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What a Carve Up Free download æ 9 × ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ What a Carve Up By Jonathan Coe ❅ – Gwairsoft.co.uk If Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie had ever managed to collaborate they might have produced this shamelessly entertaining novel which introduces readers to what may be the most powerful family in If Charles Dickens anNing novel which introduces readers to what may be the most powerful family in England and is certainly the vilest A tour. 2018 reread review One little fear I have when I reread a favourite book is if I dislike it This is the third time I’ve read Jonathan Coe’s fourth novel What a Carve Up and not only did I like it than the previous 2 readings but I discovered how deep Coe’s sense of satire isThe centerpiece of the book could be The Winshaws the awful aristocratic family or Michael Owen the person who has been commissioned to write biography about the Winshaws but in reality I would say that the film What a Carve up is the true link between everything that happens in the novelThe film itself is a British horror comedy which Michael Own watches as a birthday treat Unfortunately his mother deems the film unsuitable and pulls Michael out of the cinema midway and all the way through adulthood he incorporates his life within the film Not only that but Michael has other vivid memories about his childhood; the farm he grew up on the walks in the park the death of his father and his first forays into writing All are linked to the WinshawsThe Winshaws are an example of upper class people at their worst Each of the siblings or parents have controlled a certain aspect of society; for example Hilary the youngest Winshaw works as a gossip columnist and damages reputations Roddy her brother works as an Art Dealer and screws people in every way possible Mark their cousin is an arms dealer Dorothy their aunt works in animal husbandry and so on All Winshaws will stop at nothing to achieve their aims even if it means killing the people closest to them Coe has picked a perfect metaphor on politics generally people who don’t understand the profession or do not care about the welfare of others wreaking havoc on the common folks while earning a handsome profitAs Michael is chosen to write a biography on these people he begins his research and the he discovers the horrors these people commit the he realises how they have affected his life from childhood Murders disappearances wars all are linked to The WInshaws Yes that includes the film What a Carve Up as wellWhat a Carve up is no ordinary satire It doubles as a murder mystery especially during the ending which resembles an elaborate game of Cluedo Coe doesn’t stop there The book contains high comedy adventure and horror Despite the complexity and cleverness of this novel it is readable and entertainingThis paltry review just skims the surface of this deep book I could also mention how Coe manages to link all details in the most surprising way how the Dorothy chapter will give you nightmares how he can make a person eating a cheeseburger sound amazing There are surprises but it is fun if you discover themConsidering that Coe’s previous three novels were ok What a Carve Up is clearly an artistic leap With Carve Up Coe has managed to combine experimental techniues and make them accessible I cannot stress that this is a work of genius and I am not exaggerating Read Read Read this novel

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De force of menace malicious comedy and torrential social bile this book marks the American debut of an extraordinary writ. This book was recommended to me by a friend who stated it was a fun read Oh my god is this your idea of fun Are you crazy woman Tired dull not as funny as it thinks it is satire on 1980's Tory Britain Blah the Tories are not funny whichever way you spin them for those of you wishing to indulge in an experiment to prove this point feel free to move to the UK and suffer under the current government like the rest of us I just didn't see the point of this book and it is now filed under the same mental category as Salmon Fishing in the Yemen another pointless book Sadly I opted to take this book to Turkey with me as part of my long hard months away from the UK book pile Happily it's now been released as a book crossing book in Turkey which means there is probably zero chance of me ever seeing it again

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What a Carve UpIf Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie had ever managed to collaborate they might have produced this shamelessly entertai. I have no idea why this book got stuck in my head years ago as something I had to read but it did and when I saw it on a shelf recently I thought why not give it a crack at long last now And I’m glad I finally read it but eh it’s just ok What a Carve Up by Jonathan Coe is a critiue of Margaret Thatcher’s reign from 1979 to 1990 where the Tories “carved up” public assets and sold them off to the private sector to the public’s detriment Coe personifies these critiues poor healthcare banking deregulation war profiteering and a cheapening of the culture in the form of the fictional mega wealthy Winshaw family whose lives are chronicled here It’s also about the family’s biographer Michael Owen an ordinary man whose life is connected to and affected by the Winshaws in ways than he realises And the title is also a reference to an obscure 1961 movie of the same name starring Sid James Kenneth Connor and Shirley Eaton which Michael Owen is obsessed with and whose plot mirrors the book’s in places Phewf what a labyrinthine concept And the first thing to say about it is that Jonathan Coe deserves a lot of credit for juggling this many balls without dropping one it really is an admirably detailed and masterfully told story And then the second thing to say is that after all that the effect is underwhelming Coe has enormous contempt for Thatcher and her ilk but besides that I’m not sure what he’s trying to say beyond expressing that rage in what I imagine was for him that cathartic finale The criticisms of Thatcher’s era as personified in the Winshaws isn’t as strong across the board I could see it in the banker Thomas the politician Henry and the weapons dealer Mark because banking politics and war were the most prominent features of that time but Roddy the art dealer and Hillary the newspaper columnist Eh their contributions to giving the public sub standard art was a weak point It’s also an immensely contrived narrative I understand that in most fiction you have to allow for a degree of disbelief suspension but there were just too many contrivances for my liking Random lodgers in some distant town playing a major role years down the line that forced four month romance between Michael and Fiona shoe horned in for a strained sentimental moment to underline the problems of the NHS a chance encounter with someone connecting decades back to WW2 and the Winshaw family and Michael Owen I mean really And what was the point of constantly drawing parallels to the Sid James movie why did the book have to turn into a pastiche of that filmThere are also a lot of slow boring parts to the book Too many of Michael Owen’s chapters weren’t engaging nor were all of the Winshaw family chapters Dorothy Thomas and Mark terribly interesting I really enjoyed all of the scenes set in the macabre Winshaw Towers as well as all the parts featuring the wretched clan suabbling amongst themselves than a few Winshaws come off as amusing Roald Dahl grotesues The wonderfully named and overly sexed elderly gay detective Findlay Onyx was a fun and uirky addition And some of the Winshaw family chapters were really good Henry’s is a wry look at the rise and fall of Thatcher Being a fan of Agatha Christie and especially her best novel And Then There Were None I really loved the finale as it turned into a country house murder mystery Coe’s writing is incredibly skillful and though I found the narrative contrived it is remarkable to put together this kind of layered storytelling where even the smallest components come int