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REVIEW The Spiral Dance A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô ➪ The Spiral Dance A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess Read ➲ Author Starhawk – The original book that brought GoddessThe original book that brought Goddess worship to Dance A eBook #10003 the public eye has marked its th anniversary yet it still remains an integral part of the Wiccan canon The Spiral Dance leans heavily toward the feminist aspects of Wicca but Starhawk's comments on the The Spiral Epubnew edition make it clear that she is aware of the growing ma. I borrowed a 1970s copy of this book from a friend It belonged to his mother complete with notes in the margins I absolutely loved this book Yes it is in part a product of its time describing the God as rape fighter heavily peppered with social justice statements heavily feminist oriented I would be very excited to read the 20th anniversary edition in which the author comments on how things have changed since then I also know the 'history' presented here is a little romanticized but that being saidThis is the religion I wish to follow almost Some of the rituals suggested are a bit theatrical for me and I do not think I would ever want to be naked in front of coven members and I disagree when she says magick is best worked with a group However the basic outline she provides here is fabulous and empowering The mythology to follow the way to view the self and emotions how your every day life is magickal and how YOU are the divineI especially love in the last chapter her view of science and religion As a scientist by career I greatly resonate with her feeling that science IS religion and religion IS science when you view the entire world as mystical and powerful and you view the very processes taking place as holy there is no fightI would say this book is a must read for anyone interested in Paganism It is not a must follow most definitely not however I think it offers great insight that anyone would benefit from reading

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Le presence in witchcraft However this edition is not some watered down politically correct revision of the original Very little is changed aside from the addition of Starhawk's observations on how the Spiral Dance A PDF #10003 book has weathered its first decade and what few changes she would make if she were writing it today Readers interested i. This book is by far the very best book for those interested in pursuing Wicca Starhawk writes from a strictly Dianic view basically emphasis in placed on the Divine Feminine There are many men involved in Wicca but for the most part they are Gardnerians Ceremonial MagiciansThe reason for this as Starhawk explains is that women are far connected to the earth than their opposite gender We give birth and in the old days washed the bodies of our loved ones and prepared them for burialThe Spiral Dance itself is as old as time I would unhesitatingly recommend this book to anyone who does not have a fellow Wiccan around to answer some of the many uestions that uite naturally occur First read Scott Cunningham's Wicca; a Guide For the Solitary Practitioner then if this appeals to you follow with The Spiral Dance

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The Spiral Dance A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great GoddessN learning about contemporary witchcraft whether considering Wicca as a way of life or simply desiring to understand this earth based religion will Spiral Dance A Rebirth of PDFEPUB or find a wealth of information in The Spiral Dance and will notice that it becomes one of the most freuently consulted books in their Wiccan libraries Brian Patterson. I struggled most with the historical presumptions of this book I realize that at the time the first edition was written Starhawk was referencing history as proposed by other authors However I read the 20th anniversary edition and I was disappointed that glaring historical inaccuracies were not called out until the last two chapters of the book which were appended with later editions Her version of events paints a pretty story but it's painfully incorrectI honestly found the majority of this book to be a bit of a slog I felt like it wandered all over the county from mortifying herstory to romanticized personal accounts of rituals back and forth through various feminist perspectives occasionally touching on environmental activism Sometimes it read like a manual sometimes it read like a personal journal sometimes it read like a fairytale I just got lost with it and unfortunately not in a good wayI was going to give this book one star But I enjoyed some of Chapter 13 the last original chapter and the notes added with later editions So I thought I'd give it an extra star for thatAll that being said I'd strongly recommend reading Adler's Drawing Down the Moon Witches Druids Goddess Worshippers and Other Pagans in America instead of or before Spiral Dance