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read & download ¸ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Û Julio Cortázar The Instruction Manual cronopios y MOBI #239 the first chapter is an absurd assortment of tasks and items dissected in an instruction manual format Unusual Occupations the second chapter describes the obsessions. Some of human beings are cronopios and some are famasThere are also esperanzas – they are the silent majority And if asked I would always choose to be a cronopio because it’s fun – they are by themselves and they don’t conform and being a fama is just a boreWhen famas go on a trip when they pass the night in a city their procedure is the following one fama goes to the hotel and prudently checks the prices the uality of the sheets and the color of the carpets The second repairs to the commissariat of police and there fills out a record of the real and transferable property of all three of them as well as an inventory of the contents of their valises The third fama goes to the hospital and copies the lists of the doctors on emergency and their specialtiesAfter attending to these affairs diligently the travelers join each other in the central plaza of the city exchange observations and go to a café to take an apéritif But before they drink they join hands and do a dance in a circle This dance is known as “The Gayety of the Famas”When cronopios go on a trip they find that all the hotels are filled up the trains have already left it is raining buckets and taxis don’t want to pick them up either that or they charge them exorbitant prices The cronopios are not disheartened because they believe firmly that these things happen to everyone When they manage finally to find a bed and are ready to go to sleep they say to one another “What a beautiful city what a very beautiful city” And all night long they dream that huge parties are being given in the city and that they are invited The next day they arise very contented and that’s how cronopios travelEsperanzas are sedentary They let things and people slide by them They’re like statues one has to go visit They never take the troubleEnjoy freedom It is much better to take it easy than to turn one’s life into a timetable

characters Historias de cronopios y de famas

characters Historias de cronopios y de famas 109 Ó [Epub] ➝ Historias de cronopios y de famas ➞ Julio Cortázar – The Instruction Manual the first chapter is an absurd assortment of tasks and items dissected in an instruction manual format Unusual Occupations the second chapter describes the obsessions and And predilections of the narrator's family including the lodging of a tiger Historias de PDFEPUB or just one tiger for the sole purpose of seeing the mechanism at work in all its complexity Finally the Cronopio. I was impressed at the ingenious invention in this selection of weird and innovative stories Opening with a seuence of what Brian Eno might call obliue strategies for living in ‘Instruction Manual’ on essential topics like ‘Instructions on How to Comb the Hair’ and ‘Instructions on How to Kill Ants in Rome’ the selection moves into slender improvisations of a surreal and fantastic nature such as ‘The Tiger Lodgers’ a droll rumination of the business of lodging a tiger to ‘Marvellous Pursuits’ which offers anarchic suggestions for hobbies to a torn out extract from an ant ruled future in ‘Geography’ These stories are terrific for their looseness and sheer sense of play mixing the scholarly prankishness of Borges with the intellectual impishness of ueneau or Barthelme The titular final section becomes the most formally experimental with odd poetic lyric like or playlet pieces zinging from page to page on cronopios the anarchic folk and fomas the cautious folk not to be confused with Wampeters or Granfalloons This is a fucking pearl

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Historias de cronopios y de famasS and Famas section delightfully characterizes in the words of Carlos Fuentes those enemies of pomposity academic rigor mortis and cardboard celebrity de cronopios y PDFEPUB #233 a band of literary Marx Brothers. In his struggle against pragmatism and the horrible tendency of reaching useful ends my eldest cousin proposed the following procedure to pull from the head a good thick strand of hair make a knot in the middle of it and drop it gently down the sink drain Should the hair get trapped in the metal grate which used to propagate in such drains all you have to do is open the faucet a bit and it will disappear for good Without a moment of hesitation you must begin the job of recovering the hairPublished a year before Hopscotch and after presumably having served as an outlet valve for for whatever exuberant nonsense Cortazar needed to get out of his head but deemed unfit for that serious work Cronopios and Famas is a dense wild explosion of ideas mundane or insane The first two sections are essentially perfect First a set of instructions into the use of stairs on how to cry on the use of a comb and a slight strange gorgeous poem on the dissection of ground owls and I who almost never read poetry This is beating the surrealists at their own game stripping the rational veil back from everyday to reveal a chaos of parts and urges and hidden unexpected variation This continues in the second part matter of fact monologues from a member of a outwardly normal family who bend all convention as a matter of course defying utility and performing actions with great care purely because they've envisioned them These two parts together are only as bizarre as they are ordinary and packed with identifiable insights however strangely packaged This is fantastic five star stuffEither the tiger agrees to be lodged or it must be lodged in such a way that its acceptance or refusal is of no conseuenceThis takes us about a third of the book's length; the next two parts get a third each True to its name Unstable Stuff disintegrates into a kind of notebook of outrageous ideas varying wildly in style and uality The best the bear in the pipes the art of abstraction are every bit as good as the earlier material but it's mostly in line with the near free associative absurdity of someone like Daniil Kharms Finally in the closing title section a series of slight exceedingly odd fables about the interactions of Famas Cronopios and Esperanzas indeterminate constructions feeling so new that they seem to have been devised only as they were being written down Somewhat overwhelming and I really should have taken my time and read these slower a few a day spaced out with other books But it's good to know that Cortazar can be so playfulPreviously This is brilliant I can't believe Hopscotch steered me away from further Cortazar for an entire year Jimmy I'm seeing what you mean about the perfection of Cortazar on a sentence by sentence basis now too