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Summary ì War and Our World ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ War and Our World By John Keegan ✪ – John Keegan widely considered the greatest military historian of our time and the author of acclaimed volumes on ancient and modern warfare including most recentlJohn Keegan widely considered the greatest military historian of our time and the author of acclaimed volumes on ancient and modern warfare including most recently The First World War a national bestseller distills what he knows about the why’s and how’s of armed conflict into a series of brilliantly. This short 74 page volume was originally presented as a series of lectures on the BBC Ultimately disappointing perhaps because the transcript of a series of lectures written to be heard cannot serve as well as a series of essays written to be readKeegan is an esteemed writer of military history I was awed by his history of World War One Here he tries with some success to discuss why war happens He expounds on the most prevalent theories and comes to the conclusion that nobody really knowsThe last Chapter War and the Individual is the most compelling and left me both frightened and hopeful I was left pondering not only the nature of war but also the nature of humankind A worthwhile exercise I believe

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Concise essaysIs war a natural condition of humankind What are the origins of war Is the modern state dependent on warfare How does war affect the individual combatant or noncombatant Can there be an end to war Keegan War and PDFEPUB or addresses these uestions with a breathtaking knowledge of history and. I wish I haven't read this book I really doI have read so much by John Keegan the greatest military historian of the 20th century that I was surprised when I found one I didn't Unlike his The Face of Battle which was a decisive book in describing the viewpoint of the soldier in battle at different points of history or his History of Warfare where he came up with a whole reasonably credible theory on the origins of war this one is too full of rhetoric and a little too much self glorifying nationalismIf you read this series of lecture you would be inclined to believe that Great Britain never does wrong its government never commit unjust war and its soldiers are without exception bound by honour and values I take it that Keegan gave this before the UK shared in the illegal war on Ira so he couldn't have accounted for it but he knows history better than to spend his valuable lecture time glorifying the UK including its colonial record and convincing us that we should feel a sense of debt for soldiers who are averse to violence apparently than any of usBut then it is probably my fault for having expected much better from someone who knows little than the privilege offered to him by his birth class and the time he spent among his civilised soldiers Keegan apologises for not having fought on wars because of a disability but his that shouldn't have prevented him from knowing better

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War and Our WorldThe many other disciplines that have attempted to explain the phenomenon The themes Keegan concentrates on in this short volume are essential to our understanding of why war remains the single greatest affliction of humanity in the twenty first century surpassing famine and disease its traditional companio. It is refreshing to read an open discussion about war Keegan speaks 'about' war instead of getting into the nitty gritty of warfare His worldwide perspective and deep understanding of history is very helpful His views are thoughtful and worth internalising