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characters ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ S.E. Hall Date Mate Fate The reality show like no other Celebrity edition Eight men and eight women thrown together in paradise their every move filmed Thorough compatib. 3 Match me up StarsHave you seen the show Are you the One on MTV Yeah it’s a guilty pleasure of mine and Matched is exactly like it It’s a cute book with a cute concept I really do like all the characters at times it can be confusing but each of them has such different personalities it’s easy to trackMatched is about a game show 8 couples arrive to be on a show for charity Each of them are in various profession a porn star movie star football player etc Harlow is on the show with her boyfriend Oakley They believe they are the perfect match BUT there’s tons of stuff that goes onFirst off the book isn’t romance It’s angst drama and comedy I really liked all the side stories and I kind of wished it was told in different POV’s so I could get a better grasp of them Instead the whole book is from Harlow’s POVI wasn’t really fond of Harlow I thought she was kind of a push over and really confusing She didn’t know what she wanted I was also really cautious of Oakley He didn’t really give Harlow attention but then he would be sweet I wasn’t sure if he was a good or bad guy Then there is a crazy tension between Harlow and Cruz I liked Cruz and I found him endearing and I love that he loves his sister Emma so much But it was hard for me to get into the story because Harlow was with OakleyTo be honest I loved the side relationships There’s Adam the producer that’s on and off set at times lending advice and keeping people in check he was my favorite Then there was Court the man whore that wants to be reformed I loved Jasmine because she’s an ex porn star that wants to be treated than a piece of meatThe whole book was a lot to take in and it was REALLY meaty I think I could have done away with a lot of itOverall the book was good entertaining and funny I wished there was POV’s and romance I liked the concept and idea of it just wished I had some crazy love

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Download å Matched by S.E. Hall µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook æ [Reading] ➸ Matched By S.E. Hall – Date Mate Fate The reality show like no other Celebrity edition Eight men and eight women thrown together in paradise their every move filmed Thorough compatibility testing says everyone’s so Ufacture love But in this house anything’s possible Rated NCfor foul language heavy drinking and graphic sex Full length stand alone novel with no cliffhange. 375 4 StarsThis book is definitely like no other I've read I think it is best summed up as Big Brother with a dating twist Over all it was an interesting read but it was stacked high in the drama department The 375 was for a couple of my personal no no's both of which I was able to get past and enjoy the story but I did feel I needed to lower my rating My main wish was just to spend some time with the main couple out of the reality show setting I would have enjoyed of them and the last chapter being a lot longer

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Matched by S.E. HaIlity testing says everyone’s soul mate is here in the house with thembut would you know “the one” if you saw them One thing a computer can’t do is man. I hate reality shows Lol but for some reason I love romances that take fictionally place in them This is my second book that has the reality show theme and it freaking rockedI loved the behind the scenes moments of the show and the characters I’ll admit that I was seriously hoping that Harlow wasn’t going to end up with Oakley I really didn’t care for him And he just got progressively worse over the course of the book From the first moment he was introduced I fell for the hero of this book But since the book is exclusively from Harlow’s POV you don’t know who the real hero is right away I give mad props to the authors for coming up with all the different challenges that the characters went through I don’t watch reality shows like Survivor or the Bachelor but this book almost makes me want to Honestly I didn’t want this to end I loved the journey that Harlow Miranda Callie Emma and Cruz went on I loved getting to know them and the drama and watching them fall for different people I have to say that I was both disappointed and happy that the “soul mate” matchups did and didn’t work I was really surprised at who Harlow and Emma were matched with and disappointed that other people that were perfectly matched didn’t actually get together This will definitely be a reread and I can’t wait to read from these two authors