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The Bone PalaceDeath is no stranger in the city of Erisén but some deaths attract attention than othersWhen a prostitute dies carrying a royal signet Isyllt Iskaldur necromancer and agent of the Crown is call. Downum's second book in her Necromancer series is okay not bad enjoyable her virtues remain intact determinedly gender blind mainly through the placing of women in traditionally male professions; pleasingly fluid and drama free use of varying sexual orientations; a fascinating set of pyschic entropic powers for our protagonist; and especially the continued use of almost ambiguous villains with nearly sympathetic motives unfortunately her flaws have intensified an overuse of adjectives describing various scents and colors does not make the prose lush but instead rather repetitious worse Downum continues her regrettable interest in creating a world that i imagine she considers to be exotic but is instead intensely derivative of both fiction Kushiel's Dart A Game of Thrones various novels by Tanith Lee and Elizabeth Hand and our very own reality the latter through the bizarre decision to use actual names and traits from actual cultures if this world is intended to be an alternate or parallel to our world then fine but clearly this world is not intended to be a version of our worldcome on Downumyou have really got to come up with your own original names and your own uniue cultures surely this can't be that hard for a fantasist otherwise when i read names like 'Cahal' and 'Alexios' i'm not going to think of your world i'm going to think of ireland and greece is this generic muddiness really what you are striving for it really distances me from the world you are buildingoverall this would be an often fun inoffensive but forgettable 2 star adventureexcept for the splendid use of a trans character as the second major perspective in the novel refreshing ding ding ding ding special bonus star awarded for originality and lack of condescensionafter perusing reviews of the novel i fear there may be something of a misunderstanding when it comes to trans identity perhaps because my work currently involves assessing the needs of the trans community i suddenly have a vested interest in clarifying what may perhaps be mystifying to some so i will just put this out therea person of trans identity is simply a person who feels that they are not the gender in which they were born therefore a person with a trans identity can be pre op post op have no interest in ops whatsoever and may or may not have interest in dressing like the opposite gender whatever that may entail for example if i feel i am a woman in a man's body even if i have no interest in altering my junk or even dressing or talking 'like a woman' again whatever that may even entailthen i am a trans woman simple as that

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SénAs a sorcerous plague sweeps the city and demons stalk the streets Isyllt must decide who she's prepared to betray before the city The Bone eBook #197 built on bones falls into blood and fir. After a little over a fortnight I have made it half way through The Bone Palace which means it's time to stop There were potentially great things in here like the transgendered Savedra that never rose above the mundane; Amanda Downum's writing was passable but too repetitive in her descriptions for my taste; and I couldn't even bring myself to engage in the book discussion for which I was reading because I didn't want my boredom to become a bitter strain in the discussion turns out that I'm not the only one thanks Joel and C for nudging me into tossing the book aside And all I really can share with you about my reading experience are the Top Ten Things That I Did to Avoid Reading This Book#10 Masturbate Erika was on nights and then she was sick What can I say#9 Obsess over Arsenal's lack of transfers#8 Start a new blog#7 Listen to RoseAnna on my iPod while washing the never ending pile of dishes#6 Rush out to the eighth Harry Potter movie#5 Play a lot of cards with my kids#4 Sing the Love Boat Theme Song as I danced with Scoutie#3 Teach Bronte and Milos how to bat#2 Watch the Women's World Cup#1 Read Battle for the Planet of the ApesExciting no

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The Bone Palace Read Æ 7 ½ ➣ [Epub] ➝ The Bone Palace By Amanda Downum ➭ – Death is no stranger in the city of Erisén but some deaths attract attention than othersWhen a prostitute dies carrying a royal signet Isyllt Iskaldur necromancer and agent of the Crown is called to Death is no stranger in the city of EriEd to investigate Her search leads to desecrated tombs below the palace and the lightless vaults of the vampiric vrykoloi deep beneath the city But worse things than vampires are plotting in Eri. So I've read this book and I should review it especially since it's for a book club and all of that I was thinking that I could just have my picture taken reading the book someplace and go the Promoted to Wife route but that would be super lame and would start me down the road of half witty cookie cutter formulaic reviews and that Better than the Mets wasn't even my idea the whole concept for that review was Karen's doing all I did was type the words on the screen and pretend to read the book at a Mets game oh no You mean you weren't really reading a romance novel at a sports game Then I thought I could find some snazzy pictures that would be related to the book but all I could think of to GIS was sexy necromancer and I'm slightly scarred by what I saw Seriously some of you people out their with your anime and computer generated art work need to find some other fucking hobbies I'm saying this as a 'friend' I've seen what becomes of 50 year old men who are a little too obsessed with fairies at work and it's not pretty You do not want to become like this person so it's best to leave this weird fantasy porn alone it's not going to end well for you I enjoyed this book I didn't love it but it also didn't do too much to really annoy me I think that the lack of depth to my fantasy knowledge allowed me to be accepting of the book than readers of the genre might be I was a little weirded out that just about every character seems to have had sex with every other character at some point in their collective back stories and the weirded out feeling grew since I've finished the book and I now sort of see the novel was a piece of Buffy fan fiction Maybe it just shows the shallow end of the fantasy pool that I am acuainted with but a lot that happens in this book all seems like it was modified from one of the not so great seasons of Buffy I could just have so little to compare a novel like this to that I'm just grasping at straws I don't know I could write a review here where I pin point the spots where I see over lap between the seminal television series and seminally drenched story in this book bad bad pun I'm not even sure if it works as a pun did I mention that my brain has stopped working lately Really it has It's not like my vocabulary was ever anything to rant and rave about but lately it's shut down to the absolute minimum needed to get by At the rate my communication skills are deteriorating I'm estimating that by the middle of August I will write my first review in all phonetic grunts and noises To sum up It's very wrong and most likely will turn you into the middle aged creep obsessed with fairies if you are one of those people who gets their rocks off by looking at the type of stuff that my google image search for 'sexy necromancer' produced The book has too much polymorphous fucking in it's backstory and this led me to think that the book was what I imagine some fan fiction for Buffy to be like but then on slightly deeper consideration I decided the whole book is really just a mash up of Buffy but I'm not going to stand too proudly by that idea because really I just might be making the obvious statement that all fantasy is filled with the same archetypes and I just don't have the familiarity with them see them But I like that in my view of things everything was created originally by Joss Whedon and anything I find similar