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The Calling of the GraveOsiem lat wcześniejOdnaleziono grób ofiary bestialskiego of the Epub #226 mordu Doktor David Hunter – młody antropolog sądowy – bada zwłoki Odrażający fizycznie mężczyzna o straszliwej sile przyznał się do zabójstw czterech dziewczątMiał wskazać gdzie je pogrzebał. I loved the first two books in the David Hunter series The Chemistry of Death and Written in Bone giving them both 45 stars although I felt the third Whispers of the Dead lost some of it's edge giving it 35This fourth one fell even further away The detailed forensic elements that made the first books so interesting were reduced to a couple of lines here and there and despite the action being centred around the moors the atmospheric ualities of the earlier books were also missing It became bland and generalised and nothing like a David Hunter tale; it could have been any old run of the mill crime storyI’m massively disappointed

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review The Calling of the Grave 103 Û ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ The Calling of the Grave Author Simon Beckett – Osiem lat wcześniejOdnaleziono grób ofiary bestialskiego mordu Doktor David Hunter – młody antropolog sądowy – bada zwłoki Odrażający fizycznie mężczyzna o straszliwej sile przyznał się Osiem lat wcześAle uciekł Mogił nie znalezionoDochodzenie przerwanoA potem był tragiczny wypadek który odmieni doktora Huntera na zawszeTerazMorderca znowu jest na wolności Doktor Hunter znowu zostaje wezwany do Dartmoor Te same ponure torfowiska i wrzosowiska Ta sama wilgotna mgła Ten sam m. 45I thoroughly enjoyed this the fourth instalment in Simon Beckett's Dr David Hunter series although I uickly realised that I must have missed reading No 3 Whispers of the Dead no great drama as these novels read very well as standalonesThe first uarter of The Calling of the Grave takes place eight years prior to the rest of the novel a period that also pre dates the first three novels in the series Consultant Forensic Anthropologist Dr David Hunter's personal life is therefore somewhat different to that with which readers have become familiarHunter is called to a crime scene on Dartmoor where a body in a shallow grave has recently been discovered by hikers Local police believe that the body may be that of one of the unaccounted for victims of notorious serial killer Jerome Monk Hunter arrives on the scene to find himself surrounded by several big egos and tenuous professional relationships He's not overjoyed to find that the Detective Inspector on the case is a former acuaintance from London by whose character and attitude he's never been impressed The drama escalates as Monk is brought from prison to assist searchers in discovering further graves in the vicinity The operation goes badly wrong and Beckett returns to LondonEight years later DS Terry Connors Hunter's former acuaintance who's been demoted and is grimly hanging onto the shreds of his career turns up on his doorstep to advise him that Jerome Monk has escaped from prison Shortly afterwards he receives a call from Sophie Keller the BIA Behavioural Investigative Advisor who was on the scene eight years ago a woman he'd got along well with but hadn't heard from since He travels back to Dartmoor to meet with her but arrives to find her lying unconscious on her bathroom floor apparently the victim of an intruder What follows is a stimulating roller coaster ride as Hunter remains in Dartmoor partly to ensure Sophie is protected from any threat and partly to revisit the crimes attributed to Jerome Monk in an effort to finally bring the remaining victims' bodies home for burialAs readers have come to expect from Beckett the plot is twisty and enthralling the characters are multi dimensional and the setting expertly entwined with the narrative I found the scenes set in the network of disused mines and underground cave systems in Devon particularly fascinatingHighly recommended

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Orderca I ci sami ludzie z którymi wtedy Hunter pracował Ta sama kobieta The Calling PDFEPUB– psycholog policyjny która teraz boi się Bardzo się boiWokół gęstnieją przeszłość i strach Narastają obezwładniają Znowu każdy może być ofiarą i każdy może być morderc. A great way to start my 2012 readingIn this book we first get to see David Hunter in the days before his wife and daughter tragically died 8 years ago David was called in to help identify the body if a young girl who had been found buried in the peat on Dartmoor It is believed that she was one if the victims of convicted killer Jerome Monk Monk agrees to show them where the other bodies are buried and he is brought to the moors under heavy guard But just as Sophie the BIA on the case thinks she has found another shallow grave Monk makes a run for it Everyone is caught up in the chase to recapture Monk and in the melee that ensues the possible grave is left a preliminary dig suggests it's only the grave if a badger Monk is recaptured and the uest to find the other two victims is called off and for eight years the whole thing us mostly forgotten Then David gets a visit fro an old friend Terry Connors a DI on the original investigation he's called to let David know that Monk has escaped from prison and that he should be in his guard Not sure that there really us any kind of danger to himself he continues as normal Until he gets a phonecall from Sophie who says she has something to tell him So he finds himself returning to Dartmoor only to find Sophie has been attacked and enters into a nightmarish time as he is confronted by Monk and begins to uestion who exactly murdered the three young women that are buried in Dartmoor Full of suspense and lots of twists right to the end which is Beckett's way of keeping his readers on their toes Brilliant story telling and excellently written I can only hope there is another David Hunter book