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READ & DOWNLOAD Ò Kaylas Cowboy Fantasy Delta of Venus Inc #1 » [EPUB] ✹ Kaylas Cowboy Fantasy Delta of Venus Inc #1 Author Verena Vincent – Professionally Kayla Foreman has achieved everything she set out to accomplish by the age of 34 Being known as The Dragon Lady of the 32nd Floor by herY bordello type situation she was expecting Instead their service offers authentic discreet and detailed scene enactments She can have practically anything she wants For a price of course And what she wants is an afternoon with the cowboy of her dreams Maybe a riding lesson from a trained professional might just do the trickWhat Kayla doesn't count on is that her fantasy cowboy has his own plan in place and it involves much than just a few hours in the saddleThis sensual erotic romance novella contains graphic language masturbation a long and detailed sex scene some very light spanking action and one hot cowbo. This was a steamy fantasy taking straight laced Kayla into the heart of her wildest fantasy I loved the twist at the end and the bonus chapter was a nice insight into Nick This is one hot series


Professionally Kayla Foreman Fantasy Delta eBook #180 has achieved everything she set out to accomplish by the age of Being known as The Dragon Lady of the nd Floor by her subordinates at Kaylas Cowboy ePUB #199 work is just fine with her Well most of the time It does get a bit lonely sometimes but she'd rather be feared than disrespected And the title certainly ensures that Cowboy Fantasy Delta eBook #9734 the boring corporate stud muffins keep their distance She's left her humble small town beginnings far behind her but can't uite shake her taste for the rugged men from her past Cowboy Fantasy Delta of Venus. This novella was very sexy Every now and again I like to swerve away from romantic fantasy reading and just indulge in straight up sexual fantasy That's just what our heroine Kayla is attempting to do Except she's going to make her fantasy a one night only reality with help from an agency called Delta Of Venus IncThough reluctant at first Kayla goes through with the appointment because since the tender age of 15 she's had a consuming fantasy revolving around a voyeuristic episode she had with a young cowboy The scene and the scene facilitator end up blowing her youthful fantasies out of the water It's SMOKING HOT The story is told in 3rd person from the heroine's perspective We're not privy to Nick 's feelings or motivations until the end But in my copy of the e book the deleted 3rd chapter was included at the end It seems as if this was originally planned to be a dual POV story but that the author decided to let Nick remain a sexy stranger to Kayla and to the readers I think that was a good call I'm usually pro hero POV but this worked The thing that is making me sort of wish she had done it the original way is because that deleted chapter didn't just clue us into Nick but into another character with past heartbreak that seemed to have a story worth telling too I'm definitely going to check out of these Delta Of Venus stories

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Kaylas Cowboy Fantasy Delta of Venus Inc #1EPUB #199 One particular voyeuristic adolescent encounter with a farmhand has haunted her erotic fantasies for years If she can just move past her cowboy fixation she's certain she can find someone suitable to share her life The answer to her problem arrives in the form of a simple business card with the Cowboy Fantasy Delta of Venus ePUB #199 words Your Fantasy and a phone number printed on the front That's it Against her better judgment and after several lemon drop martinis she contacts Delta of Venus Inc and sets up an interview at the female fantasy fulfillment agencyWhat she finds there isn’t the tawdr. A nicely naughty read with some nicely naughty and rather smokin' sex Most girls would benefit from a hard body cowboy to fantasize about methinks And her fantasy translated to reality Verrrry niceThis book was a free Kindle download I picked up 103112 for the Why Buy the Cow reading challenge Kelly Reading the Paranormal