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Free download Deception Suzanne Jones #2 105 × [Ebook] ➩ Deception Suzanne Jones #2 Author Elizabeth Ducie – Deceit is a dangerous game and it seems like everyone’s playingAthletes fight for no apparent reason A sprinter disappears – no one knows why no one knows where Is a new health drink to blame Regu Deceit isPay for the pain and suffering he’s caused It’s Mardi Gras in Rio – and danger stalks the streetsNew Friends An old adversary Faces and voices from the past Will it all be too much for the Jones sisters to hand. I hesitate to review a book on which I worked with the writer in the initial stages but it has been rewritten since so that I can make an objective assessment The author has extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and uses that to great effect as Suzanne Jones investigates a supplement used by world class athletes In the meanwhile her elder sister Charlie an enigmatic character is ferocious in her search for the counterfeiter Michael Hawkins The description of exotic locations in this case in Brazil are compelling; Iguacu Falls particularly evocative of those magnificent cascades The interleaving of the story of Hawkins is well done I wasn't sure whether to feel sorry for him or not The plot turns and twists and the ending is unexpected leaving you wanting A good read

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Regulator turned investigator Suzanne Jones flies to Sao Paulo to check it out – and finds herself the centre of threatsSuzanne’s sister Charlie is also in Brazil chasing counterfeiter Michael Hawkins to make him. The first thing I must mention is that no one should be put off by the fact that this is the second in a series – I would have liked to read Counterfeit for the African dimension and to meet Suzanne and Charlie rather sooner but this book is perfectly readable as a standalone although I think I might be tempted by the final part Corruption when it comes out later this yearThere was so much I enjoyed about this book The story was absolutely gripping – the investigation into the health drink causing death and mayhem in the world of athletics and the pursuit of counterfeiter Michael Hawkins found living a new life in Brazil I particularly liked the book’s construction with the thread exposing the earlier life of one of the key characters – uite a story with a vivid backdrop and fascinating individuals and relationships adding a dimension that really enhanced understanding of the characterAnd the drawing of characters is something else I should mention The main focus of the present day story is really Charlie and I took to her immediately – her personal life a little different her warmth and enthusiasm infectious even if I did cover my eyes at times when she put herself in the path of danger again and again Character development is one of the elements that particularly impressed me about this book – in thrillers they’re too often ciphers a little cardboard surface level only but I found myself in Charlie’s corner throughout rooting for her caring about how things turned outI enjoyed the setting too – Brazil really comes to life with a trip to Iguazu Falls the Mardi Gras and the yachts on the marina And the story itself was uite enthralling perfectly paced with twists and turns taking things in different directions I raced through it into the early hours until the explosive climax brought a few real shocks and surprises and then the pages turned even faster And the writing is really top notch – fluid and easy to read scenes vividly drawn lovely insights into Charlie’s thoughts an authenticity about the pharmaceutical elements but nothing outside the grasp of the less knowledgeable set pieces perfectly choreographed dialogue natural I didn’t think I would but I thoroughly enjoyed this one – and it’s a series I’d definitely recommend to all

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Deception Suzanne Jones #2Deceit is a dangerous game and it seems like everyone’s playingAthletes fight for no apparent reason A sprinter disappears – Deception Suzanne PDF no one knows why no one knows where Is a new health drink to blame. I thoroughly enjoyed this tense and compelling venture into the shadier side of the pharmaceutical world Particularly prescient at the moment it concerns performance enhancing drugs used by athletes Deception sees the return of Suzanne Jones and her sister Charlie investigating an apparently innocuous food supplement Invited to San Paulo to watch a race they witness unexpected violence amongst the competitors Could the supplement be the cause Amongst the crowd they spy an old adversary and their suspicions are raised There are plenty of uestions asked at the beginning of this well written and absorbing novel The prologue is particularly intriguing I loved the exotic locations believable characters and the unexpected twists Clever plotting means the pace gradually uickens until it reaches a very exciting and page turning conclusion It would make a great film very much in the style of Bond or the Night Manager Highly recommended