even time and skill Each recipe in Vegetarian Dinner Parties which can certainly stand on its own will be complemented by a wine or drink matching and instructions for how to place the finished dish in the choreography of a 3 course dinner part A special thank you to Rodale Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review After reviewing two sensational other Vegan Cookbooks recently found VEGETARIAN DINNER PARTIES to be lacking in comparison “Presentation is everything” when it comes to food and entertaining First and most importantly –food photography As most can see by my website my Pinterest Clipzine and Tumblr social media boards—top priority If you are putting together a high end cookbook spend the money on high resolution imagery Due to the poor low res images and dark photography—a lower overall rating Not appealing if you can get past the images for the recipes Since the book was about entertaining would have been fitting for table settings to set the mood thereby enticing the reader In addition not a fan of some of the pages with dark background and white font making it difficult to read The positives – the well laid out pages the call outs the vegan recipes as I am an avid vegan so always looking for ways to enhance my healthy eating lifestyle choice The fonts colors columns are nicely displayed on the white background on the recipe pages A great source for dinner parties and a good understanding and education of vegetables The authors demonstrate how to build dinner parties starting with flavors seasonality and availability and even time and skillThe recipes are divided into seven types which go along with the order of a dinner party cocktails and nibbles to go with them small plates salads soups pastas large plates and desserts Between each chapter are helpful tips on what to serve and how to move along during a party The introductions ingredients and preparation steps were helpful with a menu of which plates to with certain recipes etc A wide variety of recipes; however since I am a vegan need to substitute the milk cheese and dairy products All in all full of wonderful ways to entertain vegetarian style and will use the book for reference and try many of the recipes; however disappointed in the food styling and photography which would have made this a 5 star instead of a 3

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A perfect dinner party Why? Because vegetarian cooking for dinner parties is not part of the American culinary lexicon until nowHere critically acclaimed food writers and omnivores Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough take the reader by the hand and teach them not only how to make extraordinarily delicious and modern vegetarian and vegan dishes that everyone will love everything from sweet pea samosa This cookbook has lovely photos but unfortunately there is not a photo of each dish While the recipes look good like they will taste nice they are way too complicated for me to attempt and I can't make food look pretty like they show in the photos Most of them seem to reuire ingredients that would be difficult to find and they seem like they would take a long time to prepare like cutting the tops off of and gently scooping the seeds out of a bunch of cherry tomatoes and then stuffing and baking them way trouble than I want to do I would just chop up the tomatoes and put them in a pan and put the stuffing on top and bake it and eat it that way I received this book free to review from Netgalley

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Vegetarian Dinner PartiesIf you’re inclined to throw a dinner party you probably do what most folks do you make a few sides and maybe a salad ask someone to bring dessert and put a hunk of meat in the middle of the table like the roast beast in The Grinch But what about vegetables? Living in a meat centric world most of us simply don’t know how to cobble together a series of vegetarian dishes that work together to create This cookbook divides into seven chapters and covers every aspect of preparing and hosting a great dinner party for your family and friends Each chapter has numerous recipes that have easy to follow instructions with ingredients that are sure to please any palate The title name of chapters are Twelve Ways to Say ‘Welcome’ No Plates Needed Small Plates Salads and Soups Pastas Large Plates and Final Plates with each recipe listing a ‘Pour’ that pairs a beverage compatible with flavors in the recipe givenRecipes are either vegetarian or vegan leaning toward the majority of recipes being vegan For your dinner party there is an eight point list to get you started Recipe list Guest list Task list Play list Seating Well set table Lighting and Chat List From each section I would like to try the following recipesTwelve Ways to Say ‘Welcome’ – Watermelon Punch with Prosecco and fresh watermelonNo Plates Needed – Fried Olives with Caramelized GarlicSmall Plates – Roasted Grapes and OlivesSalads and Soups – Shredded Beets Capers Avocado stacked with pine nut garnishPastas – Orecchiette Cauliflower Raisins Olives in white wine sauceLarge Plates – Black eyed Pea Stew and Fried Corn CakesFinal Plates – 1 Pecan Baklava 2 Lemon Cream DonutsEverything you need to throw a dinner party without the heaviness of meat and is shared in this cookbook with essential information on making any dinner party a success with straightforward talk and good recipes A few recipes are detailed due to the delicate flavors which reuire extra time and effort Overall this a book needed by all hosts as an addition to the kitchen bookshelf for those planned and impromptu gatherings or gifting opportunityI received this book free from the publisher Rodale Inc Books through the Net Galley reviewer program in exchange for an unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines