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Download My New Step Dad mobi ✓ 91 pages Æ gwairsoft Æ [Download] ✤ My New Step Dad Author Alexa Riley – I shouldn't want him but I do I've got one week to get through until my mother’s estate clears and then I'll be free to go All I've got to do is keep my hands off my new step dadI shouldn't want him but I do I've got one week to get through until my mother’s estate clears and then I'll be free to go All I've got to do is keep my hands off my new step dad Bruce 4 Smut Scale StarsThis was a littleslow to get moving for Alexa Riley anyway But I don't care

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But that's easier said than done I shouldn't want her but I do I can't remember the last time I touched a woman Heck I can't remember the last time I touched myself But ever since little I really enjoyed this story However I must say that this book needs some editing There are a few worlds and sentences with errors along the way but the part that really needs correcting is the fact that Shopie is for the most part 18 years old while from time to time towards the end she is about to turn 18 So it is obvious that originally the writer wrote Sophie as a minor and then she changed her mind but she didn't revise all the references to her age well I know that this romance would have been much controversial that it already can be with Sophie been 17 still to me the story would have been taboo powerful with her actually being a minor Let's remember this is not real is smut pure and simple a guilty pleasure fantasy nothing In reality 17 or 18 doesn't make much of a difference however psychologically it does so I think 17 goes better with the taboo aspect of this relationshipThis book has less actual sex that I would have expected from this writer so I admit I would have liked a bit of that I also think that there was a big gap between the last chapter and the one before it It is as if their story advanced and we missed it I think there is some development needed thereDespite all the things that I might have found wrong or in need of improvement I had fun reading it and I liked their story that is why I am giving it 4 stars that's my overall feeling

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My New Step DadSophie showed up I can't think of anything but claiming her Forbidden love and secret obsessions will have you begging for the climax Warning You can beg all you wantBruce won't be forced I’m just tired of being a second choice” Might contain spoilersAlright here's the thing My New Step Dad could actually been pretty good which makes this soo sad that I didn't like it that much Perhaps it was because its so short? Or it's simply because it was really fast insta love And if you know me then you know I hate insta love Fake smiles and hellos are not something I want to be a part of I watched my mother do it and I despised it I want real The characters; Sophie was an innocent 17 year old girl who has lived her whole life under the care of nannies and boarding school for girls so she has no idea how to act around men but she seems to know what to do if you asked me I get that she would lust after Bruce I mean he's hot older and experienced ect but still lust isn't love If that’s little Sophie I’m totally fucked I’ve never seen something look so perfect and pure before She’s perfection My whole body has come alive like a punch to my system Bruce was hot I'm just saying that first because I wouldn't mind fucking him ops did I just say that? He sexy good at what he does he's a lawyer and he's rich But the thing about Bruce is that he became a complete puppy as soon as the tables were turned around and I lost a bit of the lust I had for him which sucks because in the beginning I was a bit turn on by him And I absolutely got annoyed when he suddenly loved her after three days or something I mean come on you cannot know it that fast? “I’m tired of chasing affection I’m worth than that I may be young but I know what I want I want someone who’s willing to give up everything for me And I deserve someone who’s proud to be with me instead of being ashamed of their feelings” Overall I liked it but I didn't Why I didn't? Because I know it could have been so much better Perhaps if Alexa Riley had made the book a bit longer where as the relationship didn't turn to love after three freaking days But perhaps it has something with the fact that I hate insta love so fiercely and it ruined this book for meyes I mentioned that twice just so you would get the picture that I really do hate insta love Who knows? She makes me want things I shouldn't Rate 253 I cannot decide stars