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CHARACTERS Clockers î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Reading] ➿ Clockers By Richard Price – Novelist and Academy Award–nominated screenwriter Richard Price's bestselling second novel offers an unforgettable picture of inner city decay and despair USA Today At once an intense mystery and a Novelist and AcNovelist and Academy Award–nominated screenwriter Richard Price's bestselling second novel offers an unforgettable picture of inn. A drug dealer is gunned down in a diner and the brother of another drug dealer is the prime suspect Did he do it That's what Rocco Klein wants to find out But can he get the suspect's brother a crack dealer named Strike to cooperateThis is the fourteenth book in my Kindle Unlimited Experiment For the 30 day trial I'm only reading books that are part of the program and keeping track what the total cost of the books would have beenLike most people who have read this in recent years I loved HBO's The Wire and Price was one of the writers This feels like the novelization of four Wire episodes in the best way possibleClockers is a crime book but it's also a window into the lives of cops and the crack dealers they're trying to catch Much like The Wire Clockers shows that both sides of the conflict are fairly ordinary human beings not knights in shining armor or scene chewing villainsStrike and Rocco the two leads are both well drawn conflicted characters Neither is particularly happy with his lot in life Rocco sees an actor as his way out of the cop's life and Strike just wants to make enough money to get outThe mystery is actually secondary The real focus is on the lives of Rocco Strike and the rest The crack business is a lot complicated than I thought and now I'm even keenly aware of why so many cops wind up divorced alcoholic andor eating their gunsThe writing is a notch above most crime books akin to Dennis Lehane and George Pelecanos I thought the plot meandered a bit but not as much as in the last Price book I read Lush Life The city of Dempsey is almost a characterFour out of five stars Maybe it's time I rewatch the entire run of The WireCurrent Kindle Unlimited Savings Total 7748

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Innercity crack dealer on opposite sides of an endless war Clockers is powerful harrowing remarkable The New York Times Book Revie. Like Dostoevsky meets Tupac and it's pretty awesome for it An amazingly complex and l o n g tale of half flawed people negotiating the pretty bleak world of the north Jersey projects Every time I thought one of the characters was stooping to stereotype Price introduced another layer of ambiguity that made much of said characterization ring true Best of all the story is so long that no detail is extraneous; the author had time to make everything or less add up to something Even Strike's annoying stutter mattered in the end If you can stomach the bleakness of the landscape this is well worth the effort

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ClockersEr city decay and despair USA Today At once an intense mystery and a revealing study of two men a veteran homicide detective and an. Extraordinary The story of a uniuely talented scrupulously clean and intelligent teen aged dope peddler in the projects in some city in the north east Spike sits on the benches with a bleeding ulcer tolerating the daily inconveniences of thuggish cops and pondering his future He is totally alone caught between the urge to be upwardly mobile in the ultimately fatal drug trade tutored by a hardened old 30 something psychopath who runs an unending number of scams This is a how to about the drug trade from the connections coming in the turf skirmishes the “cuts” tailored to the clientele the supply chain mechanics on the street and the complex system of police payoffs Every other chapter is from another point of view a homicide detective who is nearing the end of his career and is eually competent and empathetic to his impoverished community despite shocking instances of tactical brutality as the cops and drug dealers conduct their orchestrated dance in an insane ritual Richard Price displays an intimate knowledge of both ends of these spectra law enforcement street crime and somehow gets deep into the heads of the entire distribution of individuals He does not attempt to describe any female points of view conseuently this is a very masculine book It deals with race in a frank and realistic way without a shred of politeness as I imagine it would have played on the street in 1992 somehow my last 2 novels were published in this year I had to give this my top rating because the characters were so real and made me care deeply about their destiny as the frightening plot was revealed I could have read this in one setting if my schedule permitted – it is not a short book but every word every sentence crackled with realistic dialogue and constant fear and motion I recall seeing this movie back in the day with Spike Lee as a character and that it struck me as deeply meaningful and complex than most movies but I don’t remember much else thankfully so my mind was not contaminated as I read the book The book was down and dirty in the streets and rich with detail the complex management reuired to be a middle man dope peddler is a mean feat beyond the capabilities of most white collar safe jobs and 1000% perilousI’ll be reading Richard Price I seem to be reading about cities cops thieves black culture crime and humans trapped in circumstances they cannot control This book was not heroic in any sense and far less stereotyped than others of its ilk LeHane eg But it is the dialogue that really stands out as exceptional building the characters into the true complex beings they are