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review Down Detour Road 103 ✓ [PDF] ❤ Down Detour Road Author Eric J. Cesal – A young architect's search for new architectural values in a time of economic crisisI paused at the stoop and thought this could be the basis of a good book The story of a young man who went deep into A young architect's search for new architectural valueIts value from the very core He argues that the times demand a new architecture an empowered architecture that is useful and relevant New architectural values emerge as our cultural values shift from high risks to safe bets from strong portfolios to strong communities and from clean lines to clean energyThis is not a book about how to run a firm or a profession it doesn't predict the future of architectural form or aesthetics It is a personal story and in many ways a generational one a story that follows its author on a winding detour across the country around the profession and into a new architectural reali. A few of us at my office read this together Most found it disappointing looking for a comprehensive manifesto on where we ought to be as a profession I just thought it asked some of the right uestions which was enough for me After he wrote the book the author started working for Architecture for Humanity in Haiti I would like to see him write a book about that

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A young architect's search for new architectural values in a time of economic crisisI paused at the stoop and thought this could be the basis of a good book The story of a young man who went deep into the bowels of the academy in order to understand architecture and found it had been on his doorstep all along This had an air of hokeyness about it but it had been a tough couple of days and I was feeling sentimental Down Detour PDF about the warm confines of the studio which had unceremoniously discharged me upon the world from Down Detour RoadWhat does it say about the value of architecture that as the world fa. Después de terminar la carrera de aruitectura y una maestría en negocios Eric J Cesal se enfrenta ante un peueño problema La peor recesión económica azotaba a los Estados Unidos provocando ue toda la industria de la construcción se viniera abajo Ante este panorama el Eric J Cesal decide escribir para mantenerse ocupado y aliviar la preocupación ue cualuier persona tendría ante este difícil panorama En este texto ue se percibe como un claro ejercicio de catarsis y por momentos anecdótico Cesal plasma algunas de sus ideas sobre la el papel del aruitecto y en general de la aruitectura A lo largo del libro muestra con una visión muy aguada e inteligente algunas de las inuietudes ue surgieron a lo largo de años de preparación académica y frustración profesional El autor es muy contundente y directo al grado de afirmar ue el hecho de concluir los estudios de aruitectura no garantizan ue una persona se convierta en aruitecto o aruitectaEconomía cultura tecnología negocios riesgos y fama son analizadas desde una perspectiva con una fuerte influencia del rol social y protagónico ue puede tener el aruitecto De esta forma audaz se relacionan temas ue a primera vista no pudieran tener relación alguna Es así ue se plantea la idea de ue la pobreza hace a una persona mas sustentable ya ue como Cesal lo narra “me dí cuenta ue tenia más tiempo ue dinero por eso caminaba o usaba transporte público en lugar de comprar un auto” Ideas como las anteriores son plasmadas de forma ligera divertida y por momentos sarcásticaSin duda este texto debe ser considerado como el primer “manifiesto” o tratado ligero de la aruitectura del nuevo siglo Sonará muy pretensioso pero al no haber otras opciones Down Detour Road se enfila a convertirse en un texto paradigmático Sin duda un libro ue cualuier estudiante y profesional de la aruitectura debe revisar con el objetivo de darse una pausa para reflexionar sobre el presente y el futuro de la profesión Futuro ue hoy en día se nos presenta como una nueva realidad de la cual Cesal afirma ue “como aruitectos debemos repensar y replantear nuestros métodos para responder a esta nueva realidad y no solo uedarnos a esperar ue el trabajo se levante otra vez” ¿ue sentimientos deja esta lectura en realidad son muchos pero el más significado es ue el libro se convierte en un recordatorio del papel ue debe asumir cada aruitecto en su sociedad y su tiempowwwlibrosdearuitecturacommx

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Down Detour RoadCes economic and ecological crises unprecedented numbers of architects are out of work This is the uestion that confronted architect Eric Cesal as he finished graduate school at the onset of the worst financial meltdown in a generation Down Detour Road is his journey one that begins off course and ends in a hopeful new vision of architecture Like many architects of his generation Cesal confronts a cold reality Architects may assure each other of their own importance but society has come to view architecture as a luxury it can do without For Cesal this recognition becomes an occasion to rethink architecture and. The book starts rough — there are odd turns of phrase derivative constructions throughout one early chapter all but started by uoting from a dictionary definition of a word and enough metaphorical explanations using abstract generalizations that sound just plausible enough to be true like the distinction between kings and sorcerers or the description of everyone’s favorite bartender There’s just enough there to make me uestion whether the author had enough editing and fact checking at his disposal during the writing of the book but some of the stuff he says are thoughts similar to my own At any rate there were no jobs for “architect” as I understood that term It occurred to me that over the last generation while a bunch of smart people anguished over the distinction between “architect” and “designer” and “intern architect” or “interior architect” someone stole our damn nameOnce we’re past the first third of the book Cesal really finds his rhythm talking about the different sorts of architecture that could but doesn’t exist The writing starts to pick up dramatically becoming a much concisely argued premise Cesal’s voice is an important one in post post modern architecture but having been through it some part of my career I remain jaded that any change will come from within the practice itself If architecture changes it won’t happen internally and it will only be slightly affected by outside pressures like the economy; it would take an entire army of very smart former architects who have left the industry and re entered it for the singular goal of disrupting the old guard into extinction