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In Love Again Eve Pell beautifully and thoughtfully concludes that life experience adds dimensions to the art of connection and that we all stand to learn something from unexpected romance   How do old people meet new loves?   Eve Pell was 68 when she convinced a friend to set her up with Sam Hirabayashi Ten years her senior Sam a fellow runner was handsome and sweet Soon Eve and Sam were plunged into a giddy romance that began with a movie date “It was crazy” Pell writes “It was wonderful”   Pell wrote about their romance in a New York Times Modern Love column and received a wave of responses from people who recognized their own stories in hers This thing this late in life love It’s growing it’s everywhere and it’s transformative   In staggering numbers old people are meeting and falling in love in senior living facilities in retirement homes in bars in grocery stores on cruise ships on the Internet brazenly uietly unexpectedly People once written off as too old for intimacy are having romances beginning intense affairs once thought to be for the young   Part memoir part Part memoir part journey to a new frontier Love Again is illuminating and heartwarming This was part of the description of the book and it couldn't be right This book is adorable reading about Eve Pell was fascinating and changing I cannot rate this book high enough If your young and feeling unloved or if your just young at heart this book will bring happy tears to your eyes I have never had such a strong emotional reaction to a AutobiographyFiction book I strongly recommend picking up this book Also the book is gorgeous and looks fantastic on my shelf

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Love AgainJourney to a new frontier Love Again is illuminating and heartwarming Speaking with poets and artists a retired nurse and a retired coach environmentalists philanthropists and teachers couples whose partners’ ages range from 61 to 96 Pell reports on their relationships from saying hello to knowing they’d found the one from blending routines and traditions to overcoming judgments and challenges These widows widowers divorcés and never marrieds open up about old love versus young the thrill of sex and the looming shadow of mortality   At the core of this book is wisdom what we all can learn from the experience regardless of age   • Fall in love with who someone is now not who they someday might be • Always be honest but don’t feel pressure to share everything • And most of all The heart can continue to expand  Advance praise for Love Again  “A heartwarming eye opening life affirming journey to the final frontier of romance this is a beautiful book about the possibility of late in life love and the life changing lessons we all can learn from those who have been lucky enough Old people fall in love There are reasons they fall in love difficulties they must sometimes overcome joys that may not have been present in their previous relationships and yes they often have sexThat's basically this book

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Download Love Again Epub ✓ 224 pages ↠ ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Love Again By Eve Pell ➺ – In Love Again Eve Pell beautifully and thoughtfully concludes that life experience adds dimensions to the art of connection—and that we all stand to learn something from unexpected romance   How do In Love Again EvTo find it” Katie Couric“Eve Pell’s career as an investigative reporter served her in discovering such couples and learning their stories which along with her own love story she imparts with fluency and zest Love Again is a joy to read full of humor and heart and sweet collective wisdom a book for all ages” Susan Trott author of the Holy Man Trilogy   “I remarried at 75 and have followed one hundred marriages from age 50 on Eve Pell knows what she is talking about Her book is touching eye opening inspiring and wise In addition it is beautifully written” George E Vaillant MD author of Triumphs of Experience The Men of the Harvard Grant Study   “In this inspiring exploration of fifteen late in life romances Eve Pell illustrates the human appetite and capacity for romantic love at any age As these men and women widowed and divorced gay and straight share their stories of forging deep connections in their 60s 70s 80s and yes 90s they deliver a heartwarming message We are never too old for new love” Jill Smolowe author of Four Funerals and a Wedding Resilience in a Time of Grie Full review at Smart Bitches Trashy Books Love Again is a non fiction book by Eve Pell that discusses what happens when people find love late in life Pell herself fell in love at the age of 68 with a 78 year old man After writing about the romance for The New York Times she got so many letters that she decided to interview other couples and make it a full length book Couples talk about the rewards and challenges of old age romance with tenderness “My heart is safe” and enthusiasm “Only age related physical restrictions restrict our sexual imagination”These couples give a lot of advice about love some contradictory but one thing comes up over and over again When young couples get together they have tons of energy but they lack patience and acceptance When you meet a person who is eighty and you are seventy nine you know who you are and you know that your partner is who he or she is What you see is what you get You will of course compromise in your relationship but no one is going to change anyone else For the relationship to work at all there has to be unconditional acceptance That’s true in every relationship but older people at least the ones in this book seem to grasp the concept and the practice much easily than younger couplesI loved this book I thought it was interesting inspiring and moving and often very funny It challenges stereotypes about old age and it expresses the importance of resilience and optimism Above all I thought it had a lot of lessons that younger couples could use accept your partner for who they are and don’t settle for a relationship you don’t want consciously work on your relationship every day never take your relationship for granted and enjoy affectionate touch with cuddles and kisses as well as with sex Carrie S