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Silent Running My Years on a World War II Attack Submarine Free download Ï 5 Ò [PDF / Epub] ✅ Silent Running My Years on a World War II Attack Submarine ⚣ James F. Calvert – A riveting tension filled chronicle of life underwater by a much decorated hero who became the secY of the Navy Filled with harrowing details of sinking Japanese vessels surviving their assaults and capturing downed pilots Culminates in Calvert's unauthoriz. Silent Running is a remarkably forthright and exciting account of a junior officer who served on two submarines during nine war patrols The account likely benefits from being written by a Vice Admiral after he had retired from the Navy and his second career in industry The wisdom earned through a lifetime experience enabled him to provide a deep and thoughtful account of his wartime experience The delay in writing does not seem to diminish the fine details of his account nor cause him to white wash his service to better portray himself Several times I was surprised by how open he was about his fears failures and shortcomings He was also particularly complementary about his mentors and many individuals on his crewThe books perspective was especially valuable for modern day submarine officers and naval officers in general His discussion on training and the challenges of dealing with high turnover of the crew provided some good historical perspective on similar challenges faced today Most WWII submarine accounts focus primarily on the war patrols themselves VADM Calvert spent a fair amount of time describing transits and training periods that provide some perspective on how they prepared for combat in a very short amount of time The accounts of bad decisions and multiple near misses are especially interesting to the professional The no nonsense way the officers evaluated an incident and effectively addressed it are especially refreshing for anyone who is a veteran of a multi part shipyard style critiue or written a book sized incident reportThe book is very readable and engaging I recommend it for anyone interested in WWII or submarine operations

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Ed Silent Running PDFEPUBvisit with three other officers to Tokyo just prior to the official surrender making them the first Americans to reach Japan's capital. This is a fascinating first hand account of life aboard a WWII attack submarine operating in the pacific theater written by an accomplished career Naval officer The book explores the extreme conditions that the submariners of the USS Jack experienced while on war patrol It also recounts harrowing encounters with Japanese convoys and their destroyer escorts and the experience of evading a depth charge counter attack while uietly sitting on the ocean floor I was enthralled by this first hand retelling

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Silent Running My Years on a World War II Attack SubmarineA riveting tension My Years PDFEPUB #195 filled chronicle of life underwater by a much decorated hero who became the second youngest rear admiral in the histor. A memoir of the author's 9 wartime patrols on a US Navy submarine in WWII 8 on the USS Jack and 1 on the USS Haddo It is an easy yet engaging read As it is a memoir it is not overly technical In fact the language is almost conversational You could almost envision yourself sitting on the floor next to an elderly grandpa listening to him recount the stories of each patrol and the rest periods in between And because of the conversational style I often found myself cheering in my head when they fired volley of torpedoes and sank an enemy ship Eually so I felt the tension when they were submerged and attempting to slink away as the enemy dumped barrage after barrage of depth charges over the side at them This book definitely provides a uniue viewpoint into one aspect of the war in the Pacific Two things that stood out1 He honesty about his internal thoughts and some struggles This is most apparent when he recounts his the tension he a married man felt about an overly familiar relationship and attachment to a young woman in Australia FYI thankfully for Jim his wife and us the relationship remains PG2 The speed at which men were promoted reassigned and moved around during the war In the three years at sea Jim the author moved from an ensign fresh from submariner school and having never been in a sub before to executive officer second in command It seems uick But it was necessary And not inappropriate given how uickly men gained experience in combat