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doc Ñ Prelude to a Scandal ↠ Delilah Marvelle The battle between the lady and the rake is almost about to beginLady Justine is willing to trade her good name her reputation and her place in London's gossip hungry As w her previous books I hung my disbelief on the moon B4 clicking away otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to enjoy the fluffiness implausible situations the Hh find themselves in ‘cuz there were a few things that made my shaved eyebrows meet my receding hairline Let’s just say that only in a parallel universe U’d see the esteemed Wulfric Bedwyn line up against the wall drop his pants for the flimsy excuse of finding the host’s missing pendant but Radcliff the Duke of McSlut is game for anything his illegit bro cooks up ‘cuz he’s familiar w half bro’s modus operandi Another eyebrow twitching moment 4 me Justine contemplating mating positions on wedding nite’ Say what ? It oozes the weird vibe a la Jessica Simpson’s dad talking ‘bout her infamous Xtra sized cans I guess I also need to broaden my horizons ‘cuz what I’ve read so far can fit into a stamp It’s the 1st time evah that I read a book where a Duke of McRake can get away w employing a ueer lady’s man who just happens to be a fangurl of the Duchess’s jailbait dad’s observations it’s a bit tough to swallow that he lets another man see his wife’s bangin’ body in all her glory I don’t care if Henri swings for the other team it’s still odd Whatevah salary he’s paying those male servants to keep their traps shut must’ve been ginormous ‘cuz nobody raises a red flag And whazzup w everyone in the household – not just the Hh – inexplicably having a problem w shutting a door gently every grand entrance exit is punctuated w a door slam Last but not least my gaydar has utterly failed me ‘cuz I didn’t pick up 1 plot twist all I just didn’t see it coming Even Radcliff the poster boy for Viagra didn’t haha It’s purrfectly N sync w the themeI liked this imperfect book both Hh I could relate to the hero his sense of worthlessness in the self control dept I thought DM did a pretty decent job in stirring the serious subject of Radcliff’s uncontrollable obsession w sprinkles of humor It sure has a darker tone less hilarity than her SOG series it may push some peeps’ buttons but they’re all part package of the book’s charm SA is a serious disease but the conflict wasn’t overcooked when threaded w the romance Radcliff may not be the most likeable hero in romancelandia but he’s sympathetic as opposed to pathetic He acknowledges that he’s a slut to his physical needs wants to become a bettah man for Justine Just like most addicts he has his ups downs in overcoming his obsession suffers relapses I did buy the reasoning of how his demons originated evolved projected onto his marriage how the horrific conseuences of his obsession shaped the way he is now tho’ I didn’t necessarily buy the resolution Even w the sweet HEA I felt that the book ended too abruptly on that element in the sense that it coulda been highlighted by showing – not merely telling – us that he has the willpower to beat his disease I wanted to see a compelling story arc like it’s still an ongoing process even tho’ Justine has instilled the belief that he can conuer it I appreciated him that getting hitched wasn’t an insta cure I luv DM’s no neon sign style but her luv scenes lost so

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Prelude to a Scandal eBook ☆ Mass Market Paperback Read Ñ [PDF / Epub] ✍ Prelude to a Scandal ☁ Delilah Marvelle – The battle between the lady and the rake is almost about to beginLady Justine is willing to trade her good name her reputation and her place in London's gossip hungry ton to Ton to secure her father's release from prison But when the notorious Duke of Bradford counters her offer with a proposal of marriage the stakes grow higher still For I sped through this in about 2 or 3 hours I wonder if the spacious margins generous line spacing and largish text were chosen to bulk out the book so that a reader could feel the same familiar heft as when holding another wordier romance paperback?Caris wrote a very thoughtful reviewreaction and then offered to lend out the book I haven't met a bandwagon I didn't like so I jumped on His assessment is accurate that this book is rape free High five author I have to admit as my foggy brain reads I don't pick out the rape from other violence against women so until the issue was discussed by others I guess I didn't realize just how much rape did feature in romance novels I don't like that I found myself thinking this one was ridiculous because the main man didn't enact some violence upon the main woman when she was pert defiant and shut him out of her bedroomhave I come to expect force in these books?The sexytimes They were pretty sexy of a time But not I think realistic Are they ever in romance books? The magical healing and all powerful ladybits make an appearanceI remember something that bothered me The main woman kept thinking how she was going to tame him and how he would be great once this or that changed about him What is it with needing to change someone not accepting someone's flaws? I guess in this case there were some flaws that needed addressing but they way it's presented change or else I don't likeI've uh already forgotten the plot It's light and pleasant I don't think these books are for me But I would do it again for the sweet picture it came with was expecting some bestiality and was disappointed But he added a lovely sketch of what he'd hoped for hah view spoiler hide spoiler

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Prelude to a ScandalWhile the smoldering lord is famous for his conuests the man is oblivious to both her devotion and her charms And Justine is soon afraid she has wagered all for naught My ReviewThe PlotAfter Lady Justine's father publishes his offensive findings of the natural world's innate predilection for buggery he's thrown into prison by the king for suggesting even scientifically that homosexuality is God's creation and therefore should not be condemned Desperate to have her father released Justine offers up her body for one night to the powerfully influential Duke of Bradford in exchange for her father's release but is shocking offered marriage in responseJustine has long been enad with Bradford since her arrival in London two years ago after her father wrapped up his studies in Cape Town Africa Knowing that Bradford sponsored her father's studies endeared him to her already but his smooth charm kind eyes and his fearlessness to talk to her despite her unconventional upbringing instantly made him her friend When scandal erupts leaving Bradford ensconced in his home shunning all society Justine takes pity on him and writes him weekly despite the fact that she never once receives a response Her letters not flowery or painted with adoration merely tell Bradford about her daily activities and the activities of the ton But the offering of Justine's virginity sure gets her a response with marriage nonetheless and while his strange stipulations demand that they not see each other until the day of their wedding he'll make sure her father is released from prison in exchangeJustine represents Radcliff Morton's the Duke of Bradford's last hope of conuering his self degrading addiction to pleasure For eight months he's shunned all society all females to be precise even going to the extent of dismissing all his female servants For eight months he's denied himself any physical pleasure hoping to suash the addiction that endlessly plagues his thoughts and body Knowing that he has a chance to be the man he wants to be with Justine he offers her marriage but in a slightly despicable and decidedly rakish manner by bribing her with her father's release Upon his marriage with Justine he realizes immediately that he's picked the right woman for not only does she have the potential to make him a better man but she's also dangerously close to stealing his heart Now if only he can keep from screwing up this one and final shot at happinessThe HeroineLady Justine Palmer reminded me strongly of Lindsay Lohan's Mean Girls character After spending the entirety of her adolescence in Africa Justine is wonderfully unconventional with a tantalizing combination of innocence and worldliness It's this combination that makes her ideal for Radcliff She's not some untried miss she's seen real life has lived by the rules of the animal kingdom Not only that but her parents are open caring and encourage her independence while also wishing for her to make a happy match in societyRecognizing instantly that Radcliff suffers from a serious problem Justine isn't deterred but determined to help him by teaching him not only respect for her and himself but by teaching his broken heart how to love Sexually inhibited Justine encompasses all the pleasure Radcliff could ever hope for while also showing him that sex isn't just about pleasure but about connection and intimacy It's Justine's knowledge of love as