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War of the Realms Summary Ç 2 ´ ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ War of the Realms Author Jason Aaron – Gwairsoft.co.uk THE WAR OF THE REALMS is upon us Malekith king of the Dark Elves has been conuering the Ten Realms and now has his sights set on the last one Earth And with armies of Frost Giants Fire Goblins trolls THE WAR OF THE REALMS is upNd the prince of lies himself Loki at his side Malekith may just succeed Asgardia is no Old Asgard is in ruins and the majority of Asgardians are refugees on Earth Now Thor and Earth's heroes including the Avengers the Fantastic Four and even such unlikely allies as Venom an. I’ve bagged on a lot of event comics in the past several years—not because I dislike them conceptually uite the opposite actually given that Age of Apocalypse remains one of my all time favorite comic stories and I bought every single one of the 8439231 issues that it spilled over into but rather because so many of them stall interrupt or otherwise obliterate any attempt to build character and story momentum in the books that get sucked into them; the execution rarely matches the inventiveness of the high concept; or they effectively constitute an editorial driven push the reset button for a set of characters for no particular reason other than to 1 sell a bunch of books as part of the event; and 2 pave the way for a new set of creators to take books that may have been doing just fine in totally different directions But credit where credit is due War of the Realms is delightfully entertaining so than it has any right to be Jason Aaron gets Thor—it may be blasphemy but I’m not sure I’ve enjoyed any other writer’s run on the book —and this mashup of epic fantasy and high octane action movies delivers thrills a bit of pathos and even a few laughs so the opposite of a date with me which delivers snores a LOT of pathos and several attempts at what most might recognize as humor but would universally acknowledge as the humor euivalent of passing a kidney stone through a particularly narrow urethra; to be fair to myself though the night would probably at least end with ice cream though much of that would take up residency on my chin and shirt Well worth a read if you’re in the mood for a big screen summer four color popcorn blow em up

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D Punisher are all that stand in Malekith's way It's an event five years in the making as the MIGHTY THOR creative team of writer Jason Aaron artist Russell Dauterman and colorist Matthew Wilson reunite to save the Ten RealmsCOLLECTING WAR OF THE REALMSWAR OF THE REALMS OMEG. This is the best Marvel event in years Probably my favorite Jason Aaron's story telling along with Russell Dauterman's stunning art was such an enjoyable ride This team has been building this for years and every book has been constantly better than the last every issue tie in mini series or on going has been magnificent Aaron's Thor years have been amazing and will forever stand out in the history books

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War of the RealmsTHE WAR OF THE REALMS is upon us Malekith king of the Dark Elves has been conuering the Ten Realms and now has War of MOBI #234 his sights set on the last one Earth And with armies of Frost Giants Fire Goblins trolls angel warriors Roxxon corporate soldiers the Enchantress a. It is so great when a comicbook lives up to its name and and hype To be honest I when the War of the Realms came out I did not really know much about it I cannot understand why as this is probably the most epic Marvel story in comics I would put this right up there with EndgameOf the 10 Realms 9 have fallen only EarthMidgard is left and it is not going down without a fight All the Avengers and heroes and heroines stand with the survivors of the other Realms Once again everyone steps upIf I have one complaint it is Spider man Wolverine call Spiderman an idiot and I agree with him completely I have hated the way Marvel have devolved his character He acts like Spider boy or Iron child Thst is my only complaintThis is an all action comic from beginning to end I am not even a Thor fan but I love this series I think he steps up big time The other characters are also great but all in all Thor is the linchpin In all honesty that is the way it should be The cover gallery contains all the variants and a thumbnail version on the actual covers Summary totally epic story great artwork and totally awesome series