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The Key Rachel Benjamin #3 review ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [Ebook] ➧ The Key Rachel Benjamin #3 By Jennifer Sturman – Ever wished your boss would drop dead Of course not Well not really And neither had Rachel Benjamin until she finds herself working for Wall Street terror Glenn Gallagher on hisDRachel's jokes about killing her boss don't seem so funny when Glenn is murdered And it's even less laughable when she becomes the prime suspect With the police hot on her very stylish heels and the threat of an unflattering orange jumpsuit in her future Rachel's learning the hard way to be careful what you wish for She needs to catch the true killer uickly before the killer catches h. Too bad this book didn't get interesting until 180 pages into it I probably won't be reading any by this author Reading the book certainly wasn't a waste of time but it wasn't the most entertaining book I've read by far

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Lips sealed or kiss her partnership goodbye Or kill Glenn Just kiddingAt least she has Peter Rachel's too good to be true fiance has moved in and while his stuff is everywhere and he's strangely jealous of her friendly new coworker she's confident they'll figure things out It would help if Glenn's killer schedule didn't have Rachel working around the clock Really the man must be stoppe. Another great Rachel Benjamin mystery Once again Rachel finds herself involved in a murder mysteryas the prime suspect She has to solve this one fast or she'll end up taking the wrap Loved this one and could not put it down I hope Sturman continues to put out fast paced fiction like this one

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The Key Rachel Benjamin #3Ever wished your boss Rachel Benjamin PDFEPUB #233 would drop dead Of course not Well not The Key MOBI #234 really And neither had Rachel Benjamin until she finds herself working for Wall Key Rachel Benjamin PDFEPUB #188 Street terror Glenn Gallagher on his latest pet project Rachel thinks the deal and Glenn are than a little shady but she has a promotion at stake It's either keep her. In the third installment in the Rachel Benjamin series Rachel is back and better than ever When Rachel's boss the hated Mr Galleger is murdered by poisioned pencil she once again finds herself on the case However this time there is much at stake when Rachel finds out that she is the police's prime and only suspect It is no secret around the office that Rachel despised her boss yet she never believed her threats would be taken seriously but when an attempt is made on Mr Galleger's assistant's life as well and the only ewitness to the crime describes a readhead with a green scarf and hat Rachel's attire that fateful day all suspicion is cast her way Now in just a matter of days Rachel must try to clear her name repair her rocky relationship with fiance Peter decode cryptic e mails from a friend and figure out if her buding feelings for a co worker are clouding her better judgement all the while trying to stay a step ahead of the police and the real killer with the help of her ever loyal college roomatesAlthough I personally have a soft spot for 'THE PACT' I have to agree with many of the reviewers who say that this may be the best book in the series If you enjoy books that feature strong intellegent and wity heroines than this series is for you Jennifer Sturman takes readers on an adventure with every book and 'THE KEY' will leave fans of this series wanting