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Et you deep insideYou give me what Peeling back my skin youexpose my missing bones And my heart longbefore you came just as broken I don't know whoto blame So each night naked on the bed my bodydoesn't want repair but longs for innocence Ifinnocent despite the flaws I wear I am beautifulSheila Black is a poet and children's book writer In Poet Laureate Philip Levine chose her as a recipient of the Witter Bynner FellowshipDisability activist Jennifer Bartlett is a poet and critic with roots in the Language schoolMichael Northen is a poet and the editor of Wordgathering A Journal of Poetics and Disabili. This collection of poems not only speaks to disabilities but to the human experience

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Beauty is a VerbChosen by the American Library Association as a Notable Book in PoetryBeauty is a Verb is a ground breaking anthology of disability poetry essays on disability and writings on the poetics of both Crip Poetry Disability Poetry Poems with Disabilities This is where poetry and disability intersect overlap collide and make peaceBEAUTY IS A VERB is going to be one of the defining collections of the st centurythe discourse between ability identity poetry will never be the same Ron Silliman author of In The American TreeThis powerful anthology succeeds at intimately showingdisability through the lenses of p. I’ve been shismed in this cornucopia of raw human suffering distilled to purple every crevasse of emotional fibre Protean voices of raw anger and despair churn a bitter champagne of disconnect between mind and body and in this tumultuous grappling for clarity and sanity an altogether recombobulated visceral Aphrodite is bornPure mental torture to readAlex Lemon’s mosuitoYou want evidence of the streetfight A gutter grate bruise concrete scabs—here are nails on the tonguea mosaic of glass shards on my lipsI am midnight banging against housefireA naked woman shakingwith the sweat of needAn ocean of burning diamondsbeneath my roadkillmy hitchhikerbelly fills sweet I am neon blind kisstoo black Dangle stars—let me sleep hoarse throated in the desertunder a blanket sewn from spidersLet me be delicate invisibleKick my ribs tug my hairScream You’re Gonna Miss MeWhen I’m Gone Sing implosionto this world where nothing is healedSlap me I’ll be any kind of sinner

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CHARACTERS Beauty is a Verb ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ô [PDF / Epub] ☉ Beauty is a Verb Author Jennifer Bartlett – Chosen by the American Library Association as a 2012 Notable Book in PoetryBeauty is a Verb is a ground breaking anthology of disability poetry essays on disability and writings on tOetry Beauty is eBook #242 What emerges from the book as a whole is a stunningly diverse array of conceptions of self and other” Publishers Weekly starred reviewFrom Beauty and Variations by Kenny FriesHow else can I uench this thirst My lipstravel down your spine drink the smoothnessof your skin I am searching for the coreWhat is beautiful Who decides Can the lawsof nature be defied Your body tells me comeclose But beauty distances even as it drawsme near What does my body want from yoursMy twisted legs around your neck You bendme back Even though you can't give the bonesat birth I wasn't given I l. I learned about this book when I interviewed one of the editors and contributors for a class project It was the first I had heard of a disability poetry movement which bothered me because I have a Bachelors in English and a lifelong association with many different groups focused on disability rights I should have known of this movement before particularly given its historical sweepThe poems and the introductory pieces for each contributor were informative and challenging for me Sometimes the discussions both in poetry and prose were uncomfortably frank; often I was made aware of the distance between my experience and that of the poet I am left with a great deal to ponder about life poetry disability and the similarities and differences between individuals