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READER ´ DOC ソードアート・オンライン1 アインクラッド 9780316371247 ç REKI KAWAHARA ç ❮Reading❯ ➺ ソードアート・オンライン1 アインクラッド Author Reki Kawahara – Read the novel that ignitAllows users to completely immerse themselves in a wholly realistic gaming experience But when the game goes live the elation of the players uickly turns to horror as they discover that for all its amazing features SAO is missing one of the most basic functions of any MMORPG a log out bu I loved the anime when I first watched it and along with Ready Player One gave me a strong interest in LitRPG So for me this was the starting path of that new genre other much older books deal with similar subject matter but for me this is the best 4 12 starsI'm fortunate in that I have a copy of the audio book Peter Lucky a professional voice actor released on Youtube before he forced to take it down DreamstoryTheatre If you are a fan of the anime or just looking for a good solid adventure story you can't go wrong with this book

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Read the novel that ignited the phenomenonIn the year 2022 gamers rejoice as Sword Art Online a VRMMORPG Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game like no other debuts allowing players to take full advantage of the ultimate in gaming technology NerveGear a system that FUCK THIS SEXIST PIECE OF SHIT

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ソードアート・オンライン1 アインクラッドTton Now trapped in the virtual world of Aincrad their bodies held captive by NerveGear in the real world users are issued a chilling ultimatum conuer all one hundred floors of Aincrad to regain your freedom But in the warped world of SAO game over means certain death both virtual and rea Absolutely LOVED this light novel If i could give stars i wouldWhat i like most about this story is it wasnt even written to be a published title But it was written with 100% heart and imaginationBeautiful and sad tale of a large group of people being stuck together in a virtual reality world where they have to fight for their lives It shows compassion fear and loveThe main characters are both very likable and all you can do is wish and hope that they escape the virtual living hell to be together back in real japanWould recommend this even to people who havent read the shoddy manga version and the anime Infact i would urge people to read this first I wish i hadthumbs upYou can also find my reviews here tho they are alot colourful